Running Shockingly Late Friday Evening Post

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Oh my ears and whiskers. I’ve only just made it home, and have a million things to do. So this will have to do as the thread-starter for the moment. I will add bits and pieces as the evening progresses.


288 thoughts on “Running Shockingly Late Friday Evening Post

  1. Is that 53-47 because we don’t like our hard-earned being lavished on Indonesian baddies?

  2. BK
    What a hoot! And Tony was so sure he was onto a winner with ‘by hook or by crook we will keep the boats stopped’.

  3. Yeah, it looks like Ipsos has just righted itself. I’m sure it’ll be reported as a massive surge to the ALP. Or, you know, not be reported at all.

    Polls really haven’t shifted from that 53-47 region, bar the odd individual poll here and there, for a long time now. I reckon it’s been that way since last year’s Budget. A spike around the time we thought we were getting rid of Abbott in January this year, but apart from that minds appear to be made up.

  4. I’ll bet that if Newspoll comes in at 51-49 then the MSM will just endlessly blabber on about that how it is irrefutable evidence that the LNP’s unstoppable rise into popularity under the shining statesman leadership of Abbott will mean that the next election will be won in a canter so why does Shorten even bother contesting? They think he’s a criminal anyway so that he should just resign now and leave the ALP leadership vacant until 2025 where Abbott would have been in longer than Howard.

    Ipsos? Pppt. Never happened.

    And yes I am still angry about how almost all the MSM were so excited and happy about last month’s Ipsos like it was the story of some hero returning from a won battle.

  5. Kirsdarke,

    The way the msm respond to polls – and other matters – is so darned predictable that I sometimes have to suppress an impulse to ruffle their curly little heads and tell them how cute (but wrong) they are.

    Then reality reasserts itself.

    They are not cute. They are perniciousness personified. And deliberately so.

    Have you finished your exams?

  6. @Fiona

    Almost. 2 more to go this week. But I still have more project work to do afterward so it’s not entirely over yet.

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