113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

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The Boss phoned just after 4 o’clock to say he had to go to Maroochydore, would I please do the Friday post.

Earlier, Maestro CK Watt managed to email me (it took him four hours and several reboots) to say he was having computer problems so can’t look after the raffle this evening.

So it looks as though moi is it.

I will do my best, but think it would be wise to make it open house for drinks and food – please help yourselves as and when you wish.

For this evening, lets forget about those

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aka the “adults” in charge

and enjoy the camaraderie of The Pub.

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504 thoughts on “113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

  1. Although one thing that’s always in the back of the mind for me is that for every election since 1998, the L/NP always seems to go up in the polls about 2-5% during an election campaign. I really hope it doesn’t happen this time, but the threat is always there.

    Also what’s the problem with Bill Shorten lately? What has he done to be so unpopular?

  2. Kirsdarke,

    The dirty yank, formerly the dirty digger, needs Bill Shorten to be unpopular, so that’s how he’s being painted.

  3. Oh, just had a look at Bill Shorten’s ratings, it’s only 41% approval 45% disapproval, no big movement either way.

    Just from the noise people were making it was as though his net approval nosedived or something.

  4. Kirsdarke,

    As we should all know by now, the numbers themselves don’t matter. What the commentariat says (or doesn’t say) about them does.

  5. For those in the media who are predicting an early election
    It’s irritating that this is needed to be said but there is no resemblance of common sense in political reporting anymore.
    This year the only two types of elections that can be held are a house of reps only election or a double dissolution election.
    A house only election would be pointless and have no justification.

    A double dissolution election, while they could use the claim of the senate blocking their legislation with some credibility, is fraught with risk due to the quota for election being halved. Which means greater chance that micro parties get elected, especially if they pull the trigger before any vote on senate reform.

  6. Also remember that an early election backfired spectacularly on Campbell Newman.

  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/17/us/politics/the-right-aims-at-democrats-on-social-media-to-hit-clinton.html


  8. Abbott is nuts enough to go for an early election.

    It’s possible for senate reform legislation to be rushed through, Labor might allow it through as it’s in their interests to get rid of annoying cross-benchers too.

    Once that hurdle is out of the way Abbott could call a DD election knowing that minor parties, indies and assorted nutters had less chance of success.

    The MSM will, of course, do all they can to give us another term of Abbott.

  9. Just noticed this posting by my nephew on facebook earlier and was pleased to see that he has inherited some of the wonderful qualities that I have long recognized & respected in my sister.

    Driving around with mum yesterday and we spot a homeless hitchiker. He was in the same spot as he was this time last year. The last time mum saw him she gave him some food and water. So this morning on the way to the shop i see the same guy on the side of the road with his thumb out. And like my mum i decided to get him something to eat and a big bottle of water. It was a cold wet night last night so i thought it would cheer him up. Upon talking to him he mentioned a lady (my mum) had done the same thing for him a year ago. A year… not one person could go out of their way to give him something to eat in a year.. the smile and thanks i got from this old bloke made it by far the best $10 i have ever spent.

    If u can spare it try to give to the less fortunate. The satisfaction and gratification u get is a great feeling.

    Budget win for voters and PM

    No need to guess where that’s from

  11. The figures from Newspoll. If it’s supposed to be good news for Abbott it is also good for Shorten.But The Oz won’t mention that.

    Preferred PM: Abbott 41 (+3) Shorten 40 (+2)

    Abbott: Approve 39 (+2) Disapprove 52 (-4)

    l Shorten: Approve 35 (+1) Disapprove 46 (-4)

    Federal Primary Votes: L/NP 40 (+1) ALP 37 (+2) GRN 12 (0)

  12. This nonsense is right across the MSM, even such as The Guardian. If someone can tell me how my single kid, earning $80,000 per year and living at home for nothing or sharing a flat with others for bugger all per week is worse off than my other kid with 2 kids who has to provide for housing, food, clothing and other essentials for three of them. (especially if the kids are different sexes which means that clothes can’t be passed down & which makes them more expensive than 2 of the same sex)

    And to top it off, the calculations are a pack of lies in any case! What the devil is this country turning into.

    The figures show that singles earning $80,000 a year have less disposable income than a single parent with two kids earning $30,000 when welfare is factored in.

    And a double-income family earning $100,000 is in some cases paying no net tax when childcare assistance and middle class welfare are offset against income tax.

    Mr Hockey has demanded that the Budget papers reveal for the first time the disposable ­income, tax contribution and welfare bill for households to help voters understand where their tax is going.

    The figures show a ­single parent with two children under six who earns $30,000 a year can generate a disposable income of around $66,000 when welfare is factored in.

    By comparison, a full-time worker without kids would need to earn around $90,000 a year to generate a similar ­disposable income.



  13. “Mr Hockey has demanded that the Budget papers reveal for the first time the disposable ­income, tax contribution and welfare bill for households to help voters understand where their tax is going.”

    Conveniently ignoring inevitable price rises.

    Perhaps he could also include percentiles of the income and assets of those receiving welfare.

  14. That ‘look what those rorting single mums get’ thing has been around before. Last time Hockey spruiked this rubbish he included things in that mythical ‘welfare’ total that parents never actually get.

    Childcare subsidies were included last time, I suppose they are again, it is just an old lie being recycled, after all. The money the government pays in childcare rebates can go directly to the childcare provider as a fee deduction. and a parent on $30,000 a year would go for that option, so the parent never sees or receives that money. Fees can be further reduced with the Childcare Benefit, again, money the parent never receives. It too goes direct to the provider. It’s a substantial amount. If it’s added to whatever other benefits that single parent is genuinely receiving then it really bumps up the total.

    It’s an old Hockey lie, a way to justify cutting welfare payments to those who need them most, and as usual the MSM, including the donkeys at The Guardian, have fallen for it hook, line and sinker and have not bothered to investigate the facts.

  15. Grunt’s packing it

    The federal government has finalised a ban on the dumping of sediment from new dredging projects into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, as a decision looms on whether the ecosystem will be listed as “in danger” by the UN.

    Greg Hunt, the federal environment minister, said he has approved an amendment to the Great Barrier Reef marine park regulations to ban capital dredge spoil being dumped there.


  16. Last year’s welfare-bashing story. The figures have been updated for this year’s whinge, from $55,000 to $66.000. I knew there was a childcare component that is money the parent never gets.

    You’ll have to do the google thing.

    The single mum on $55,000 in pensions, benefits, study aid

    The $15,120 worth of JET childcare allowance mentioned in the article is money the parent does not get and is not entitled to receive. It is paid direct to childcare providers, but it makes the total look so much better, or worse, depending on your point of view.

    In the example given the parent is not working and doesn’t have that ‘$30,000 income on top of welfare. You take the mythical JET allowance away and you get just under $40,000 a year, total. Not much when you have to pay rent (rent assistance doesn’t cover it all, far from it) and rise a child.

  17. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Michael Gordon says let’s not get carried away with early budget reaction.
    James Massola with some advice to a lying Joe Hockey.
    Kenneth Davidson tells us why the 2015 budget is economic vandalism.
    Lawyer Tim Dick defends Leigh sales and at the same time reckons Abbott’s a wimp when it comes to searching interviews.
    You’ve got to hand it to the SMH.\ Their investigative reporting has been excellent. This time they are on to Chevron whose sham schemes in Australia are designed to actually make a profit off the ATO.
    Ross Gittins comes to the defence of Treasury and RBA economic forecasters.
    Welfare shake up Mark II?
    The Independent Australia – Budget back flips brinks broken promises tally to 85. It’s quite a list!
    I hope Fair Work Australia has success with this campaign.
    The rise of lobbyists is corrupting our democracy. This comes from John Menadue.

  18. Section 2 . . .

    The 29 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    Hockey’s stealthy use of bracket creep.
    This is an interesting figure.
    How f****g despicable! But what else would you expect?
    Again words fail me! All I can think of is the smug George Pell.
    A pinnacle of planning and engineering!
    Andrew Dyson explains “double dipping”.

    Ron Tandberg turns the terriers back on Abbott.

    Pat Campbell joins the paleo diet fad.
    Mark Knight brings us “Mad Tax” the Senate budget movie.

    Great work from David Rowe on the Abbott High Street.

    Bill Leak introduces the new bracket creep.

  19. 18 May 1982:

    Lots of re-supply logistics going on as 4 ships with 4,000 of the Army on board are 1 day away from joining the Task Force.

    MT in the parliament – “We have done everything that we can to try to secure a peaceful settlement. The Argentines have shown their intransigence by flouting every part of the United Nations mandatory resolution. Not only did they flout the resolution but they have gone in the contrary direction by piling extra men and equipment to the islands.”

    (On “We have done everything that we can to try to secure a peaceful settlement.”

    In the last couple of years the Churchill Archives released many of MT’s private papers and two national newspapers then decided to criticise her for trying to negotiate right up to the end …)

  20. Surprise surprise, apparently the only poll any of the MSM is talking about is Ipsos.

    And when the polls worsen for Abbott, that’ll be interesting.

    “Well clearly the Coalition has support for a landslide victory because everyone loves them… well, apart from those filthy Labor loving peasant traitors, but who cares about their opinion?”

  21. Your government, hard at work making things better for us all – or not.

    Yesterday Julie Bishop was engaged in a Twitter debate – about ‘Frozen’. Bananas spent quite a bit of time laying down the law on whether Elsa was a princess or a queen and whether or not she was the one who froze the kingdom.

    Our international relationships are at rock bottom but our foreign minister would rather spend her time arguing about matters that concern only the under five year olds. Libtika was also involved.

    Did the MSM notice this odd turn of events? Of course not.

  22. apparently the only poll any of the MSM is talking about is Ipsos.

    24 mentioned both.

  23. And so it goes on

    An “unofficial” cap on public servants’ wages has been blamed for the collapse of pay talks at the National Broadband Network.

    Strike action now looms at the government-owned corporation after its bosses were ordered by public service authorities to renege on a wage offer worth 7.5 per cent over three years and slash the increase by 40 per cent.

    NBN confirmed it had been ordered in February to slash its pay offer, but said it was unfazed by the threat of industrial action, with only 20 per cent of its workforce belonging to a union.


  24. While the MSM were looking at two terriers and reporting what Kyle said to Bananaby other, much worse things have been happening and we don’t seem to care.

    Pregnant asylum seekers on Nauru ‘forced to create makeshift toilets’

    Our bastard of a prime minister is prancing around congratulating the neighbours for turning back boats. Truly something we can be proud of.

    And the misery keeps on going. Why should we care? We have the fate of two celebrity dogs to worry about.

    ‘They hit us, with hammers, by knife’: Rohingya migrants tell of horror at sea

  25. I think I have awoken to a parallel universe this morning, I just heard an ABC radio news bulletin begin with – “The opposition spokesman for ??? said …..”.

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