113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

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The Boss phoned just after 4 o’clock to say he had to go to Maroochydore, would I please do the Friday post.

Earlier, Maestro CK Watt managed to email me (it took him four hours and several reboots) to say he was having computer problems so can’t look after the raffle this evening.

So it looks as though moi is it.

I will do my best, but think it would be wise to make it open house for drinks and food – please help yourselves as and when you wish.

For this evening, lets forget about those

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aka the “adults” in charge

and enjoy the camaraderie of The Pub.

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504 thoughts on “113th (or thereabouts) Friday Raffle Evening

  1. CK Watt

    I missed it, was it referring to Federal or State? The only time I hear it on the abc is when it is Vic opposition.

  2. Turnbull is having a whinge about HS students not studying subjects leading to STEM studies:

    Geez, Turncoat, it couldn’t be to do with the denigration of science and you killing the NBN would it? When the budget for CSIRO and BuMet are cut, climate science ridiculed, stupid policies like Direct Action implemented—what did you expect to happen? Maybe the money for school chaplains could be better employed, eh?

    Shorten’s proposals, to encourage startups, to write off HECS debt for STEM students sounds a lot more positive and productive!

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