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Tonight is Free For All Friday.


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Let your Feelings be known. Lets have a good ol whinge .


It,s getting Cold so now is a good Time.

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223 thoughts on “FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY

  1. Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

    Michael Leunig’s political emojis.

    Matt Golding on Abbott’s Pope problem

    Cathy Wilcox helps Shorten do the numbers.

    Alan Moir really goes to town on Toad Brandis.

    Ouch! John Spooner has a go at Abbott and the Papal encyclical.

    Simon Letch previews our visit to Paris for the climate change summit.

    And David Pope goes even further as Abbott dismisses the Pope from his bed of coal! MUST SEE.

    Mark Knight with Shorten’s problems with the RC.

    Beautiful work from John Kudelka on the separation of powers.

  2. The Abbott Solution: if they don’t agree with you sack them

    Regional Development Minister Jamie Briggs sacked Norfolk Island Speaker David Buffett from a new advisory group before he even had a chance to start work.

    Mr Briggs wrote to Mr Buffett late last week and told him his services on the new advisory council would no longer be required, given his determination to “disrupt” the abolition of the island’s government.

  3. The SMH piece about TURC going after Debbie Beale – how disgusting.

    These Fairfax journalists – Royce Millar, Ben Schneiders, Nick Toscano and James Massola – really have tickets on themselves. They claim their stories, and they are stories, works of fantasy, about Bill Shorten were the reason he has been called to appear at TURC.

    Following the Fairfax reports Mr Shorten was called to appear before the royal commission. This week he asked for the hearings to be brought forward to allow him to address the questions raised by the Fairfax stories. His first appearance is now scheduled for July 8

    TURC was always going to go after Shorten, it was the whole reason for the entire damn circus. The miserable, spiteful affair has been building up to the big event – the questioning of Bill Shorten. The government always planned to drag out proceedings so Shorten would appear as close to an election as possible. What better way to demolish a Labor leader than to have TURC announce unfavourable final reports bang in the middle of an election campaign.

    Shorten has messed with the plan by winning an early appearance, but TURC and the government will try to make sure he gets dragged back later in the year. You might have noticed that at his first appearance Shorten will be questioned only by Stoljar. Those who wish to speak in his favour will have to wait until August, or maybe September, or possibly later. Commissioner Dyson Heydon has pretty much guaranteed that this miserable business will be dragged out, saying there could be multiple appearances if other matters arise which involve the Labor leader. You can bet those Fairfax journalists are hard at work in the archives, trying to dig up anything that can be used for new accusations..

    This, people, is another reason why Abbott was never going to race to an early, post-budget electorate. He needs that TURC judgement as the star of his election campaign.

    Very unlikely people are rushing to Shorten’s defence. Tony Shepherd, hand-picked chairman of Abbott’s Commission of Audit, has come out on Shorten’s side. Business leaders who ran the projects alleged to have seen workers ripped off have said Shorten negotiated good deals which saw workers well paid and jobs finished ahead of schedule. Even – Lord Help Us! – Gerard Henderson has defended Shorten from the Fairfax and ABC attacks and wonders what they are all about.

    Bill Shorten ran an efficient and honest union. Like many competent trade union officials, Shorten did deals with employers and employer organisations in the interests of his members and the AWU itself. What’s wrong with that?

    The link for that is just up the page, at 10.42 last night.

    But a few nobodies at Fairfax and Ms Sold-out at the ABC have different opinions and for some reason they are the ones getting all the attention.

  4. These Fairfax journalists – Royce Millar, Ben Schneiders, Nick Toscano and James Massola – really have tickets on themselves. They claim their stories, and they are stories, works of fantasy, about Bill Shorten were the reason he has been called to appear at TURC.

    Keep in mind that two of those four were almost convicted for hacking into an ALP database. Combine this with the dictaphone thing last year and you can conclude that Fairfax and journalistic ethics are oxymorons.

  5. Keep in mind that two of those four were almost convicted for hacking into an ALP database.

    I should’ve added that they only got out of a conviction by entering a diversion program.

  6. paywalled, but may work if you try to open the link within the tweet

  7. Debbie Beale is the daughter of one Julian Beale, who was a Federal Liberal MP from the early 1980s until 1996, and as close to Liberal aristocracy as one can get.

  8. fiona

    In that case they might not want to investigate Debbie too deeply in case they’d open a pandora box. I mean, they wouldn’t want to involve the Libs, would they?

  9. If certain Fairfax journalists can dish dirt on Bill Shorten then it’s only fair that their activities get a bit of scrutiny as well. All three of them were involved in the hacking of a Labor database. The old Vexnews site provides lots of juicy details, so do the Murdoch rags.

    August 2013.
    The Age journalists Royce Millar, Nick McKenzie and Ben Schneiders admit to illegally accessing ALP electoral database

    An article by McKenzie and Millar, which was published in The Age in the week before the election, detailed how the Eleczilla database worked.

    Labor officials believe the article was intended to help the Greens, who were in a bitter fight with the ALP for the inner-Melbourne seats of Brunswick, Northcote, Richmond and Melbourne

    Age journalists plead guilty to avoid conviction


    There’s not much team loyalty there either.
    THREE’S COMPANY: We identify unindicted third co-conspirator in Age hacking scandal as rats in the ranks emerge

    The Age’s Ben Schneiders is being accused by colleague Nick McKenzie of also being involved “up to his neck” in The Age cyber-criminal hacking scandal. Deflection from “slick Nick”? Or can we infer guilt from searches on Schneiders’ girlfriend and family members and other unsubtle clues?

    Word around Melbourne beseiged Fairfax bunker is that there is another Age journalist sweating like a pig over recent revelations in the Sunday Herald Sun by their award-winning writer James Campbell that The Age had illegally hacked ALP computers.

    It’s Ben Schneiders, the workplace reporter for The Age.

    So keen is co-accused Nick McKenzie to identify others as culprits for what appears to be his serious breach of federal and state cybercrime laws that he is pointing the bone at any colleague he can to minimise the chances of him being criminally prosecuted

    What a trio. Hacking, fake emails, lies galore. And these are supposed to be top investigative journalists.

  10. Been putting up the post and beam for the central part of the shed..ridge-beam 7.3m.long (250mm. x 100mm) x 3.4m off the ground…it’s alright to get one end up, but then you have to lift the rest while climbing the ladder to put the other end on top of the post..there always comes the moment where you have to stop sliding it up the sides of the ladder and lift that last bit….THAT is the acid test!

    We are still here!


  11. A heads-up for Jaycee – your lovely story will be the new thread-starter this evening.

  12. Righto. Fiona..thanks for the compliment..

    Gigi’…I tried to lure my son out here with “pay and conditions” to give me a hand…but hey!…you know gen X…I tell you what..all this brouhaha about the Baby Boomers “stealing” the next generation’s future…Bull…shit!!…they just want it without the hard work or heartache.

  13. Went out for a walk to check the seeded’s always a good feeling to see them growing there so small, yet so forget the true value of a tree in an arid landscape.

    I don’t know how some of those old farm houses kept cool without so much as a skerrick of greenery around them!

  14. Brett Walker SC. reported in the age.. :

    In his determination to project strong, uncompromising leadership on national security, Abbott has also been willing to misrepresent the position of Bret Walker SC, the former Independent National Security Legislation Monitor. Last year, Walker proposed that the government consider giving the immigration minister the power to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship where “it is in Australia’s national security or counter-terrorism interests”.

    Even after Walker clarified that this recommendation had been made in the context of existing powers requiring a person be convicted before citizenship can be taken away, Abbott continued to verbal him, telling Parliament: “Obviously he has changed his mind”.

    Walker’s disgust is palpable. “This is point-scoring of a kind I have not experienced since I left primary school. It’s childish,” he tells me.

    “They still haven’t explained why any country would want to punish people for criminal offences without giving them a fair trial. They still haven’t explained how the punishment of people without process of law isn’t rather the action of IS than of a country like Australia. And they still haven’t explained why, if they think this is a good idea, it doesn’t apply to a whole range of offences.

    “None of that has been explained so, by elimination, it is very clear that this is in the nature of wedge – and it shouldn’t be supposed it’s just a wedge against the Labor Party. It’s almost certainly a wedge against the liberal elements in the Liberal Party.”

    Walker concedes that Abbott’s approach may appeal to “an instinctive reflex of disgust against these people”, but he says it shows “an extraordinarily unprincipled, superficial and thoughtless approach to a problem we have agreed internationally to deal with co-operatively”.

    “The problem is that we are internationally obliged to co-operate with the suppression of terrorism and to do that by having criminal law which provides for appropriate prosecutions of alleged terrorists. You can’t do that by refusing to have them back.”

  15. He’s right, it IS childish..the entire modus operandi of this govt’ is a point where one has no answer because to descend to their level is to reduce one’s own intellect to that of a child!

  16. I agree, Gig’..but when the political “play” is so juvenile…so pathetic in it’s obviousness, it belies the mature politics of even a Machiavellian mind…the mature adult politician, you would expect, by nature of their maturity to use the tools of cogent language and complex constructs…one can deal with those in the “play” of political theatre…but these “kiddies” who propose then drop legislation and accusations like a child playing with toys in a sandpit , and a speaker in charge who is even worse than the child-men on the govt’s side of the does one run a democracy with such behaviour?
    Impossible…just impossible!

  17. 13 – 10 which is slightly above average.

    PA – that was a very interesting quiz, thanks.

  18. Whoever has the power or the authority to remove Abbott will have to do it soon as he and his droogs are getting WAY out of control…if one was to consider all the events taking place in the detention camps and his behaviour in this country and toward our neighbours, something has to be done by those who have ANY authority soon.

  19. C K Watt

    ” ‘greatest living Liberal’,” . That could be the give away. Howard a shoo in as the rest are zombies, vampires , mummies , sock puppets or effectively brain dead .

  20. “He would now be taller than me, his voice would be deeper, possibly he’d be shaving.

    “I see his friends are all growing up and changing, and it is really hard … [he was] captured in his youth.”

    Hard not to be able to go through all her son’s milestones.

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