113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

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The Boss phoned just after 4 o’clock to say he had to go to Maroochydore, would I please do the Friday post.

Earlier, Maestro CK Watt managed to email me (it took him four hours and several reboots) to say he was having computer problems so can’t look after the raffle this evening.

So it looks as though moi is it.

I will do my best, but think it would be wise to make it open house for drinks and food – please help yourselves as and when you wish.

For this evening, lets forget about those

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aka the “adults” in charge

and enjoy the camaraderie of The Pub.

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  1. “​Cambodia doesn’t have the capacity to take care of the 80 or so refugees already in the country, so clearly it doesn’t have the ability to absorb this wave of Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat people,” Mr. Robertson said in an email.

    “But in some ways, Cambodia has brought these problems on itself by signing up to the Australia deal and agreeing to become Canberra’s refugee dumping ground,” he said, referring to Cambodia’s controversial agreement with Australia to take in an unspecified number of refugees currently being held on the South Pacific island nation of Nauru.

    “Are we surprised really that Malaysia thinks it can join the parade and do the same?”


  2. Puffy, my thoughts with you on this sad anniversary. You have many years together to cherish on this day.

  3. jaycee
    I have remembered the story about how Ms Dovey came to marry Kim Williams – sort of, anyway. While she was married to Williams Kathy Lette met Geoffrey Robertson on one of his Hypotheticals and the two fell instantly in lust. Kim was dumped forthwith. Perhaps Ms Dovey comforted him in his time of need, although they did not marry until years later.

    I just don’t understand the attraction, even though Williams looked very different back then.

    All about Kim Williams –

  4. too right jaycee.
    traitors, treasonous scum, too damn late now to try to rewrite their involvement in the destruction of a good government to be replaced by the the greatest mob of goons, misogynists, racists and incompetent oafs that our parliament has ever seen.

  5. Some might believe this –

    Tony Abbott: marginal seat tour is about the budget, not an early election

    Tony Abbott has denied claims he’s readying himself for an early election as he tours marginal seats across the country to sell his budget.

    The prime minister toured Melbourne’s east on Saturday, just a day after he visited western Sydney.

    But, he denied his visits to marginal areas were for anything more than to sell his recently released budget.


  6. I’m going to be explaining to the people of Australia the benefits of this budget.”

    When? Tony always talks about the future.

  7. gigilene

    The full quote ?

    “ I’m going to be explaining to the people of Australia the benefits of this budget the instant I can think of one.”

  8. http://www.afr.com/news/politics/budget-2015-tony-abbott-renders-the-tax-white-paper-irrelevent-20150515-gh25hx







  9. Barry Cassidy caught HoJo lying this morning. HoJo is a big, sooky, lying bastard. Whenever he is challenged he lies. When he gets caught lying he ties to wriggle out with more lies.

    Joe Hockey denies ‘fraud’ comment about paid parental leave

    On the Sunday before Mr Hockey handed down his second federal budget, press gallery doyen Laurie Oakes suggested to the Treasurer that parents accessing both the government paid parental leave scheme and their employers’ was “basically fraud, isn’t it, taking an allowance twice effectively? Who is doing it?”

    “Well, it is,” the Treasurer said, adding that “it’s mostly people who go on parental leave that earn more than $90,000 a year”.
    …….the Treasurer claimed on the ABC’s Insiders programs he had never agreed double-dipping was a fraud.
    “Do you regret some of the language you used around this, that put you behind the eight ball from the beginning?” host Barrie Cassidy asked.

    “What language was that?” the Treasurer replied.

    Cassidy: “The reference to double dipping, the suggestion that people were rorting the system. You agreed with Laurie Oakes that it was fraudulent.”

    Hockey: “Well, no, I didn’t actually. If anyone actually properly reads the transcript and properly reflects on that …”

    Cassidy persisted: “He said it was fraud and you said, yes, it is.”

    “No, I didn’t,” Mr Hockey insisted. “He asked me who is it? And I said well it is da-da-da-da-da.”


    The quote from the transcript – from HoJo’s own website. How long before he deletes it?

    But this is basically fraud, isn’t it, taking an allowance twice effectively? Who is doing it?

    Well, it is, in many cases it’s mostly people who go on parental leave that earn more than $90,000 a year. But there are people at various levels who have been claiming parental leave payments from taxpayers, as well as from their employers. Given that our own paid parental leave scheme is not proceeding, we want to make sure that the system is fairer and that’s exactly what we are doing


  10. Actually, Hockey may have a point. It really depends on how he said “Well, it is…” If it was an attempt to start the sentence about which people he’s talking about, he may not necessarily have been agreeing. But if the “Well, it is…” has an emphasis on the word “is”, then he’s agreeing. On paper, it’s hard to distinguish the intent of that phrase.

    The question really is, I suppose, why did Hockey allow Oakes to say it was fraud and not pull him up on it? He’s given tacit approval to the slur, no matter what way he wants us to interpret it. I thought, when I first read it a few days ago, that there was no “Who is doing it?” from Oakes, and that Hockey’s words were “Yes it is” – but I may be misremembering.

  11. I have no doubt Abbott is touring the marginals with an early election in mind. I think he’s just testing the waters at this stage. He won’t find much joy in them though. Victorians didn’t want the EW Link at the state election, and they don’t want it now. Telling them they do is just going to irritate them. And telling the Victorian government that they can’t have money for road infrastructure unless it’s spent on the EW Link is going to infuriate them. There’s a measure of “Butt out of our state spending” in the response so far.

  12. Mrs BK and I have just had a very distressing experience. Our younger male alpaca had bee smooching one of the horses and somehow got its head/neck caught between a gate and its post. We struggled to extricate it and he was getting weaker and weaker as I loosened off the gate bracket. When I lifted the poor thing’s head up and out he had expired.
    While all these efforts were going on the other male was attacking me with constant spitting of foul green stuff and biting my arm.
    We feel absolutely awful about it all as he was such a beautiful animal and friend.
    Now I am scouring my local acquaintances for someone with a back hoe.

  13. kk

    Was that part of the SAS

    I checked on the net last night night and no one in a position to know is saying so I’ll leave as stated.

  14. Bad luck, BK…terrible bad luck..It’s heart-wrenching to lose a good animal with something like that.

  15. leone
    Mrs BK is on the phone now to our daughter who doted over the animal. Tears all round.

  16. kk
    A neighbour just called me back to say that when he returns from the city he’ll come up with his small back hoe to perform the burial. That’s a relief.

  17. Gigilene,

    As always so observant!

    I’m seriously considering a pair of ug boots this year to wear at my desk. This house gets very cold.

  18. Bk

    A dim ray of sunshine on a gloomy day but good to have that problem out of the way.

  19. A couple of good chuckles watching an episode of ‘Justice John Deed’ . A nasty piece of work called Abbott being the centre of attention. A serious episode but had to larf with lines such as these ——-

    “Abbott seems to have no conscience.”
    “Mr Abbott is not a reliable witness” .

  20. Italian mayors sell off houses for £1 in hope of keeping villages alive

    Italian mayors sell off houses for £1 in hope of keeping villages alive

  21. Barnaby ought to be more careful who he insults..It’ll be a wonder if they don’t slip in a little cameo moment in the next film about a bloke castrated cause he wanted to harm the captain’s pet dog or whatever!

    There are two sections of the community that one should never insult..: Those who lend you money and those who pour your drinks….add to that ; those who can make a world-wide fool of you!

  22. L2

    Lordy the episode is nailing him “violent and manipulative” ,”charming one minute , out of control the next”

  23. BK
    How awful. the poor thing and you trying to save him. it is so hard to remove all the possible ways animals can do themselves in, because they think of things we never would. hugs to you all.

  24. I never thought I would agree with barnaby, but i do, and the way he said it too. maybe this will be a big signal to any other self entitled wangkers to not try it on. not only did the sneak, reportably in a handbag, the dogs past customs, they then (allegedly) took them to a groomers, where they could have passed rabies on to other dogs.

    we all know what happens in an exclusion zone. every animal wild or domestic capable of transmitting disease gets destroyed. that is a lot of sydney dogs and other canines and whatever else can transmit the disease.

    the movie industry is not worth the billions it would cost us if rabies etc ever gets into this country. not only would i have told Depp to get the dogs out, I would have given him a big kick up the arske as he boarded the plane.

  25. Of course I agree w/you Puff…but it was the way he played it out..typical LNP. moment…can’t do diplomacy at all.

  26. What was that episode of ‘Yes Prime Minister ‘ where PM> Hacker appeals to the french ambassador to try to get the wife of the Frenc President to leave her dogs home because of the quarantine laws….wtte ;

    Hacker , on the topic of the female dog : ” Well..why can’t he just leave the bitch home?…..THE DOG, THE DOG !!”

  27. “The French ambassador arrives for a chat with the PM. He is wondering if the two countries’ leaders can use the funeral as an opportunity to discuss their political differences, but Hacker says this may not be possible on the basis that he will be hosting a great number of VIPs, whilst also realising that the French may see his apparent eagerness to reach agreement as a sign of weakness. The ambassador also asks if his embassy can be guarded by French police for the duration of the President’s visit. Again the PM declines to make an exception. They then address the subject of the puppy, and the ambassador points out that not only would the President be personally affronted if the Queen rejects it, but his wife—who has set her heart on the gift—would also be deeply upset. Hacker implores the ambassador to ask the President “not to bring that bitch with him” (referring to the puppy, before realising his faux pas that this might be construed as an insult to the French First Lady).”


  28. There are two words I’ve always found difficult to accept in the English language: “female” referring to women; and “bitch” referring to female dogs.

  29. puffytmd

    Depp should be done to the MAX . Makes you wonder how much

    The shame was that the Depp Barn Yabbie clown show distracted from the then just building PPL “outrage” .

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