French Friday with Feux d’Artifice

(Image Credit: French Today)

C’est le 14 juillet this coming Tuesday, so I thought it would be fun to celebrate the event, even if a bit early, with a French-themed (Frenchified?) Friday evening thread.

It is such a beautiful country:

(Image Credit: Calvados)

(Image Credit: Inter-France)

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

with such scrumptious food:

(Image Credit: Biba)

(Image Credit: L’Epicurieux)

(Image Credit: Journal Littéréticulaire de Berlol)

(Image Credit: Le Procrastinateur)

and drink:

(Image Credit: Belgian Experts)

(Image Credit: Canvas Holidays)

(Image Credit: Beverley S. Taylor)

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

(Image Credit: Burgundy Discovery)

with this for brunch next day . . .

(Image Credit: Ad-French-Ures)

Then there’s the music – first, from the 18th century:

Then the 19th century:

and last but not least the 20th century:

Finally, to bring the theme full circle:

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  1. The Hancock Dynasty thing on Australian Story is a new 2-part program. It might contain some old stuff re-worked but it is up-to date enough to include shots from a March episode of Q&A, mention of the outcome of her courtcase versus her kids and mentions the opening later this year of the Roy Hill mine – due in September.

    It took a few minutes to get all that, I couldn’t take any more of Gina’s fake plummy accent and smirk so I turned it off. I won’t be watching tonight.

  2. It was fascinating, Leone, and another reason we shouldn’t defund science. True to form, Chainsaw explained that lack of funding for further research was all down to Labor leaving them with no money.

  3. A brilliant First Dog today, but it’s not so much satire as reporting the facts. The Idiot really did a grocery code could have prevented the Greek financial crisis. You can’t make up stuff like that,

    That halal section of the supermarket is going to be huge – just about everything is halal.

  4. Martin Ferguson got off lightly indeed. I think he should have been given his marching orders and I think he only escaped because of the respect the Party holds for his dad and his brother.

  5. I think he only escaped because of the respect the Party holds for his dad and his brother.

    That, or the party was worried about the media making Ferguson a martyr.

  6. I think it helped, Janice. Jack was a very good fixer and his loyalty gave Wran security. Not sure either son was up to that level (Wixxy has been very critical of Laurie over factional power moves in the West), but they both would’ve done the hard yards earlier.

    Sometimes it gets hard to separate Labor interests from business ones. Gary Gray ventured into business lobbying for a while, similar to where Martin’s gone with his ‘consulting’. What bothered me about where Martin stood was when he quit the ministry after the Rudd-coup flop. In his closing statement he said Labor “must end the class war”, which was pure Rudd-Hawker mantra for the MSM. Every other quitting Minister repeated that line. The irony, of course, is that in helping to hand government to Abbott, the public has been given a full-on taste of what class warfare is all about.

    And as a hint for those dumbos that went along with it, like Bowen, Marles, Husic, etc … it wasn’t anything Gillard, Swan, Combet or Emerson did that promoted it.

  7. Weird-looking animal, called “Lowland Streaked Tenrec”.

    “Found in Madagascar, Africa, this small tenrec is the only mammal known to use stridulation for generating sound – something that’s usually associated with snakes and insects.”

  8. foreverjanice

    Especially as the bustard was busily undermining the first CPRS when Rudd was trying to get it . The mongrel had already sold his soul to “Big Fossil Fuels”.

  9. One Million Miles to Go; Pluto is More Intriguing than Ever:

    Just under 1 day and 3 hours until closest approach; the bad news is it may take another six months to send back all of the data to Earth. *sigh*

  10. Jaeger

    After 9+ years what’s another 6 months ? 😆 Can’t wait though. Has been a bumper season for space exploration . The comet chappie woke up again for quite while a couple of days back which bodes well for really good stuff on the way from the surface as it nears the sun and gets more light..

  11. Blog Stats
    2,896,738 hits

    Upward and onward for 3,000,000 . Equal to one for every person in Adelaide and Perth. Next stop “1 each” for Melbournians.

  12. As the climate problems kick in, a lot of utilities and food sources will have to be closely regulated for continuity of quality and supply..that could mean nationalising some utilities and severe restrictions on water usage in the main food-bowls of the country..Such close regulation of industry and agriculture will restrict entrepreneurial activities and demand a more socialist must be inevitable to keep a lid on delinquent business speculation and criminal behaviour in a vulnerable environment. Right now in Sth Aust’ we are very vulnerable to drought and water supply. If the Murray -Darling Basin goes into a bad drought this summer with the El Nino event predicted, then we could be in trouble…already in these marginal cropping areas, there is a serious rainfall shortage for this years crop. Even the Lutherans have developed “catholic knees” praying for rain!

    If out of necessity, the country has to take on a more socialist governance, I wonder where the LNP. will go then?

  13. Mesma + Tones reckons we are going “Fabuloso” in our relations with Indonesia. Barnyard and Robb ramble on about food bowl status for “up north” . Had quite a Schadenfreude hit today after hearing those poor deluded LNP supporting beef chaps and chappess’ are somewhat distraught after finding that Indonesia is allowing them a whole 25% of the beef quota they had hoped for. Awwww how sad. Just wait till they get El Nino’ed on top of that.

  14. Alan Moir with Abbott’s legacy.
    [video src="" /]

  15. Sorry folks you’ll have to copy the string “htt . . . . . . .mp4” and paste and go as a URL


  17. Leroy,

    BK receives frequent thanks for his dawn posts.

    You also provide The Pub with exceptional reading material. Please accept, with The Pub’s patrons’ deep gratitude:

  18. After 9+ years what’s another 6 months ? 😆

    Cruising without teasers was fine. 3 images (the “same” image framed three ways) every couple of days is excruciating.

    “It’s 9+ year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out [buffering…]”

  19. Leone – thanks, I’ve got a bit of an ant problem at home, so it will help keep their numbers down.

  20. I wish I could identify the location of that echidna pic – the sea shells are fascinating.

    I’ve only seen an echidna twice in the wild. The first time was in Canberra, when as a 5- or 6-year-old I spotted one in our front garden after a scrub fire on Mount Ainslie (yes, it had been scorched). The second time was in the very early 1990s, in Tasmania. I think on the Freycinet Peninsula, but I wasn’t keeping a diary back then. However, it owned the road, and OH, who was driving his father’s ancient Jag, politely stopped to allow it to go on its merry way.

  21. Lowland Streaked Tenrecs, Prehensile-tailed Porcupines, Golden Echidnas – spiky thing of death cult?

  22. “A Sound Relief” was a live concert by The Gathering, featuring their softer, semi-acoustic tracks:

    “A Noise Severe” was a companion live concert, featuring their “hard rock” tracks:

    Fair enough, but the albums – soft and hard – were much better.

  23. “Mission scientists have found Pluto to be 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter, somewhat larger than many prior estimates. […] This result confirms what was already suspected: Pluto is larger than all other known solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune.”

    (Contains the latest images of Pluto and Charon – the latter now looking much more interesting than a dull, grey ball with a dark cap.)

  24. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    It is apparent that this government simply wants renewable energy investors to “go away!”
    And Greg Combet quickly serve it up to them!
    Well who would have thought this would happen? The announcement of Australia’s climate change targets has been delayed.
    Paul Bongiorno writes about Abbott’s deep well of hostility to renewable energy.
    Nicole Hasham says that denialsm is dictating the Coalition’s climate change policies.
    John Hewson did a nice job on Q and A last night in contrasting his thoughtful style to that of Abbott.
    And on 7:30 Turnbull has an oblique dig at his leader.
    Peter Hartcher examines China’s aggressive intentions.
    “View from the Street” wonders whether Abbott is setting up some double dissolution triggers.

  25. Section 3 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Bruce Petty drops in on the political donations game.

    Ron Tandberg has Abbott “rewarding” Barnaby.

    Matt Golding and a new subject of Sydney-Melbourne rivalry.

    David Pope nails it! Abbott is losing his marbles.

    Mark Knight forcefully and poignantly raises the subject of domestic violence.

    John Kudelka at the CEFC.

    David Rowe reckons Abbott was unsatisfied with Shorten’s treatment at the TURC.

    First Dog on the Moon introduces the potato that will oversee the Grocery Code of Conduct.

  26. The Government and the NSW government are already telling porkies about the approval process for the Shenhua Liverpool Plains mine. I’m getting a bit sick of hearing ‘It’s all Labor’s fault because Ian MacDonald sold the exploration licence to Shenhua’.

    Yes, he did, and that licence expired in February 2011, just before the NSW election. Once in government the Coalition went full steam ahead on getting that licence renewed. The National Party supported it. They were not interested in the plight of farmers having their land destroyed by mining.

    Andrew Stoner, former leader of the NSW National Party and Deputy Premier in the O’Farrell government, was especially enthusiastic and as soon as the Coalition took over he was pushing for speedy re-approval of the licence, he recommended not waiting for the completion of the Namoi Water Study.

    Stoner offers support for Shenhua mine

    Here’s the letter

    Not long after Minister Hartcher (you might remember him as an ICAC casualty) was denying anyone had ever suggested rushing ahead before that water study had been completed.

    The important bit – that exploration licence was renewed in January 2012 by the O’Farrell government. They could have said no, but they did not.

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