BRRRRRRRRRRRRR Winter has arrived and its now time for all you ladies


And Lads


To rug up and endure another Chilly winter. Admittedly some get it worse


6520812-3x2-700x467 Melbourne


Than Others

Coolum Beach



But wherever you are in this funny place


Be assured you will always get a warm welcome and a friendly chat here at “The Pub”copy-pub2.jpg

Raffles will begin shortly. Snuggle up


Keep Warm


And enjoy the night.

243 thoughts on “WINTER FRIDAY RAFFLES

  1. Me mum and I had the best afternoon, at a matinee performance of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes.

    It was a close call, however. Ten minutes after we left home me mum’s hearing aid battery went flat, and she had forgotten to bring spares. So we dashed home, found the batteries, and she installed a new one as I (by this stage) was using every rat run I know to get to the theatre on time.

    We made it, and the performance was superb in every respect. What made it even more superb for me afterwards was, when finally able to read the program, discovering that all nine of the leads were Australasians (delib: one was born in NZ). So were most of the rest of the cast. What’s more, many of the cast have featured over the years in musicals put on by The Production Company, a Melbourne-based not-for-profit company established and extensively supported by Jeanne Pratt, the widow of businessman Richard Pratt.

    I wish more of Australia’s 0.001% would be more involved in philanthropy and don’t really care what area. I just wish they would do it.

  2. What one can find. This is one of the rehearsals for the current production!

    And this, I think, was from the dress rehearsal (3 minutes and 12 seconds in):

    A very special experience.

  3. Kaffee’..I too once owned a Suzuki T350…only standard exhausts though.

  4. jaycee423

    Well done 🙂 Did you have the same problem I had , mpg was not too far from mpsp ( Miles per spark plug) ?

  5. The only mentions I can find of ISIS/IS/whatever using chemical weapons are stories reporting Julie Bishop’s lies.

    And this, from last year.
    Does Islamic State have chemical weapons?

    it has taken Bananas a long time to come up with her scare campaign. Was she sitting on this non-news just waiting for a time when her Dear Leader needed a bit of a boost? The only things being manufactured here are lies.

  6. leonetwo

    Hearing Madame Mesothelioma citing alleged use of chlorine gas by ISIS as some sort of support for her claim was a total giraffe. Anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size can figure out how to use chlorine gas.

  7. The Cormannator tries stand-up comedy.

    r Mathias Cormann “The budget position is now improving, we are now on a believable pathway back to surplus,” Perth. sunday— Dave Ewart (@davidbewart) June 6, 2015

  8. Leone,

    Would cormann qualify under their (desired) new rules as someone who could resume his former nationality?

    God forfend that he should become stateless.

  9. Leone,

    I think David Donovan’s analysis the other day was plausible.

    I think the ne believes he is untouchable (from my perspective, true in so many ways, none of which the ne would appreciate).

    As you and I, and all intelligent people know, proving a negative is fraught with problems. Testing the positive when there is a whole heap of barriers in the way can be almost equally fraught.

    To give you my honest opinion, I don’t think the ne went the full monty because – at the Rhodes stage – why should he? After that, and pre-Parliament, why bother? Just another bit of pointless work. Once pre-selected, nah, why worry? Who’d be interested? And again, why bother? After all, Oz citizenship is just a subset of British subjectness . . .

  10. Fiona
    David Donovan was convincing enough to make me think he could be right. Until I saw that piece I thought Abbott most likely renounced his British citizenship about this time last year, when questions began to be asked. That explained his refusal to provide proof, but not the British having no record of any renunciation, and they are the ones who should have the paperwork. Not I’m starting to believe he never renounced a thing.

  11. To complete my character assessment: the ne is lazy.

    Not physically lazy – we are all too aware of his “prowess” when it comes to cycling, swimming, etc.

    Intellectually lazy? You betcha.

    Organisationally lazy? Yep.

    Morally lazy? You decide.

  12. The difference between what the media say and what really happened.

    Yesterday the NE visited a shopping centre in Mortdale, a Sydney suburb. According to the local paper it was a triumph, with people rushing up to tell Abbott how much they loved him, how well they were doing thanks to him.

    No budget blues when Abbott visited Mortdale

    That’s not hope it really was. Here’s a report from someone who was there at the time, but not part of the pre-arranged adoration squad.

    Philip’s Political Analysis
    The Great Abbott Fraud: staged extras in shopping centre appearances ‪#‎auspol‬ ‪#‎ausvotes‬

    In this undeclared election campaign yesterday Abbott was in my local. From what I saw myself the whole thing was staged for the cameras.

    This was NOT, as the media would have you believe, shoppers running to him like the Messiah. It was carefully staged, all prepared BEFORE the cameras rolled.

    The event yesterday was certainly a set up for the cameras. It is ironic that last week we received individually addressed propaganda from an MP we have heard NOTHING FROM since the election then suddenly the blue tie brigade is everywhere.

    This was FULLY STAGED, I saw it myself. Staged to make Abbott look good. Any anti Abbott people were kept well away from the cameras.

    And the radio is now constantly running pro government ads. So is the TV and I DEMAND the AEC AND FAIR TRADING to investigate Gerry Harvey.

    And Abbott made an announcement. The RAAF is buying two extra C17s. That makes it now SEVEN TIMES HE HAS ANNOUNCED THIS! Boeing only built 10 extra, 7 x 2 = 14. So where is Abbott getting the other 4?

  13. kk

    the m.i.l.p.s.slug bit is not lost on me.

    I still have a Ducati SS dead in the garage simply because there is no one available to tune the carburettors.

  14. l2

    It’s like buying a New Abrams Tank – The septic ones are ‘refusbised’ .

    Only the Egyptians make new ones.

  15. I think i have the laptop connecting the internet with some reliability. I mucked the connection up doing the password transfer bizzo.

    It is a Dell with 17inch screen and backlit keyboard.

  16. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    This is a big worry and as the wellbeing of the nation declines further under this style of government it could get a lot worse.
    How about some statements from Morrison (the tongues-speaker) and Dutton about this clown?
    Here’s Peter FitzSimons’ weekly contribution.
    Annabel Crabbe writes about the journey Ian Thorpe has made.
    The “Sydney tax”.
    More on the subject.
    The housing bubble explained.
    Chris Bowen says Gillian Triggs has every right to criticise politicians.
    The Victorian Sex Party leader wants to table a bill that will outlaw the thuggish behaviour of protesters near abortion clinics. The police would appreciate it.
    How the Catholic Church and the Abbott government are on trial.,7797

  17. Section 2 . . .

    War and Peace – Abbott’s battle.
    This one man, wronged by the Wollongong Council, is using the courts to get his story told.
    A nice bureaucratic cock up by PM & C.
    Surely it’s time to get serious about the fiscal blight that is negative gearing! Hockey’s objection is largely based upon a widely discredited stance that removal of the gearing would increase housing and rental prices.
    Ross Gittins schools Joe Hockey on how to properly interpret the latest GDP figures. It’s not a particularly pretty picture he paints. But then again, Ross is probably one of the “clowns” that Hockey has been bleating about.
    Victorian authorities are struggling to control sex offenders.
    Richard Glover has a blokes’ guide to shopping.

  18. Section 3 . . .

    More from Ron Tandberg on the leaks.

    This effort from Alan Moir is worth seeing again.

    Great work from John Spooner on “Open for Business”.

    Pat Campbell says plenty about the whole Qatar World Cup thing.

    Mark Knight with Alan Bond arriving upstairs.

  19. Sorry, Kaffee for not getting back to you re. twoees and spark plugs…always a problem..I found that it was best to avoid NGK brand plugs as they not only oiled up too easily, but they developed a carbon build-up between the core element and the ceramic insulation and the plug suddenly shorted out after a while with no apparent cause…Bosch also were not the best , but Champion lasted the longest…

  20. Dunno how abbott can be toppled by a ‘technicality’ when, as far as I am aware, he’s never been asked by even one of our esteemed journalists whether he did, in fact, renounce his British citizenship.

  21. I have pushed the idea of attacking individual “players” of the MSM. for a long time…I did promote the idea on this site a long time ago of using social media to encourage other bloggers who had ANY salacious or scurrilous or indeed, any knowledge of the peccadilloes or public behaviour of say ; “Fat-boy Oakes”, “Dame Slap” “Geri’ Grattan” , “Pin-stripe”, “Toolman”, “Pliers Ankleman” post them up on twitter or elsewhere to destroy both professionally and personally , these traitors and incompetents before they destroy both us and the nation….for without this “army” of suck-holes and traitors, Murdoch and Co.have no “delivery system” to promote his preferred trash.

    We can show as much mercy to those MSM. “players” as they have shown to those they have done and still intend to destroy.. : NONE!

  22. 7 June 1982:


    The Gurkha’s go to work rounding up Argentinians who are behind the lines.

    More bombardment around Stanley and Fitzroy.

    There are now more than 8,000 British troops on the ground in East Falkland.

    (Recalling: The Yanks said this could not be done)

  23. jaycee

    I found that it was best to avoid NGK brand plugs

    Yes. They were cheap crap.

    I can faintly remember buying 8 for a Torana. The price I think was $2.25 each!

    You got what you paid for.

  24. Law is full of technicalities – I agree he is lazy and doesn’t read (ie no attention to detail). No doubt in my mind! Anyone know the FB page – would like to spread the love?

  25. jaycee
    Wikipedia is a good place to start finding dirt. The entry on Pies Akerman provides all sorts of interesting leads. I don’t think he wrote that entry himself, it’s so unflattering. It’s full of comment about his failure at school and his objectionable personality then (nothing has changed), being booted off Insiders, sexual harassment and assault accusations and a defamation court case in which he lost. All documented with links. Following those leads should dig up a lot of scurrilous fact.

    When we find all this stuff – and it has to be fact, not gossip, for your cunning plan to work – what do we do with it?

  26. Leone…just put it up on Twitter, carefully using obvious but non-directly identifiable nicknames ; “Pliers Ankleman” etc..and propose a question with the; “Is this the same person who…?”..or : “I can hardly believe this could be true…” and then go on to supply all the gory details.

    I’ll go have a look at that wiki site and check it could be fun!

  27. Some Sunday morning thoughts while I take a break from writing school reports…..The Brandis poetrygate issue is instructive in a very simple way, “I do this because I can”. It was something the average voter would not see but as far as Brandis, his mates and those like him would see, it is an act which is code for everything their like stand for, and it would be chortled about in boardrooms and clubby confines by like minded bastards as well as enhancing Brandis’ standing as ‘one of them’. To those others , me included I guess, it is a nose thumbing exercise designed to enrage and needle, if you let it.
    I’m sure my Dog has plans for the lot of them in due course.

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