Relaxed Raffles

Need a break from all the non-stop over commercialised  Anzac Day Coverage?

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The Pub Is the place to be

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TO help you relax this is apparently the most relaxing music in the world

And here are some relaxing photos

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Feeling better yet? Ready for some relaxing Raffles?

Rafflemaster CK will be happy to oblige.No need to rush chill out take it easy ,your numbers will be supplied.


. Repose upon a comfy chair,2c90a307c9b3a6286abbfd5e84d6a0c3

Or flop around on a fantastic bed

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Whatever you wish, but be happy to be alive and stay safe.

Have a great time.

122 thoughts on “Relaxed Raffles

  1. Just wait for Greg Hunt’s magnum opus: Climate Change: how politics turned me into a denialist.” or maybe just My Choice.

  2. Ducky,

    or maybe just My Choice.

    Better still, Moy Choice.

    There is a mere corner of a cigarette paper between Ghunt’s electorate and that where the charming Kath and Kim allegedly live.

  3. Fiona,

    Grunt couldn’t speak Stine if you paid him.

    I was thinking more of Al Gore’s Our Choice

    Mind you “You ARE effluent!” is appropriate.

  4. TLBD – ugh, as much as I like ITHOFMK, it was terrible to play on clarinet – at the top of the range, crossing registers with awkward fingering.

    “Morning” is probably the best known movement (the first one):

  5. I shan’t bore you with Agnetha today but here is Frida 14 December 2009. She was born 15 November 1945.

    You won’t understand a word of it

    Here she is in 1967

  6. Jaeger,

    Oh wow – all sorts of previously hidden abilities coming out!

    Once upon a time I did some accompanist work for a few clarinetists.

    Good fun – the Mozart concerto particularly.

  7. kaffeeklatscher,

    If you tell me Bjørn Lomborg and I were born in the same country I’ll come and break your bloody arm off!

  8. The musical instrument used most dreadfully is the saxophone: it wasn’t meant to screech.

  9. For something a bit more restful .

    “José Luis Merlin´s Evocación & Joropo played by Soren Madsen. Recorded live in the Church of Harlev, Denmark’

  10. Peer Gynt is a play and, by its plot, it is a bloody a piece of work as any.

    I don’t think Grieg tried to capture the bloodiness. As far as I know he only wrote the two suites which sound more like symphonic poems, which they are.

  11. “Would anyone object if I put up an Anzac Day thing”

    Only if it does not include a link to Lest we forget what.

    I may be spending time at The Pub tomorrow. No way I’ll turn on radio or TV till a very late hour.

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