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Tonight is Free For All Friday.


Don’t like the colour blue? go ahead say so ( I Hate it)

Hate a style of Music? ( Rap is Crap )Let rip.

Think a Movie is crap? ( Titanic was a Titanic Dud for me)

Let your Feelings be known. Lets have a good ol whinge .


It,s getting Cold so now is a good Time.

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Raffles will of course be conducted by CK

Have a good night.

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  1. Have harvested a great bunch of bananas today. hanging now with a black Garbo bag to ripen.
    Taste is amazing. so much different to coleswollies nanas

  2. I am waiting for my third batch of bananas to ripen a bit.Not bad for Adelaide!

  3. BK – if you are still around.

    I’ve finished Fawlty Towers and although The hotel inspector is a fitting finale to the series my favourite is without doubt the kipper and the corpse followed very closely be Mrs Richards.

    Now I’ve moved on to my second favourite Ripping Yarns, started with Whinfrey’s last case, saving The Claw and Eric Olthwaite for last.

    Golden Gordon tonight –

  4. A little heads up from the bunkers. The LEFT looks like having the numbers at ALP National conference, and so little gems like electing positions, particularly Senate vacancies [which then can flow onto State MLC’s similarly], a Federal ICAC etc are in play. The direct election of positions can finally take out the perception of factional rule. Fingers crossed.

  5. Left Right Out,

    I particularly hope a Federal ICAC comes about.

    Better still would be one included in the Constitution, to prevent later so-and-so’s like the ne abolishing it.

  6. Watch the video – Sky News interview demolishes Abbott’s scare campaign on IS. From days ago, should have been headline news, but ……………………..

    Expert says I.S. isn’t Aust’s biggest threat

    An international relations expert says the Australian government has ‘induced moral panic’ over the threat of Islamic State.

    Dr Scott Burchill from Deakin University has told Sky News the numbers of Australians travelling to fight with Islamic State is extremely small, and the threat is minescule compared to domestic violence and road fatalities–isn-t-aust-s-biggest-threat.html

  7. If it gets up, they will do it right don’t worry. Baird was just given a once in a lifetime chance to nobble it, and even he wouldn’t do it.

  8. On World Refugee day has Abbott said he'll ensure refugees in Nauru/Manus faced with sexual or physical abuse'll be brought back to Aus? No?— Rod_Hagen (@Rod_Hagen) June 20, 2015

    No – we just get lies and blather about asylum seekers being terrorists,

  9. I am somewhat amazed that Greg Craven said this, given his usual stance:

    Greg Craven, constitutional lawyer and vice-chancellor of the Australian Catholic University, reckons giving a minister, rather than the courts, the power to impose the penalty is “irredeemably unconstitutional … [and] mocks the separation of powers”. He said it would be “swatted down like a bug by the high court”.

  10. From The Guardian

    Guards at the Nauru detention centre may have paid for sex with refugees in the community and circulated sex tapes of their encounters, a former case manager on the island has alleged.

    The shocking allegations are contained in a submission by Charlotte Wilson, a former Save the Children case manager at the Nauru detention centre from January 2014 to February 2015.

    A Senate inquiry is investigating conditions and serious allegations at the Australian-run facility on the island.


    Labor says the government must come clean on payments to people smugglers to restore relations with Indonesia.

    Indonesia’s foreign affairs ministry claims to have evidence Australian officials paid $30,000 to five crew members to turn their boat around, but says it is yet to receive any clarification about this.

    The opposition’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, Tanya Plibersek, said the prime minister, Tony Abbott, owed a full explanation to Indonesia and the Australian people.


    Rosie Batty has marked the 13th birthday of her late son Luke with a new campaign that tells victims of domestic violence they are “Never Alone”.

    The TURC seems to have escaped them.

  11. For all youse space fans. Thank Dog there is a russkiy blogger with far too much time on his hands, Turned 100GB of publicly available time lapse photos from the ISS into magnificence ………………

  12. The last time I saw such filth lined up. it took a good scrubbing with a toilet brush to be rid of them !

  13. One the not too distant future there will be a lot of explaining to do by certain members of society.


    Comments here will close soon.

    I couldn’t find exactly the photographs I wanted. If anyone can help – particularly with the Italian family pic – please let me know.

  15. Had to laugh at this:

    “Joe has copped a lot of crap lately. But since the Budget hasn’t it changed? Hasn’t it changed ?’” Mr Abbott said.

    “Because what Joe has done is brought down the best Budget ever for small businesses of Australia. And didn’t the small businesses of Australia finally deserve some recognition and reward?”

    It hasn’t changed at all. I don’t know how anyone – even Abbott – could say that with a straight face. This year’s Budget has already been pulled to pieces, and still acts as a drag on the polls.

    The real story at the moment – and one that I think the electorate are finally coming around to – is the one that has Abbott blatantly lying about everything and avoiding scrutiny on a number of issues. I have no doubt the reportage will be as flaccid as ever over it, but I can’t see Abbott making any kind of headway in the polls – not in any lasting way – until and unless he can come out, face up, and at least provide answers to the questions that linger around him. And he won’t do that. He’ll deflect and deflect and deflect forever.

    There’s been no narrative constructed so far that’s successfully excused the payments to people smugglers. A few have been tried out, but they’ve made no impact. Blaming it on the ALP for having similar strategies just isn’t cutting it. Saying that it has ‘stopped the boats’ doesn’t stand a moment’s scrutiny; after all, if the boats are stopped, who on earth are these payments going to? If Abbott can’t find a way to ennoble the exercise, it’s going to hurt him whether he and News Corp like it or not.

    I think that’s what the recent wild Shorten reportage is all about. They’ve dumped the Fairfax allegations on us in a frantic bid to shift the narrative quickly. The Coalition usually do smears in a measured way. They let one thing linger while they provide commentary on it, and then unload the next wave of allegations just in time to take up the slack. The Killing Season stuff was supposed to be enough for the moment. Let Abbott and co chat away about it and erode Shorten’s image for a while, then closer to the TURC or Labor conference time let Fairfax go for it. They’ve had to dump the whole lot in one go because they simply can’t let the narrative drift to people smuggler payments at all. Too damaging.

    I doubt there are any more damaging Shorten stories to come. One reason I think that is because I keep hearing that there’s more to come. You don’t do that if you’re sitting on damaging stuff because you take away the element of surprise. You only say it when you’re bluffing. There’ll be more marginal smears, probably, little things that only have an impact if Shorten is already damaged. No more than that. Think about the Ashby set-piece. The only big allegation came first up, and was timed to create the most damage. The rest was Slipper reeling and Abbott capitalising, but nothing more actually got revealed.

    I suspect Shorten knows that too, because he doesn’t seem too fussed. Union smears don’t usually resonate with the public anyway. Anyone who thinks about it for any length of time is going to say, “Hang on, what’s Abbott so worked up about? The allegations are supposed to be about union members being dudded, and Abbott doesn’t give a shit about union members.” So they’ll measure it up against what anybody else says about it. And nobody else is really saying anything about it once you discount journalists, who don’t have any respect anyway.

  16. Aguirre,

    Could you please be a sweetie and repost your last comment on the new thread?

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