113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

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The Boss phoned just after 4 o’clock to say he had to go to Maroochydore, would I please do the Friday post.

Earlier, Maestro CK Watt managed to email me (it took him four hours and several reboots) to say he was having computer problems so can’t look after the raffle this evening.

So it looks as though moi is it.

I will do my best, but think it would be wise to make it open house for drinks and food – please help yourselves as and when you wish.

For this evening, lets forget about those

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aka the “adults” in charge

and enjoy the camaraderie of The Pub.

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504 thoughts on “113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

  1. kk
    It’s amazing how well the writers, who had most likely never heard of Tony Abbott, nailed his personality. If only ‘our’ Abbott could meet the same fate. It could happen.

  2. Gigi’…I found to my discomfort, there are two French words difficult EVEN for the French to accept…”Le” and “Havre”… The ticket-girl at the train station had great sport making me repeat the destination I wanted the ticket for at least five or six times and variations…each one being met with a polite ” ou’?”….

  3. About Depp’s dogs – don’t be too hard on Mr Depp. He may well have believed he was OK having his dogs here, given the laxity of our authorities, who seem to have turned a blind eye at first. Our government seems to have tolerated the presence of his little dogs for a month – since 21 April – before Bananaby chose to go public. He called the media the morning after Bill Shorten;s budget reply. Odd coincidence? Or a nice little ploy. saving it up until the government needed a distraction.



    The real issue here is the failure of those responsible for our bio-security and the possible effect on their work of Abbott government funding cuts.

  4. jaycee

    You wouldn’t be the only one. Just pronounce the “Le” separately and ignore the “H” of “Havre”. And I grant you that an “r” after a consonant can also create difficulties. Advice: always write words down in a foreign country.

  5. Gigi’….I am almost certain that HAD I written the words down, my note would have been rejected on account that it was written in English letters and not French!

  6. In my own personal vision of hell, there could be only one thing worse than Tony Abbott being Prime Minister …”no-flies-on-scott-morrison.html”.

  7. Pretty pathetic when SBS cannot show this without its being on delay

    Sunday 17th May at 4:30 pm (180 minutes)”

    It kicked off at 4:05.

  8. Fiona
    Tks for the Elder link. He gets it, as usual. Morrison is a political grub. He will never lead his Party, despite the fevered commentary.

  9. One of the nicest ales I ever brewed was all Maris Otter malt, all East Kent Goldings. I calculated the grist for a 4% ale, added an extra kilo malt to the mash tun but sparged as if just for the 4% ale. Gorgeous golden color, malty, huge beautiful EKG aroma.

  10. gigi

    Villages become depopulated and cities over-populated.

    Yep. The pettiness of Castillon compared with Sospel …

  11. Al Palster

    Morrison is a political grub. He will never lead his Party,

    Scrote is a first water “political grub” but that is a Coalition uber plus , just ask Tones.

  12. Sorry to hear about your young alpaca male, BK. None of this gets easier does it?

  13. “Tony’s Tradies” that fix his f#ck-ups….: Credlin and Textor…..and most of the MSM. !

  14. It’s been a mongrel of a day for us but it got quite a bit better after Collingwood went down by 5 points. (Apologies to Collingwood supporting PUBsters).

  15. Well, BK…give a moment of thought to the sheep farmers when they get a “sheep graziers warning” on the weather…my tight-arse cousin hereabouts bemoans his fate when for no apparent reason, a sheep will go down…” any reason to die” he’ll lament ” any reason to die”…

  16. puffy
    Thanks for the Gumtree info. I don’t think we’ll take any more on for the time being.

  17. Precious petals, they certainly can’t handle criticism or even interviews that are more than just a foot-rub.

    ‘Less aggressive’: Malcolm Turnbull’s advice for ABC journalists Leigh Sales and Emma Alberici

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has come under fire after he advised two of the ABC’s most prominent journalists to adopt a “less aggressive” style of interviewing while defending them against accusations they are biased.
    In a rare appearance on Network Ten’s The Bolt Report, hosted by conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, Mr Turnbull described budget interviews by Lateline’s Emma Alberici and 7.30’s Leigh Sales as “very aggressive” and recommended a “more forensic” approach.
    Veteran journalist George Negus criticised the “silly” comments, saying: “Oh, Malcolm, really? A bit too aggressive? What do they want, a series of Dorothy Dixers instead?


    And more sooking from Sooky Joe – after criticism of Abbott’s ‘Captain Chaos’ announcement an election bribe new medical school for WA Sooky took offence and had a big dummy spit.

    From this morning’s BK links –

    Joe Hockey fires back at the AMA’s Brian Owler

  18. I am just back from an ALP meeting with Chris Bowen. Wow, does he know and enunciate his stuff ! My confidence level with our Feds is rising fast.

  19. Puffy,

    I thought Rupert might be behind it. On SBS, the game started one hour late.

    It wasn’t much of a game, as you say. I gave up after 30 minutes.

  20. The NE couldn’t give a stuff about people smugglers

    Abbott said on Sunday he was not critical of efforts made by other nations to stop people smuggling in the region.

    “I don’t apologise in any way for the action that Australia has taken to preserve safety at sea by turning boats around where necessary,” he said.

    “And if other countries choose to do that, frankly that is almost certainly absolutely necessary if the scourge of people smuggling is to be beaten.”

    If that meant taking “more vigorous” action on the high seas or closer to Burma, so be it, he said.


  21. As the man in charge when this little gem was created for Tourism Australia, scrot morriscum is obviously a man of taste and distinction:

  22. Blimey! Who would have thunk it? 😉

    Tony Abbott has always been unpopular with women. The latest poll of more than 2000 women conducted by the Mamamia Women’s Network shows that support has plumetted to a dramatic new low.

    In a revealing poll of Mamamia Women’s Network readers readers, 86% want to see a change in the leadership of the Liberal Party, with Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop significantly outstripping Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister.

    49% of readers of Australia’s most widely read women’s website back Malcolm Turnbull to lead the nation, and 22% of readers would prefer to see Julie Bishop in the top job. Tony Abbott is the least popular proposed leader in the poll at 14%.


  23. Bloody Ipsos.

    I’m not paying much attention to it. It has an in-house bias of about 2% to the LNP which was absent in its last poll last month.

    But of course the LNP sycophants in the media are going to crow about it all week that it’s a sure sign that Abbott’s going to win the election.

  24. One last thing, if Kenny thinks that there’s going to be an early election then he’s delusional.

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