Foodie Friday

(Image Credit: Glasgow of Curry)

It’s a chilly-ish, damp late afternoon in Melbourne. Yesterday afternoon’s pulse and vegetable stew has been decanted and labelled, and is now in the fridge.

I’ve spent the past hour putting together a traditional British curry, not unlike the one above, though using leftover roast lamb rather than leftover chicken. The kitchen – indeed, the entire house – smells wonderful. (I don’t make sweet curries often, but OH adores them, so – as the lamb needed to be used – I thought I’d be kind.)

I, however, will be dining elegantly on

(Image Credit: Tesco Real Food)

Anyway, I thought a virtual progressive dinner might be a good idea this evening. Please share your favourite dishes, beverages, music etc.

The evening’s entertainment will, as always, include a raffle superbly conducted by the Maestro of the Friday Raffle, Mr CK Watt.

Off now to have a glass of Chateau Cardboard with me mum, but moi will be backson.

Ciao, baby!

(Image Credit: 45cat)

289 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. ” Hasn’t she got any other duties?”..yeah!..checking out how she looks in the mirror at Harrods jewelry counter!

  2. Isn’t Do Nuttin Dutton supposed to be in charge of re-settling asylum seekers? When Morrison was Monster for Abusing Asylum Seekers he was busy organising the resettlement deal with Cambodia, so shouldn’t the Brussels Sprout be the one dealing with Iran? Or has Bananas taken over because she just wants to do a bit more duty-free Armani shopping? Armani have outlets in Tehran.

  3. Bananas won’t get Iran to take back asylum seekers.

    Earlier this week, Iranian ambassador Abdolhossein Vahaji indicated his country was unlikely to agree to a deal on the issue.

    “We cannot put any pressure and impose any forces on them in order to send them back to Iran,” he said.

    “This is against the law and regulation and we cannot [do it] according to human rights [laws].

    Being reminded of human rights laws by the Iranian government? FFS! To what level has this country descended under Abbott’s leadership, that a nation renowned for abuses of human rights has to remind us of laws and regulations?

  4. C’mon, Leone…we all know “ministers” like Dutton, Hunt, Turnbull…are only in those portfolios as a kind of parking-bay holder. Just keeping the spot warm while the policy is made or done around them…hopeless, gutless and useless!

  5. leone

    I think we’ll have to wait and see for that one. Let’s hope the ambassador is right. Bishop wouldn’t like to come back empty-handed though.

  6. Is Joe “Over my dead body” Hockey dead yet?

    Families at the centre of protests inside a Darwin detention centre have been transferred to Nauru in the early hours of Saturday morning, advocates and detainees say.


    However on Saturday morning they told Guardian Australia several people including families with at least one three-month-old baby were put on a flight out sometime after 5am.

  7. We are being “taken down”, Leone, because as a nation we deserved to be taken down a peg or two…the rise of the “cruel class” within our society, promoed’ by Howard and pushed along by the MSM. now taken to never before seen depths by the bastard Abbott and co. is a result of a majority (obviously) of us taking for granted the rewards of sacrifice and hard work by both our history and our multicultural peoples.

    It is to our disgrace that we have let such a cancer as the LNP. thrive in our body politic. The complete and utter failure of those “guardians of democracy” ; The Forth Estate, to sight without fear or favour those degenerative elements within the LNP. and to call them to account , has given clear air for them to prosper.

    We are the sadder and poorer for it!

  8. jaycee
    And every Australian should be deeply ashamed of what this country has become.

  9. Julie Bishop…Has there ever been a person less capable and less qualified for high office than this person…a “flapper” more suited to the back line of the chorus dancers of a Ziegfeld Follies burlesque than to act as representative of such serious conference?

  10. Yes, Leone…sadly , we are become a comic representation of the dance of glee by the degenerate Fagan and his host of child pick-pockets!

  11. More like someone from Gold Diggers of 1933. Not that she is patch on Ginger

  12. Yes, Puff…I brought in some wood to stoke up the fire a bit more….it’s going to be a cold week in good ol’ SA.

  13. And I see out the window..the Autumn leaves are losing their grip on the vines and dancing delight toward the fields and meadows…

  14. gigilene

    When it comes to countries wanting to send AS back involuntarily the Iranians have been pretty Andrei “Mr Nyet” Gromyko about it.

    On the other hand it seems she went there after they invited her. Obviously in the great scheme of things they don’t give a shit about us but we are maaaaaates with the US . With the Iranians looking to finalise a deal re nuclear crap and an end to sanctions they may be looking for a bit of good will from a US bestie and so throw us a bone.

  15. Gigilene

    Some Iranian fashion clothes that Jules may pick up to parade around CanBra this winter.

    Although for Tones khaki campaign pressers she will pick up one of these outfits to wear

  16. Oh hell!…that last pic…; What sort of demented mind could envisage such a troop of humanoids?

  17. ” да и нет has so little meaning “…I shouldn’t wonder…….er, what DOES it mean??

  18. jaycee423

    Just add blue ties and you will have the answer.


    As it is winter soon ,if not now, in CanBra she would be able to pull it off as just stylish sensible warm gear for winter conditions.

    With Gromyko nyet meant nyet.

  19. In the SW wild wild west it has only recently had some (relatively) brrrr mornings but as I write some Red Savina Habaneros chilies are ripening and a couple of Brazilian varieties have just set some fruit. All in all it must be a bit warmer than usual.

  20. leonetwo

    As the great philosophical question asks……

    “If a Hockey visits New York does anyone there hear a sound”

  21. I suspect the prime objective of the Abbott “govt’ ” is to go down the IPA. path and break the federation apart so it will be easier for the “big end of town” to work their entrepreneurial speculations through the weakened states.

  22. jaycee423

    “break the federation apart ”

    Straight from the Seppo playbook. There the poorer states engage in to a race to the bottom for pay rates , taxes , safety laws , environmental laws and the like in order to attract the scum bags of “business investment” aka spivs , oligarchs and hydatid worms

  23. KK

    I like the sound of their hooves. A bit like Fred Astaire’s tap dancing … Hope they made it back to the zoo safely.

  24. Excellent piece by Andrew Elder, saying what we have all been saying for years – Abbott gets the easiest ride from the MSM. Even now, when Blind Freddie can see it’s all crumbling at his feet the so-called journalists keep insisting their darling is just having a bit of a rough day and will be perfectly OK tomorrow.

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