Relaxed Raffles

Need a break from all the non-stop over commercialised  Anzac Day Coverage?

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The Pub Is the place to be

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TO help you relax this is apparently the most relaxing music in the world

And here are some relaxing photos

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Feeling better yet? Ready for some relaxing Raffles?

Rafflemaster CK will be happy to oblige.No need to rush chill out take it easy ,your numbers will be supplied.


. Repose upon a comfy chair,2c90a307c9b3a6286abbfd5e84d6a0c3

Or flop around on a fantastic bed

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Whatever you wish, but be happy to be alive and stay safe.

Have a great time.

122 thoughts on “Relaxed Raffles

  1. Brian,

    Thank you – that was the one I thought, but didn’t want to presume too much.

  2. I’ve just got back from my place of part time employment where they surprised me with a 70th birthday roast and at which I announced my retirement effective in July to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the company. We have just received excellent endorsements for ASC and TAFE for the work we did.
    Click i=on their logos to have a look.
    I will sorely miss being involved with things such as these.

  3. Jason

    Congrats and well won.


    You mean you peel your onions, so that is where I go wrong. 🙂


    That is a very soulful pome, thanks.

  4. Gravel,

    You mean you peel your onions . . .

    You must remember that the IE and I have almost nothing in common.

    So, yes, I peels me onions.

    One thing I have finally learned about cooking onions, whether for sauces, soups, or casseroles, is that the slowest and gentlest cooking is the way to go until they are really soft. THEN you can turn up the heat, to make them golden, or brown.

    If you use high heat from the get go, you end up with burnt edges or worse.

    And I’m sure you’re well aware of all that 😛

  5. Patricia,

    The relationship between you and Tacker is delightful.

    I do so wish my mother could have a dog: she adores them. But not where she is now (and I don’t just mean her place of abode).

    I also wish OH wasn’t so anti-canine. It would have been wonderful for DD to grow up with a dog (rats, though cute, just aren’t the same), and I wouldn’t have minded one little bit.

  6. Lord almighty! Pyne is writing his memoir. Straight to the remainder bin, I don’t think anyone but his mum would pay even $1 for it.

    Christopher Pyne set to show different side of himself in upcoming memoirs

    Not all politicians’ books are vile. I can recommend Tony Windsor’s new book ‘Windsor’s Way’.

  7. CK
    As part of my gift from work I was got a remastered set of Fawlty Towers (complete with a Cleese commentary and Cleese’s autobiography.
    They know me well.

  8. BK

    An Ann Landers quote for you 🙂

    •”Inside every 70-year-old is a 35-year-old asking, ‘What happened?'”

  9. Fiona

    I cheat with the onions, I put them in a bowl with a touch of butter, microwave for about 2 minutes on high, then add to whatever, or brown them, saves heaps of cooking time.

  10. Gravel,

    Thank you for the reminder. I used to do that too, but I don’t like our newish microwave and therefore use it as little as possible.

  11. “Lord almighty! Pyne is writing his memoir.”….I suspect many would buy it for all the wrong reasons.. 🙂

  12. ” but I don’t like our newish microwave and therefore use it as little as possible.”…one strange peccadillo I have noticed in my years as a carpenter in the renovation jobs, is that most…MOST women, on the purchase of a new property, will swiftly give the stove the heave-ho!…it seems they always prefer their own stove.

  13. Leone & Jaycee,

    I’ve always seen Pyne as a wannabe Bourbon – y’know, the type who has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

  14. Jaycee,

    The two descriptions are closer than you might think.

    As for cooking appliances, that’s for another time. Definitely not tonight, Josephine!

  15. I am reminded of an old “Peanuts” cartoon..

    “There was a cartoon I loved as a kid, a Peanuts cartoon. Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown are lying on their backs looking up at the clouds. Linus and Lucy take turns saying what they see. Linus says, “Oh, yes, I see a re-creation of the Battle of Hastings over here.” And Lucy says, “Yes, I see St. Augustine.” They say, “What do you see, Charlie Brown?” And Charlie Brown says, “Well, I was going to say I saw a duckie and a horsie, but I think I changed my mind.”

  16. Chrissy Pyne writing his memoirs….there is enough material in that for a whole comedy-club evening!

  17. Pyne well and truly in his own world to think this world needs his biography.

  18. Either that or there is going to be an awful big blockage at the inlet pipe to the Bolivar Sewerage works!

  19. Kaffeeklatscher,

    It’s more than high time the world had access to the thoughts of a poodle . . .

    . . . oh, wait . . .

  20. hello
    Who won the raffle? I have had a busy day, and and just got my gear ready to do the ANZAC March tomorrow in honour of Arthur.
    Charge your glasses and raise them high for the Men and Women of the sea! I have had the usual tot of rum and expect to have a few more tomorrow.

  21. Re: Pyne’s memoirs apart from the obvious question – Why??! – will he call it “Veni, vidi, fixi”?

  22. Puffy,

    The truly amazing and salt of the earth gentleman, Jason!

    We will do so, Puffy. And for those of the air (my dad) and the land, and all those who served with as much honour as possible.

  23. Pyne’s memoir should be worth a PhD in Psychology into the subject of delusion and lack of social awareness, presuming with fairly good confidence that it’ll be full of opinions about how wonderful he thinks he is.

  24. Kirsdarke,

    To be honest, Pyne is not delusional and does not lack social awareness as far as his immediate associates are concerned.

    However, you are right: the disconnect between those associates and the rest of the nation are well worth a thorough examination.

    Not that anyone mainstream would publish the results, these days.

  25. Jaeger

    That is a triple 😆 effort and an extremely worthy winner of the GE.

  26. That reasoning is pretty sound, Fiona.

    Also it’s rather telling that Pyne is considering making his memoirs now at all times. It doesn’t exactly herald internal confidence of being a minister for much longer. Usually memoirs come out at the twilight of such careers.

  27. CTar,

    I tried a sneaky “fixi”, but Jaycee’s sharp eyes had already spotted you.

    So I changed the fixi back.

  28. Kirsdarke,

    It doesn’t exactly herald internal confidence of being a minister for much longer.

    Or it could be an exercise in self-glorification.

    Coupled with the intention of being around for much much longer.

    After all, what else does he have to look forward to?

    Best in show?

  29. Pyne doing his own ‘Battle Lines’?

    It will be a mass seller …

    It would have to be self published.

  30. Fiona

    I’m picking it is just a vanity publication.

    Mind you I am looking forward to the section on his senate negotiations over university reform. Especially after seeing a leaked picture of him wooing Ricky Muir for his vote.

  31. Kaffeeklatscher,

    That gets a full-on snertle!

    Plus one

    (Two golden echidna nights are rare.)

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