The Killing Season in Terror Australis… if it ain’t broke, break it.

Abbott in 20 – Artists Impression
It’s dawned quietly here in Sydney. I am up and at my keyboard, with only the familiar, individual calls of our local Butcher Birds echoing across our little valley to keep me company.

It’s a cool morning and the boys are down from the country for school holidays. They’re asleep upstairs. Being adolescents, they will continue to sleep until a crow bar is applied to their angelic, if pimply figures, or until they smell food… whichever comes first.

Oh well, such is life, and boys. At least now they can make their own toast. All they have to do now is learn to stack the dishwasher. Or empty it. Either would be progress.

Elsewhere in Sydney, other boys, “Teh Terrorists”, will also be stirring from their spartan cots in suburbs like Lakemba, Campbelltown and Lidcombe. There was even one in my own leafy suburb at one stage. I saw the helicopters myself as they hovered not far from my back deck. The helicopters were real enough, but alas the beheading sword was plastic, purchased at a flea market in downtown Auburn, if I remember correctly. They had to let the Threat To Our Way Of Life – and his mum – go.

I do wonder what the ISIS wannabees think as they transition from slumber to sentience? What wonderful thoughts must crowd their first waking moments! They could kill someone, or perhaps rape a virgin. Maybe they could separate a few heads from a few torsos. So much to do, and so little time to do it!

Abbott Fearless Leader 2

So little time because, while they have been sleeping, their Nemesis and our National Protector, Tony Abbott has been up and at it. While riding his bike he has been thinking of ways to deprive them of their citizenship, jail them, banish them, vilify them and in general carry out his sacred duty of wedging Labor… of keeping his country safe. A few kilometres on his bicycle, a session at his Vladimir Putin dart board, a couple of whirling dervish rounds with his Bill Shorten punching bag and Tony is ready for a day of fear mongering, division and general muckmenting.

The last two weeks have been the distillation of Abbottism. Gillian Triggs was bullied on live TV for being a politically partisan statutory office holder, a bullying all the more effective due to the bully being Bronwyn Bishop, the politically partisan holder of the highest statutory office in the land. Takes one to know one, I guess.

Ah, QandA, you have all the trouble makers on, don’t you?

Then we had the triumphant crowing in Parliament as Tony picked up on the utterly sensible, sober and perfectly researched bootstrap run by a section of the Fairfax organization, comprising ex-Murdoch scribblers and “investigative journalists” (who had first achieved fame for hacking into Labor party databases), attempting to make out Bill Shorten was an Enemy Of The Workers. Fairfax types know a lot about The Workers. They’ve sacked enough of them recently. “Killing Season”, indeed…

Murdoch Media Cycle 2

Their evidence? Bill scored even manual labourers $150,000 gigs digging holes, a guaranteed job for two years, kept all their RDOs (after a little reshuffling of half of them, glossed over of course by the bootstrappers, in their zeal), made the company $100,000,000 by bringing in the biggest construction project of its type in Victorian history 5 months early, kept the hated CFMEU out of the job altogether, and set-in-concrete the model for all such future contracts. All in return for a contribution to the AWU – not Bill, but the union – of $300,000.

Shorten did such a bad job of wrecking the mould of “rampant unionism” that Abbott’s mate, Tony Shepherd, tried to take the credit for it himself!

If ever there were questions that needed to be answered, answered again, and then answered at least a dozen times more, until more questions that needed answering came up, these questions were those questions. I know this, because a Sydney Morning Herald editorial (those Fairfax Lefties!) said so, while saying that it’d be better all round if Bill just threw in the towel and stepped down. It was the Killing Season, after all and the SMH had a bootstrap to run.

Married at first sight

The other Killing Season was the Reality TV show we were told was a “Must See” because it was “the most brilliant political documentary in Australian television history”. Reality TV promos always tell potential viewers that the show is “Must See”. They also spruik each episode as “The episode all Australia has been waiting for”. Usually these involve weddings or someone having a baby. Occasionally a key cast member falls off a cliff, because he asked for too much money at contract time, and got written out of the show.

But there are other reasons that Reality TV episodes are “Must see”. For example, there could be “a Reveal” during the program. In renovation Reality TV the “Reveal” consists of homeowners re-entering their houses, bursting into tears, putting their hands up to their faces, hugging each other in horror, and exclaiming “OH_MY_GOD!” when they see the new purple and orange tiles in the bathroom, with the grand vista windows at the front of the house that let them see out onto… the street they hate living in anyway, because its full of bogans like them.

There were several “Reveals” in The Killing Season. For instance, it was “Revealed” that Kevin Rudd ratted Julia Gillard out to Laurie Oakes so that she would lose the 2010 election. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that… OH_MY_GOD!

Then there was the excellent product of Sarah Ferguson’s relentlessly investigative mind when she teased the truth out of Julia that Mark Arbib was involved in the coup. Who’d a thunk that? OH_MY_GOD!

Bill Shorten

But the best “Reveals” were about Bill Shorten. Before the show even went to air, we’d already been told what the reaction to these would be by the Press Gallery: Bill would enter that dangerous state of becoming “beleaguered”.

And what “reveals” they were!

  • Bill wasn’t even on the show… OH_MY_GOD!
  • He knew about the coup on the night it was hatched, and spoke on the phone to his colleagues… OH_MY_GOD!
  • Someone said that someone said that Bill “couldn’t be trusted”… OH_MY_GOD!
  • Bill had a meeting with Kevin Rudd in 2013… OH_MY_GOD!

This last “reveal” was a beauty, because Bill had told some shock jock or other that he had not met with Rudd. And then he fessed up to it! This made for screaming headlines along the lines of “SHORTEN LIED TO SHOCK JOCK!!!… OH_MY_GOD!“.

Of course, all this lying took place 2 years ago, but in Abbott Dead-Buried-And-Cremated World, “2 years ago” is practically yesterday. Ask Julia Gillard. The witch hunt against her went back 10 times that. And some even say she still has questions to answer.

Unsurprisingly, the pundits’ predictions all came true. They have a gift for self-fulfilling prophecies, those hacks. From being a common or garden LOTO, with an election-winning poll lead extending out over the previous 14 months at the beginning of Killing Fortnight, Shorto did in fact become, as they told us he would, “beleaguered”… “embattled” even. That’s with Labor’s election-winning lead increasing by a percentage point or so. Imagine if their electoral ratings had gone down…

Group Think Thumbs Down

Amazingly, all the journos of the Press Gallery, at the ABC and on The Drum and Sky News came to this conclusion independently and simultaneously. The odds against the Press Gallery all saying the same thing at the same time must be billions to one. But Sportsbet didn’t even make a book on it!

So, Tony took up the baton and horse-whipped Bill in QT, much to the merriment of our esteemed 4th Estate. They might be impervious to facts, or sit po-faced when confronted with policy, but give the hacks a good stoush to write up and they spring into action… sound and fury signifying action, at any rate.

Finally they had a genuine “bad guy” to flog to death. Not the bloke who’s been sacked from every job he’s ever had, punched walls either side of women’s’ faces when he lost a student election to them, abandoned his pregnant girlfriend because “he wasn’t ready for fatherhood”, failed at the priesthood because (he told us) he couldn’t keep his tossle in his pants (nice “Macho Man” excuse, that), slagged off a man dying of mesothelioma a few days before he passed away, stood under a sign saying Julia Gillard was Bob Brown’s Bitch, bragged on national television that he lied all the time, proved it by concocting the greatest tissue of lies in the history of Australian politics, longer than a jumbo roll of Sorbent, gave Vladimir Putin a koalaing instead of a shirtfronting, changed policies more often than you or I change socks, admitted he lied on climate change policy, on pensioners, on education, on the ABC and just about every other policy crevice he ever cast his saurian eyes upon. No, they didn’t go after Tony Abbott. It was “Get Shorty” week. It said so in the script, and in the promos, written weeks, even months before.

Lib Policy Bike

First he was up before the Royal Commission. It’s one of the few occasions where a current political leader has hauled his opponent before such an inquisition, so that his murky past can be delved into. Throw a Royal Commission into the mix and the Group Thinkers went beserk. It didn’t matter to them that it was a witch hunt. Witch hunts are what they do all the time. Boy, would Bill have to answer questions that needed to be answered then! In the meantime there were the same questions needing to be answered now! Bill was in a perfect bind. No wonder there were calls for his resignation.

Abbott Nosferatu

So let’s recap… Royal Commission, dodgy deals, and –  there was no escaping it – Bill Shorten lied to a shock jock. He even admitted it. What a politically inept wanker, actually admitting to something. Such is not the stuff of Prime Ministership. If you can’t lie your way into office, how can you ever hope to lie to everyone as Prime Minister of Australia once you get there?

Shock Jock Cartoon

And he got a good deal for his union members and for the company on the Eastlink project. What’s a union leader for, if not to call strikes, embezzle money and send the employers broke? OH_MY_GOD!

Admittedly it had been hard to get the “Shorten beleaguered” story up. There were, for a time, a few distractions. Take Joe Hockey’s enlightening observation that all hopelessly under-cashed home buyer hopefuls had to do was “get a good job, preferably in the private sector”. That meant “Bye-bye home ownership” for nurses, fireys, ambos, teachers, university professors, pen pushers everywhere and even Commonwealth Public Service departmental heads.

But there was a glimmer of hope for the hopeless. It arose from Joe’s history of canny real estate buys. If they came from a rich family, were prepared to misrepresent their credentials as lawyers and real estate agents to a man suffering from the delusion that lawyers and real estate agents were the kind of creeps he did not want to sell his house to, so that they could buy his house for a fraction of its market value, transfer majority ownership to their wives and then spend the next umpteen years claiming taxpayer money to bunk down in it as “living away from home allowance”, then they might have a chance. I mean… FACE!/PALM!… OH_MY_GOD!

Jolly Joe Hockey

These people would be just the kind of good citizens Joe has been banging on about for years. Deceiving their way into a house purchase, bragging about it in their book that no-one ever read, and then paying off the mortgage on the public tit. LIFTERS ALL! If Joe’s tale of property propitiousness didn’t inspire a nation to try harder, what would?

Actually, it sank lower than Joe’s stapled belly. So, abandoning Shorty for a while, Tony came up with stripping citizenship away from anyone he (or more accurately the Potato-Headed Dutton) did not like. It was unconstitutional, but those pesky judges always get in the way. What did Shorty think of it? When Bill hesitated for a moment, wanting to actually see the legislation, this proved that he was soft on terrorism. The head kicking could begin again.

What legislation it was! Not only terrorists, but even graffiti artists were in the firing line, if they held dual citizenship. Putting aside Tony’s very own brush with Anglo-Australian status for a moment, this “dual citizenship” thing was clever. It gave Australians the idea that terrorists and graffiti artists had a certain lack of loyalty to their new country by not renouncing their original allegiance to the home country.

Dutton Justice

It would be almost natural justice (except that natural justice is so “yesterday”, and was specifically excluded from the bill) for them to lose their halal-eating, dole-bludging privileges and be turfed out of Terror Australis. As to natural citizens – those born here, and hence with sole citizenship – there were “no plans” to strip them of any rights… until there were.

That’s right, just a few days later, Tony used the occasion of a speech on the hallowed propositions of Magna Carta to call for its abolition. “Citizenship” was “out” and “Banishment” was “in”.

In one step we had sat in the time machine, and gone down through the ages. As the years clicked away in reverse the time dial rotated ever faster. Reprising the late Rod Taylor, Tony sat at the controls and wound back the clock: 2014, 2010, 1994, 1950, 1879, 1750… on and on the dials whirred and the lights flashed… only towards the end did they start to slow down…. 1300, 1290, 1280, 1265. 1255 and finally came to rest at 1254, a full year before Magna Carta was put in front of King John by a bunch of pissed-off barons, to sign and seal. We had made it to the middle of the 13th century alive, intact and ready to start banishing citizens again… OH_MY_GOD!

Right on cue, the ABC had chimed in with a real, live terrorist asking a Lib parliamentary secretary, one Ciobo, a curly question. The wash-up of this incident has all the trappings of an ABC shit fight. First, a de rigeur grovelling apology from Tony Jones. Then, next morning, the ABC logo on an ISIS flag, care of the Courier-Mail Photoshop Dept. Billy Shorten somehow got entangled into all this. Already he been asked “ARE YOU SYRIAS BILL?” by the Tele (oooooh… how cutting!), and now he copped it for being a traitor to Australia, and even for “rolling out the red carpet for terrorists”, because he – unaccountably – thought that bringing them back here to Australia, giving them a fair trial (with evidence and stuff) and then, if they were found guilty, locking them up for a long, long time was the way to do it.

Well, it wasn’t actually Bill Shorten who said this. It was Mark Dreyfus Doofus, a Jew, who came in for some gentle ribbing in the Tele (again) by a clever bit of pictorial juxtaposition, showing his photo next to one of Goebbels… OH_MY_GOD! THAT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

Heydrich Abbott 2

Photoshop IS fun, isn’t it?

But in Tony’s mind, what was a mere life sentence compared to stripping away rights to eat halal food and bludge on the disability pension, while living in Syria all the time, so they could more easily cut heads off? Ray Hadley agreed, so Tony must have been on the right track.

Sure, Mark Scott made some noises in defence of the organization which he heads, but it was water off a duck’s back for Tony (and a bit too late for Mark, after years of pandering to the Liberal loons, both when they were in Opposition and in government). In true Death Cult style, Tony demanded that “heads should roll” at the “nest of Lefties” in Ultimo, proving once again, the old adage: “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ’em”, in the nicest possible way, naturally.


As if on cue (but it couldn’t have been that), our very own Neo Nazis appeared at the front door of the ABC, forcing ABC employees to scamper out the back. Not a word of condemnation from Tony for that (and I’ll bet you there won’t be a word from any of Tony’s Trustees at the ABC either). The ABC is not on Australia’s side, and the Nazis are. You can tell by the flags. As for the vilifying phone calls and the threatening messages Tony’s fans left… well… “sticks and stones…”.The ABC should nut-up, or (preferably) shut-up.

About the only person who wasn’t accused of being a squawking chick in the nest of Lefties was the QandA host, Tony Jones. Obviously an oversight on someone’s part. And I don’t recall seeing Chris Uhlmann mentioned either, come to think of it, nor “hard hitting” Leigh Sales. Liberals still go on her show. It’s true! Mr Smooth, Mark Simkin has, of course, already left the building. We wish him well in his new career… whatever that is. I’m sure Mark’s smiling…

Mark Simkin

Strangely, Ultimo was not on the map of terrorist strongholds in suburban Sydney and Melbourne provided by ASIO when Tony went to their offices to be briefed by “X” (their Director) – in a totally unscripted and spontaneous way – on the progress of the War On Terror. It must have been an oversight, rather like the one that saw Man Monis practically offer to give himself up to Bookcase Brandis SC, DH, by intimating, in a formal letter to the Attorney-General, that he wanted to join ISIS, and could Bookcase kindly provide Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s address and phone number? Of course, Mr Monis was ignored. He was a crank anyway, wasn’t he? It wasn’t as if he was ever going to do anything about his delusional obsession with narcissistic self-aggrandizement. That was plain for all to see… oops … OH_MY_GOD!

Abbott – MH370

Anyway, the visit to ASIO showed Reality TV viewers the throbbing heart of the Battle Of The Death Cults as Tony sat there sombrely perusing a Very Important Map of caliphating cadres from Lakemba to Camberwell, while up on the wall The Big Picture showed ISIS’s vicious grip on the Middle East – from 2014, over a year ago. Well, the map was one lifted from the Washington Post (ASIO has Photoshoppers too, I suppose). I bet they haven’t heard of Ultimo over there in the US either, what with all their attention being focused on the abomination that is Gay Marriage (OK, sorry, I promised myself not to talk about Gay Marriage).

Abbott Fear

Aye, the Force has been strong in Tony this last fortnight. The Gallery’s saying it’s his “best ever fortnight”. He’s managed to upset just about everyone. He’s turned Australia upside down. He’s proved that left is right, except for the ABC, which is always left. We now know where the Death Cults are, and who belongs to them: Khaled Sharrouf (deceased), Zaky Mallah, Bill Shorten and Mark Doofus… the latter trio being very much alive, still dangerous and still beleaguered. Mark Scott comes in for a special mention, with a sort of “Reverse Walkley”, awarded for being the Facilitator In Chief of the Ultimo branch of Terror Australis. What’s to complain about? The columns and stories just about write themselves: “That’s Our Tony!”

Banishments will be carried out. Dole bludging Muzzies will be punished by being told to leave a country they’ve already left. Chits with “4 MY MORTGAGE” will still be signed and submitted by Jolly Joe Hockey. Photoshoppers will continue to ply their trade in truth, justice and the Murdoch Way. Pensioners will be rewarded for voting “Tony” by having their pensions cut. Windmills will grind to a halt, their deafening infrasonic decibels silenced forever. Coal mines will continue to spew pollution over a pleasant land, because Coal Is Good For Humanity. Bronwyn Bishop will go on wagging her finger at other politicised statutory office holders, telling them to get a real job if they want to play politics as well as she does. Maybe then they can pay their mortgages off too? Tradies will buy lots of tools they can’t use because there isn’t any work. Gerry Harvey will continue to tell us it’s Christmas. Young couples still won’t be able to afford a house. Or a flat. Or even a parking space dressed up as “a renovator’s delight”.

The Prime Ministirrer will go on stirring, foisting his amateur ideas on a cowering population more afraid of a score of disaffected youfs at their keyboards, than of the hundreds of husbands, fathers and sons, who this year will bash and in some cases, murder their spouses, with the odd one or two doing-in the whole family. Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year, will continue to despair, her funding cut from under her as she pleads her case for the killings and bashings to stop (Really, she should have known, shouldn’t she? Tony promised to increase the funding… silly woman).

Press Gallery

As always, the Press Gallery will continue to try to make sense of this. That’s their job, after all, to take a peasant and turn him into a Prince (or should that be a “Sir Prince”?).

They will trot out their memes, bestow the title of “Beleaguered” as they wish, believe that a Reality TV show was a good enough excuse for them to try to force reality (I love it when Reality becomes reality, it’s turned the full circle). From their privileged position looking down on the sandpit, they will continue to entertain the idea that Question Time is important, just because it’s put on specially for their entertainment. They will keep on interviewing each other, conducting “Group Think As It Happens” workshops on the national airwaves.

Jockstraps disguised as bootstraps will abound. More-in-sorrow-than-in-anger calls for resignations will permeate the editorials, because the editors of failing businesses, dependent on old technology, losing their customer base faster than Tony can say “Death Cult”, and disappointing those few readers that remain, will persist with the delusion that they alone have the inside running on how to run a business (or a party, or a nation).

Peter Hartcher will still be in love (with someone), but it will be – as always – unrequited. Kath Murphy will continue to lecture her readers on the nobility of journalism, just before she giggles at the latest gotcha. Barrie Cassidy will persist with his naive trust in the Sunday papers, and Lenore Taylor will sadly, but inevitably, find the True Group Think at last.

Whingeing Australian2

We are so far away from where we should be as a nation. We have gone from an aspirational society – multi-cultural, broadminded, relaxed, confident – to a cringing, cowering mess of terrified neurotics, afraid of Muslims, afraid of unions who have done so much for us, hating politicians, shouting, screaming, threatening national institutions, banishing citizens in a reversion to Medieval days, judgemental, wowserish and mean.

And that’s just how Tony Abbott likes it. “In confusion is profit” is his guiding motto. Everywhere he has ever been has ended up the same, from school, through university, to his stint in a concrete factory, at the seminary, to the media, into politics and now as Prime Minister with close as dammit to untrammelled power to corrupt, pollute and devalue . Throughout his life, as soon as he had some power, he has abused it, buggered it up and wrecked whatever and whomever gave him responsibility. He has both the penchant to destroy, and the charm to keep on getting his patrons to give him licence to do so.


To paraphrase another thug… “Nice little country you got here. Shame if somethin’ were to happen to it.”

Yes, Tony Abbott now has himself a whole country to pull apart, but not so as he can put it back together. In this, the Killing Season (and indeed in any season at all), he wants us divided, squabbling, accusing and intimidating each other, because when we are on the mat and he is still on his feet, only then can this little man make believe he is standing tall.

634 thoughts on “The Killing Season in Terror Australis… if it ain’t broke, break it.

  1. C K Watt – I never get that feeling about polls being wrong, because I never assume the circles I move in are representative of the general public. The next election will be hard to win for Labor. Its always hard. Labor never really wins by a landslide on a national level. To assume Abbott can’t win is to set yourself up for a fall.

  2. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Waleed Aly lets fly on TV about the new detention laws covering staff gagging.
    Brendan O’Conner couldn’t contain himself and piles on the TURC. And he may well have a pont.
    Surely it’s time for a clean out of these dangerous clowns from our education system!
    Abbott’s sister adds some more sparks to the internal ructions within the Coalition as she challenges Abbott to allow a conscience vote o ME.
    The bill is now in Abbott’s court.
    James Massola says that partisan politics has led us into an era of no-reform.
    “View from the Street” has some fun with Erica.
    And so does Tom Allard. Worth reading.
    This Fairfax editorial says why Abbott and Abetz have got it wrong on ME. It’s well supported with factual information.
    How Australia would compare to the rest of the world if Abbott listened to the Climate Change Authority.

  3. Section 2 . . .

    How Australia would compare to the rest of the world if Abbott listened to the Climate Change Authority.
    Greg Jericho gives us the statistics of happiness in life.
    Ben Eltham on Abbott’s war against transparency.
    The 31 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    Tracking Abbott’s record – June update.
    Great work from Pat Campbell puts the blowtorch to Eric Abetz’s comments.

    Good imagery from Mark Knight on cocaine use in the AFL.

    David Rowe on Abbott and Abetz thinking they’ve got the ME issue nailed.

  4. How long could it take for same sex marriage (please don’t call it ‘gay marriage’) to become law? Maybe two weeks, maximum, IF Abbott would allow that. We know he won’t allow it.

    A week ago we had a wonderful example of how quickly a bill can become law with the rush to get the changes to detention centre funding passed. Rushed through the reps one day, through the senate the next and bingo! A new law. When it wants to, or when forced to, parliament can move quickly.

    Let’s assume the private member’s bill makes it through the Selection Committee process and gets to be listed for debate, let’s assume every member of the House of Representatives wants to speak in the debate about same sex marriage and it actually does need 50 hours of sitting time. With late night sittings and time out for the usual distractions like QT and statements by members it would take a week, a week of doing nothing in the chamber but debating this bill. Not going to happen, but there are options for getting it done in less time. Part of the debate could take place in the Federation Chamber, to allow it to proceed without causing any disruption to the normal business of the house. The parliament could also choose to allow a shorter time for each member to speak, saving time and hurrying on a vote. Then, if/when it finally gets through the Reps the senate has to have a go. There are 76 senators, if they all want their 20 minutes in the spotlight there’s another 25.5 hours. Let’s say three days, including the final vote.

    Then the GG has to sign off on the legislation and it becomes law.

    So – less than two weeks if every single MP and senator wants to have a say and if every one of them speaks for 20 minutes each. Maybe lass than a week if speaking times are made shorter.

    I’m going to repeat part of a post from last night, and add a bit, because I’m sick of the MSM parroting the ‘only a few private members bills have ever been debated’ Abbott lie without question.

    Michelle Grattan on the 43rd parliament –

    The power of the crossbenchers has made this parliament a bonanza for private members. About a quarter of House of Representatives time has been used for private members business (in 2011-13). Some 357 private members bills and motions have been introduced and debated; 150 have been voted on and 113 supported, according to figures supplied by the Leader of the House’s office.

    In comparison, in 2005 under the Howard government no private members motions were voted on.

    Six private members bills have passed this Parliament. Wilkie got through legislation to protect journalists’ right to keep sources confidential. An Oakeshott bill allows the auditor-general more power to review people working for or subcontracting to the government. An Adam Bandt bill gave more rights to firefighters diagnosed with site cancers. Another Greens Bill, from Rachel Siewart, dealt with petrol sniffing. A bill by former Greens leader Bob Brown made harder federal intervention in ACT affairs. There was also an administrative bill from Senate president John Hogg.

    One crucial private members bill, from Oakeshott, and supported by the government, that would have validated the Malaysia people swap after the High Court ruled it out passed the House but came to grief in the Senate

    There’s a bit more. Last night Penny Wong had this to say.

    John Howard: “I am not somebody who shirks from free votes.” (February 2006)— Senator Penny Wong (@SenatorWong) July 2, 2015

    And in following tweets –
    Five private bills were subject to free votes in the House when John Howard was PM.

    Mr Abbott says he can’t remember private bills coming to a vote. Six private bills passed both Houses in the last Parliament.

  5. And more –
    Senator Penny Wong ‏@SenatorWong 18h18 hours ago
    The private bills that passed the House under John Howard: Euthanasia, Embryo research, RU486 and Human Cloning (x2).

  6. Leone,

    abbott knows shit-all because his whole being is permanently engaged in thinking up ways to destroy unions, the Labor Party and Bill Shorten…in the time left to engage in real government business is taken up by sleeping off his hangovers and performing his latest brainfart photo op stunt.

  7. my condolences to the family of AdelaideCrows coach Phil Walsh.

    His son has been taken into custody.

    In all the stuff around the reporting and response, that is going to happen, remember that one woman a week dies from family violence, so compare.

  8. Too funny.

    James Massola is in a reflective mood. Is he the new Katharine Murphy, another philosopher-journo to top even The Great Murpharoo?

    Massola laments the “timid” political leaders of both parties, too scared to put their toes into the waters of policy reform, pussy-footing around changes to tax, federalism and industrial relations…

    … and then launches into a column chuckling about gaffes, likening Bill Shorten’s “gaffe” on the merging of Immigration and Customs to Kim Beazley’s very, very serious and totally inexplicable, nation destroying “gaffe” about “Karl Rove” v. “Rove McManus” that journos like him used as another one of their “defining moments”.

    He labels people from the Grattan Institute as “policy wonks” (you know, those boring, pointy-headed wankers who worry about policy, rather than obsess about gaffes, scribble about leaks from anonymous sources, and bootstrap magnificent, ground-breaking successes in industrial relations, union collaboration with employers, high wages and high profits as a result, into sinister Shorten back room plots against The Workers for which he will be wedged at the Witch Hunt Royal Commission for sure, just before the early election you prattle on about at every opportunity, and then some).

    He says something about Abbott changing his stand on superannuation just because Labor talked about it first. And then he gets behind the wheel of the Balance Truck again.

    Did you know they’re all as bad as each other? Well, James is here to tell us just that.

    He sachets back to Labor and Julia Gillard’s “broken promise” on carbon pricing, which filled the columns of scribblers like Massola for three whole years, rather than them getting over it and discussing the core policy… which WORKED actually (but who cares about that when there’s gaffes and gotchas to dig for?).

    Massola lets us know he’s read a book. Well, good for him!

    Next he’ll be telling us he always remembers to pull his pants down when he goes to the toilet. So reassuring!

    And is his hair naturally like that, or does he use gel?

    Stop it Bushfire!

    (Sorry… I shouldn’t get so trivial. We’re discussing serious issues here…)

    Massola concludes:

    Abbott must embrace at least some of the bold ideas that will likely be thrown up by the slew of reviews he has launched such as, the need to either broaden the base or raise the rate of the GST (with appropriate compensation for low income earners). Shorten must move from what seems at times unwitting, accidental bipartisanship and re-discover how to argue for a Labor program of reform.

    So, is either man ready to take the medicine? On the available evidence, the answer appears to be: “not yet”.

    And they won’t, Jimmy Boy, until you – and other bloodsucking, parasitic ambulance chasers like you – stop trawling for gaffes and playing the wedge, quit lamenting that politicians play politics in article you write about politics, then straight after celebrating “Teh Politics”, demanding answers to “questions that must be answered” that have already been answered a thousand times, running vendettas, interviewing each other, chuckling amongst yourselves, and all the rest of the savvy-rich, insider bullshit you peddle.

    There are a lot of “musts” in Massola’s article: Abbott “must” do this and Shorten “must” do that and, until they do, the pundits, lurk merchants, grubs and hair-gelled worms of the Press Gallery, safe for the next five minutes in their crumbling, bankrupt ivory towers based on old technology and gossip, will just have to make do with gaffes and gotchas.

  9. Massola’s “musts” directed at the leaders. How about the Press Gallery’s “musts”. Massola would never recognise his own and some of his colleagues’ failings.

  10. The ABC shouldn’t have caved in on “acknowledging an error of judgement”. If they hadn’t been so craven, Turnbull’s report had nuthin’.

    Mr Mallah has made extensive media appearances over the intervening years, including television (The Project, Insight, various news services), radio (2GB, 2UE, 6PR), and in the print media (The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald). This is in spite of the very public statements by the judge in Mr Mallah’s original case (Wood CJ) in regard to media involvement with Mr Mallah, including:

    “It does seem to me to have been regrettable that some sections of the media took up the Prisoner as a person of interest, and gave him an entirely underserved and unnecessary exposure …”

    He also has an extensive social media presence, particularly through Twitter and YouTube. His social media content ranges from innocuous personal matters, to commentary on terrorism issues (including criticism of ISIS), and offensive (using sexually violent language) material.

    Mr Mallah was well known to the Q&A editorial management team. He had first registered to be an audience member in 2011, had attended Q&A as an audience member on two occasions and been booked as an audience member on another three occasions but cancelled his booking on the day of the broadcast. He has also asked to be a panellist on the program on two occasions; neither time has he been accepted. On one other occasion he was asked if he wished to attend in the audience but did not accept the invitation.

    Mr Mallah’s selection as a general audience member for the 22 June 2015 episode appears consistent with Q&A’s general practices, drawing on their database of registrations of interest.

    Ultimately his selection for appearance was an editorial judgement made by the Q&A editorial management team, which is led by the Executive Producer, Peter McEvoy. We have been advised that this decision did not raise any issues of concern for the team in relation to the Editorial Policies of the ABC that they determined would require any referral beyond Mr McEvoy.

    And here’s the rub. The one thing Turnbull’s goons are hanging onto after finding that Mallah had been a media tart for years, had been on qanda several times without causing any trouble, had been accepted for attendance more than that, didn’t cause any trouble when he DID ask a question, and no-one had any concerns about security (which was proved to be 100% correct).

    All the ABC had to do was clam up and it woud have all blown over. But this is the conclusion to the report’s section on editorial judgement:

    The ABC has subsequently acknowledged an error of judgement in allowing Mr Mallah to join the audience and ask a question.

    It would have been a storm in a teacup if the ABC hadn’t been so timid, and had just done what they usually do to viewer complaints: examine their consciences earnestly, reply that they’d done nothing wrong and tell the complainers to naff off.

    Click to access QA%20NC%20final%20draft%20Summary%201%20July%20%282%29.pdf

  11. The Idiot seemed to be having trouble walking in a straight line on the deck. No sea legs? Terrified by the helicopter ride? Drunk?

  12. I don’t suppose Mr MassOlé recognises that it’s more productive to be a policy wonk than a wank who dismisses the wonk’s work?

  13. I wondered what abbott’s adoring ABC fans were on about when I heard one of their Barbie dolls declare that the “PM’s new look is khaki and leather”.

  14. Chrissie Pyne seems to think school sports days and special events are only for white kids – in expensive private schools, most likely.

    No sports for you. Sports and arts organisations have been told by the government not to hold sporting carnivals or festivals in remote areas to avoid distracting indigenous children from turning up to school. In a letter signed by Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion and Education Minister Christopher Pyne, sports and arts organisations as well as state and territory governments are told the measure is part of Closing the Gap between indigenous and non-indigenous school attendance by 2018. The letter says “it is important that school is not unintentionally undermined by other activities including sports carnivals, visiting celebrities, and festivals that can result in students being away from school for lengthy periods of time”. The letter also says that there are now clauses in funding agreements “to ensure that funded activities contribute to improving school attendance objectives and avoid adverse impacts upon school attendance”.

    Apart from the absurdity of asking cultural organisations to avoid large parts of the country, and the fact that Messrs Scullion and Pyne think its appropriate to do so, it doesn’t actually seem like an idea that would work. Don’t sport carnivals and celebrity visits encourage kids to go to school?

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