On the Tiles Friday

(Image Credit: Claire Fisher)

Mr and Mrs Joe6pack are having a night on the tiles – something to do with another significant birthday involving a zero and a five, I understand – so I have the pleasure of looking after this Friday’s post.

What was that, Boss?

You didn’t mean that kind of a night on the tiles?

Okay okay, something like this, then? Yes, moi knows that isn’t a pic of you, but moi is trying to capture the vibe . . .

(Image Credit: Peter Rae; Fairfax)

Waddya mean, moi is a silly feline? Keep your fur on!

Oh, now moi understands – why can’t youse humanes be a bit clearer?

(Image Credit: Limousine Worldwide)

Enough already!

Joe6pack and Mrs Joe6pack, have a wonderful evening out! And specially for Mrs Joe6pack . . .

(Image Credit: Shujaas BBQ)

And, to Gippsland Laborite, for services above and beyond the call of duty live-blogging the UK election results today:

Meanwhile, let’s charge our glasses and drink – first, to Mrs Joe6pack’s festivity – and then, confusion to our enemies!

I trust Maestro CK Watt is available to run the raffle . . .

Have a good evening, everyone.

405 thoughts on “On the Tiles Friday

  1. ” I’m sure you did, Matilda.”….
    Got marked down but!…craft teacher said the horses were “rubbish’ !

  2. Thanks for the well wishes for the oh,s Birthday. Back after a relaxing few days away.Thanks for filling in Friday night Fiona.
    A bit of news we are going to the USA/Canada in September for a bit of a look around.

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