Outlandish 金曜日Speculation

Karibu tofauti Ijumaa usiku Raffles

Ka whakaata Raffles o te pō te te pāpori ahurea maha i roto i ta tatou e ora

Vì vậy, Cho phép nhận được sẵn sàng


Eurovision ao ela amin’ny Aostraliana ao anatiny. Abbot dia tsy maintsy ho any an-danitra isika fisainana anisan’ny Eoropa


Siapa pemenang favorit Anda? Bucks Fizz?

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Rafflau eu ar, Cerddoriaeth i’w ei chwarae, Videos i’w rhannu a noson dda i’w cael pawb


Bon chans tradui bavardaj sa a. Yon pwi bay nenpòt moun ki ka non lang yo itilize.

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Anyone confused yet?

411 thoughts on “Outlandish 金曜日Speculation

  1. Since when did pedo priests, teachers, scout masters, whatever wait to have an arse offered to them? I thought they just took.

  2. This Abbott thing about sussing out “pre-school jihadis” is a bit rich!…What’s going to happen to all the shy kids who would rather read a book at lunch-time than play football?

  3. jaycee
    Real Aussie kids don’t read books. Not in AbbottWorld, anyway. Reading leads to intellectual development, We can’t have that. All children will be frog-marched to the oval every lunchtime for a hearty game of ‘goodies and baddies’, no exceptions. School libraries will be closed, they are just breeding grounds for future ‘elites’.

  4. More koala diplomacy. I hope the poor little bugger piddled all over Banana’s Armani suit.

    Taxpayers slugged $130,000 for Julie Bishop’s koala diplomacy

    Labor’s waste spokesman Pat Conroy called the cost ridiculous.
    “They’re happy to obliterate foreign aid but there’s $133,000 lying around for koala diplomacy?” he said

    Qantas will gladly fly koalas wherever the government wants, and will meet the cost of flying supplies of leaves and the odd vet to wherever. Will they decide to fly Rohingyas to Australia so they can come in the front door at the airport? Money for koala overseas excursions, none for stateless people dying at sea. Welcome to Abbott’s Australia.

  5. leonetwo

    So you reckon Pell has some credibility left? You are very generous. Pell is having a fire sale on indulgences at the moment. Grab yourself a bargain.

  6. From Abbott:

    “But my priority as Prime Minister and the government’s priority in the coming fortnight is to give the small businesses of Australia the confidence boost they deserve.”

    I can’t begin to explain all the things wrong with this statement. Where do you start? With him not being able to canvass two issues at the same time? Confining himself to the coming fortnight? This strange idea he has that small businesses are going to get a confidence boost? That his Government are going to give small businesses a confidence boost? How?

    Again, he’s just going to bugger the whole thing up and then claim victory, the way he has with everything else.

  7. https://newmatilda.com/2015/05/24/doing-their-dirty-work-abbott-government-passing-buck-green-protections



  8. vote1julia
    I think you got me wrong there. I was trying to say those who are being named at the royal commission didn’t wait for arses to be offered, they just took them. Pell can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. He had little credibility left when he moved to Sydney, now he has none at all. His refusal to face questions in person speaks volumes about his guilt.

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