113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

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The Boss phoned just after 4 o’clock to say he had to go to Maroochydore, would I please do the Friday post.

Earlier, Maestro CK Watt managed to email me (it took him four hours and several reboots) to say he was having computer problems so can’t look after the raffle this evening.

So it looks as though moi is it.

I will do my best, but think it would be wise to make it open house for drinks and food – please help yourselves as and when you wish.

For this evening, lets forget about those

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aka the “adults” in charge

and enjoy the camaraderie of The Pub.

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504 thoughts on “113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

  1. Political Animal – I’ve been meaning to get some sausage casings; do you have any recommended (online) suppliers?

  2. Fiona,

    I know of no one else who does “the big deal” and we have five male grandsons and two female.

    Let me contrast this between me (male) and daughter (female). Pixel Puzzles (GIYF)

    She can do them on paper with pencil.

    What I did was copyng the numbers on the sheets to a spreadsheet and writing Excel routines to tell me exactly the minimum squares, row or column, needed. Now, I am brilliant at analysis to get to the solution but in no way capable of doing the overall picture that she does.

  3. “I’ve been meaning to get some sausage casings; do you have any recommended (online) suppliers”

    tony abbott’s intestines.

  4. Ducky,

    I can’t explain what I can do. It just happens.

    Similarly with cryptic crosswords – the solution mostly stands out like (forgive the crudity) dogs’ balls.

  5. Fiona,

    Cryptics require a very different talent. It is totally analytical. For those beyond basic it requires wide knowledge, especial classical and etymological.

    OH and I used to do the difficult ones passing one to the other for about three hours, ably assisted by all the books we had, and have, at our disposal.

    Yeah, who needs TV!

    I find Eggheads tests me sort of similarly. OK, it’s on TV!

  6. jaeger,

    There seems to be a lot of continental drift around these days causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

    One thing that AGW cannot be blamed for.

  7. Ducky,

    Some time ago I did data collection at the school opposite my home.

    A couple of dead keen cryptoverbalists resided there.

    (blushing now) I would be seized upon any time I was there, because then we would knock off the cryptic in the 20 minutes of morning tea.

  8. E/V Nautilus will be exploring a brine pool in the Gulf of Mexico any time now; Argus is still on deck, but there is movement at the station: http://www.nautiluslive.org/

    I’ve watched some of the previous dives; fascinating if you have the time, bandwidth, patience and/or stamina to hang in there for the exciting bits.

  9. Beers become astringent when the brewer uses too much sparge water (to rinse out the sweet wort sugars) or temperature and/or pH of said sparge water becomes too low (temparature) or too high (pH)

    I haven’t detected astringency in my beers but one bottle I sent to Seattle many years ago got a comment from the professional brewer judging it (Home Brew Club of the Year, my virtual club came second) to watch temp/pH.

    I just ask for a couple meters casings at Marino’s shop at the Market, sorry. Master Butchers’ Association be worth trying.

  10. ‘A couple of dead keen cryptoverbalists resided there”

    As the song says “What did you do there?”

    I have no problem with cryptics. I even got to know the foibles of the various compositors. and worthwhile.

    Some time, I just got bored with having to look up the stuff I didn’t know and the time it all took. I still reckon thy are brilliant; just not for me.

  11. Pol An,

    I find the run-of-the-mill beers in Oz very ordinary.

    There must be some good “low yield” ones around.

    Quite happy with a Carlsberg if it comes to it.

    One Danish comedian had it, talking about a meeting, “Only one bottle of beer per man, every fifteen minutes”.

    Check out StormP on the web.

  12. “Home Brew Club of the Year, my virtual club came second”

    I have some decent feathers. Like to come and nest here?

  13. I just ask for a couple meters casings at Marino’s shop at the Market, sorry. Master Butchers’ Association be worth trying.

    No worries, PA; I have some online leads (Google “natural sausage casing”.)

  14. This little black duck,

    “you did not have any cask wine.”

    All our friends here get the bottle or cask option. In your caske, I was just afraid the cask might get singed.

    You may wish to chat to scorps about wine Chez Duck.

    I had a little chuckle when Puff mentioned that there was no cask wine in your house!

    There sure was when I was a humble guest of your self & Mrs LBD. We finished them off in double quick time from memory and indulged ourselves in your wonderful cellar stock! 😉

  15. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.
    Last week I linked to an article that suggested changes in budgetary KPIs. Here is one of them that says a lot. I’d like to see the concept extended to superannuation taxation concessions per person.
    The president of the AMA dubs Abbott “Captain Chaos” as another captain’s call comes under criticism.
    And it has a delightful little cartoon from Matt Golding in it!

    Peter Martin on PPL – Could they have been any dumber?
    Good journalism uncovers big tax rorting by Pfizer. Over to you Joe.
    Malcolm Maiden says the Abbott-announce inquiry into iron ire pricing will be a non event. Importantly it would supplant one being pushed for by Nick Xenophon, having a Coalition member as chairman.
    The police and government should come down on these “Tony’s Tradies” like a ton of bricks!
    And these.
    Another nice type!
    And as for these disgusting leeches . . .

  16. Section 2 . . .

    Might Australia be getting serious at last about domestic violence?
    The electoral demographics of the women who will be hurt most by the new PPL scheme do not at all surprise. One could be forgiven for taking a cynical view.
    Please! Please! Do not inflict another Bush on us!
    Federal Libs jump in on coal mining where Can-do left off.
    The 25 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    The Arts Minister has wrenched our culture away from the artists.
    The hidden crime wave inside the Crown Casino.
    Here’s Peter FitzSimons’ Sunday column.
    Pat Campbell says his bit on the War on Terriers.

  17. 17 May 1982:

    A RN Westland Sea King helicopter lands near Punta Arenas.

    It is then destroyed by its crew.

    Chile is a friendly country so what it was doing and why it was destroyed leads to much speculation …

  18. Just listened to Kim Williams saying all the “right things” on RN. this morning.

    “In December 2011 Williams was appointed CEO of News Limited (which became News Corp Australia in July 2013). He resigned in August 2013 amid reports that his management style had alienated many staff members and executives, including members of the Murdoch family.”

    A pity he couldn’t manage to DO the right thing when in charge of that most vile rag at the most influential time in Aust’ parliament. It’s all well and food to pontificate NOW on the need for Gonski and a decent direction for all Aust’…What happened to THEN!?..The effing bastard was in the thick of it heaping shit and strumm and drang on Gillard , Swann and the fiscal package and anything else that Labor did in those years..

    Sure, pluck the violin for his sacking for not going harder when Rupert commanded..but hey!..surely “shooting dead the future of half the population” could be counted as a job reasonably well done!

    F#ck off Kim…go play your very well tuned and very expensive harp to another audience…you know their names and address’s, just down the “same street” from you!

  19. jaycee
    And – Kim Williams is married to Katherine Dovey, daughter of Gough and Margaret Whitlam. I’ve never been able to figure that one out. The conversations at family get-togethers must have been fascinating.

  20. Leone..:” And – Kim Williams is married to Katherine Dovey, …” Yes, she was the best friend of his first wife, according to the script in wikipedia….we have heard of these scenarios….and now, it seems HE is the best friend of Labor’s social policies.

  21. Leone #2..: ” … I’ve never been able to figure that one out.”

    I’m dead certain YOU, if anyone, can, Leone.

  22. CTar1

    Was that part of the SAS (?) raid where some error/problem/stuff up saw them end up a long way from where they were meant to be ?

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