BRRRRRRRRRRRRR Winter has arrived and its now time for all you ladies


And Lads


To rug up and endure another Chilly winter. Admittedly some get it worse


6520812-3x2-700x467 Melbourne


Than Others

Coolum Beach



But wherever you are in this funny place


Be assured you will always get a warm welcome and a friendly chat here at “The Pub”copy-pub2.jpg

Raffles will begin shortly. Snuggle up


Keep Warm


And enjoy the night.


243 thoughts on “WINTER FRIDAY RAFFLES

  1. I have made the decision that he will no longer be coming to Australia or the UK to attend Hillsong Conference.

    Who actually controls ingress ?

    Not either of these two.

  2. CTar1

    “Not either of these two.”
    Whoa there, they have the direct line to Dog and like he can do , like , anything . 😆

  3. kaff
    Goddess can do anything she likes. Which is why she gave Abbott the PMship. Watch out for what you wish for and all that.

  4. Lucky Demi is still up for good long walks, no need for clipping toenails yet, thank goodness—that will be some undertaking!

  5. I’ve been thinkng a bit more about homeopathy. If one takes more of a homeopathic preparation will the effect be increased or decreased? Given the “theory” that the more diluted the preparation is the greater will be the effect it follows then that the effect would be less because you would have increased the intake of the “active” content.
    The corollary is that if one took less the the effect should be greater. Less again, greater still.
    Think about it!

  6. 10k to see Bishop, Jackman and Furness … I suspect that those who are prepared to pay that amount won’t do so to have a chat with Bishop.

  7. gigilene

    For some strange reason I think $9,750 of it is to meet Jackman 🙂

  8. Gigilene. When I was a kid I saw a horse with hooves like those in your picture. A real oldtimer took over his care, cut his feet back as far as he could and then put him in a paddock with a lot of gravelly stones in it. It took about six months but eventually the horse was able to get about OK.

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