Festive Midwinter Friday

A very friendly dragon (stop blushing, Puffy) suggested a midwinter festival theme for this week’s Friday post. What else could I do but tremble and obey?

(Image Credit: Stuart Wilde)

A Canadian-Chinese take on the winter solstice:

(Image Credit: Red Moon Musings)

With the druids at Stonehenge:

(Image Credit: BBC)

In olden days:

(Image Credit: Living Language)

and last but not least, a traditional English Christmas lunch:

(Image Credit: Mirror)

So, let’s settle down by the fire

with – oh whatever – mulled wine?


vintage port? (from the Secret Cellar, bien entendu)

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

and listen to some of the most joyous music ever written:

Finally, The Pub is pleased to announce that this evening’s raffle will be directed from the harpsichord by Maestro CK Watt.

“Set aside fear and banish lamentation;
Swell full with joy and merriment!”

Sounds okay to me.

223 thoughts on “Festive Midwinter Friday

  1. Lunacy upon lunacy

    The federal government is looking at suspending the citizenship privileges of sole Australian nationals fighting with terrorist groups.

    The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, says the government is considering options relating to the citizenship of 60 Australian nationals fighting in the Middle East.

    He declined to provide more details.


    And which would they be, Sprout?

    Dutton said there had been two terrorist attacks in Australia since September last year.

    That would be unlike domestic violence, would it?

    “We need to take this threat of terrorism very, very seriously,” he said.

  2. Counting Dead Women says we were up to 47 women violently killed in Australia this year, as of 25 June. Killed, most of them, by partners or former partners.

    I know who the real terrorists are in this country and our government does all it can to help them by closing off funding for refuges, legal services and more. Then they have the hide to stand up in parliament on White Ribbon Day and waffle on about how they are doing so much to help.


  3. What. A. Joke.

    Been briefed by security chiefs. Doing everything we can to keep Australians safe.— Tony Abbott (@TonyAbbottMHR) June 27, 2015

  4. Hockey: “You’ve got to have something more than saying no. You’ve actually got to have policy substance …”

    Laugh or cry … or scream …

  5. gigilene

    HoJoke’s is openly laughing at us. Abbott does it all the time. He knows that the MSM are so debauched and behind the LNP he can make such hypocritical comments and not be called out for it. Leaving Labor only able only to fume at such outrageous bullshittery.

    I really do look forward to the demise of the democracy assassin that is Newscorp.

  6. Seeing as Abbott and HoJo are saying Shorten always says no he might as well start doing that. He certainly isn’t getting any thanks for all this supporting government legislation he has been doing.

  7. Pushed out to make way for yet another middle-aged white union man. When will Labor ditch this ridiculous left/right factions rubbish and just select on the basis of merit?

    Tasmanian senator Lisa Singh blames factional deal for fourth place on Senate ticket

    Some background

    This seems to be becoming a habit. Louise Pratt was pushed out to make way for Joe Bullock, who is hardly an asset in the senate, and Penny Wong was pushed aside to make way for Don Farrell until Farrell responded to public outcries and put himself second. If he had not had the decency to do that the senate would have lost Penny Wong.

  8. Whenever I think of a village idiot I think of John Mills. This is what we are all – Shorten and his team, all Labor supporters – just village idiots to the idiots in govt and in the msm.

    Loved the movie.

  9. This little black duck

    “Abbott…at the top of his game”
    Fcuk Barrie . Suckhole PvO used the same phrase a couple of days ago.

  10. I love this. The media just do the rounds of the topics when spruiking. They must have come up with this one about Abbott being on top of his game half a dozen times since the election. It usually comes a week or two after Abbott has done something spectacularly stupid. They slam Shorten with the same regularity, and on equally spurious evidence.

    All this means is that the terrorism scare campaign is failing. They’re a bit stuck as to how to go about supporting their man, so they use this stopgap about him being competent. They’ll give that up in another week or so, and then, oh I don’t know, maybe try forcing Margie and the girls out on the hustings again. Or try some more Julie Bishop puff pieces. Or – and this is a bit more likely – orchestrate some ‘terrorist’ raids.

    But anyway, just at the moment they’re starting to panic. And you can bet all this breathless talk about an early election is a guarantee that there won’t be an early election. It’s sole purpose is to test public opinion as to whether people will actually vote for the ALP under Shorten. Which it appears at this moment they will.

  11. I don’t suppose anyone will pick him up on this particular idiocy (or any other)

    Terror attacks overseas show fundamentalist militants are threatening Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said.

    “This illustrates yet again, as far as the Daesh death cult is concerned, they’re coming after us,” he said in response to recent attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.


  12. TLBD

    ““This illustrates yet again, as far as the Daesh death cult is concerned, they’re coming after us,” ”
    Abbot , yet again , demonstrating there is no barrel deep enough for him not to be able to scrape the bottom of.

  13. Bloody abbott and his terrorist bullshit….can’t help wishing one of ’em would get after him and fix the contents of his budgie smugglers.

  14. He must be getting multiple death threats. He’d be heavily guarded. The man wouldn’t sleep well. Let him have his nightmares.

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