Hello folks . After our little Easter Break Friday Night Raffles Returns.


Vale Richie Benaud. A true gentleman and outstanding sportsman and commentator. Never biased,never over the top patriotism , played the game in the spirit intended and was a mainstay for many people watching cricket over the past 40 odd years.


ON the good news front Looks like labor will continue to govern In Qld . The LNP. descended into real gutter politics over the Billy Gordon affair and I must say the feeling around the traps is that this has backfired on them.


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The Borg is unelectable as premier. If Anastasia and the team do well they should easily win again.


Drink up


Eat too much


But Enjoy yourselves.

217 thoughts on “RUSHED FRIDAY RAFFLES

  1. He was pretty intelligent,
    A view up here is snotty southern states elite universities didn’t like a Hick from Qld being PM.
    Undermined from the start because the establishment didn’t get there person in.

  2. 6Pack

    because the establishment didn’t get there person in

    Who was their person?

    KRudd got up as LOTO because JG backed him.

  3. And I have said before.

    Tell me honestly ” If any of you were Prime minister and then booted out would you not be a little pissed off,
    When the change happened it was not thought out well .

  4. CTar,

    The two airports nearest to the Middle East that I’ve landed at are Bombay and Frankfurt.

    I’m sure DD found the shopping experience fulfilling.

    The luggage experience, however, is one I have had.

    In 1972, I travelled all by myself from Canberra to KL – changing planes in Singapore as one quite often had to do in those days.

    We couldn’t land at KL: fog.

    We returned to Singapore, and were put up at Raffles (the old, colonial part) for the remainder of the night.

    Next morning, on to KL – but no suitcase appeared.

    The High Commission made the appropriate phone calls, and my suitcase was delivered to our doorstep next day.

    On the return flight (travelling with me mum) I assumed everything would be alright. We arrived in Sydney to find . . . no luggage . . . and dammit I had my HSC exams in a few weeks, and a lot of my study notes were in my suitcase!

    After much yelling at various people, including heated phone calls, the cases were delivered to Deakin next day.

    On my two subsequent flights to KL, and one subsequent flight from KL, I visited the Malaysian Airlines (or whatever they were called back then) little “office” and each time found my case in the “uncollected” cage rather than having been transferred as explicitly marked on the labels.

  5. CTar1
    Yes he did
    Maybe they should have reversed the dream team at the start and put Gillard up against Howard,
    She would have won and all the recriminations would not have happened.

  6. Silly little man (not the author, but his subject):

    Why am I not surprised that he turned a talk about US-China relations into a talk about himself.

  7. Fiona

    “The luggage” … still the reason why I have clothes in London and Menton.

    Carry-on is the go.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever use the stored stuff again. The long journeys I’m over.

  8. Joe6pack…I don’t think Gillard was “ready” that early in the piece…as a matter of fact I don’t think she was ready when they dropped her in it….But I think Rudd and Labor was being set up by Murdoch for a big fall…
    I think Rudd’s vanity had led him into places that Murdoch had set up to play a sort of “badger game” with him. I think there was more to the “knifing” than the public was told…
    Politics at that level is played for a bigger plan than just leadership…I believe Murdoch had something on Rudd that would bring the party into disrepute and he was ready to disclose it…hence the sudden coup…hence Gillard was dropped into the driver’s seat ready or not…and hence she had to be replaced with Rudd who would lose the election to Abbott.
    That’s what I suspect…I don’t know what the “badger game” was , but knowing how dirty Murdoch plays, it had to be something really, really dirty…enough for Rudd to keep pushing to get Gillard out of office.
    Now, as we see, the stakes were much higher than personalities, for even Abbott is but a tool for Murdoch and the others.

  9. Joe6pack,

    It says much more about Australian society, which is still very much male-oriented.

    The ALP is somewhat better than the libs: there is genuine affirmative action, and potentially good women do get preselection. Just look at both the front and back benches for the ALP compared with that of the libs and the nuts.

    However, the ALP still has a lot of men – both serving politicians and back-room powerbrokers – who are heirs and successors of the DLP. And we all know what the DLP thought about women.

    Barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen (hmmm, reminds me of a certain leader somewhere in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s).

    I should also remind you, Joe, that you and as far as I can judge all the men who contribute to this site are not typical Australian men. You respect women, and you have no problems with women doing what they want with their lives – and being successful in doing what they want.

    You may not realise how rare the last-named quality is.

  10. CTar,

    I don’t do flying much any more, but all my non-research-related flights over the past 15 years have been with carry on luggage only. 7kg max.

  11. Murdoch was playing dirty politics in three “theatres” at that time…England, USA. and here..and he was at the height of his political influence through what must have been the biggest trunk of blackmail stuff against so many ministers…remember, he had a huge staff incl’ private dicks looking into every dark corner…that’s his “trade”..just like I am a carpenter, others academic or businessmen and such forth…Murdoch, from a young man has been taught that politics is reliant on a clean skin..If you have the dirt, you “have” the politician.

  12. I am sure we have all been told and accept the sanitised version by the southern intelligentsia about why,how and when about the change.

    Will take a while up here to accept that

  13. I still believe Murdoch has “players” inside the Labor party. Those of you with experience with male personality types will be able to recognise them….they seek a sensualist lifestyle…a more lascivious lifestyle…you’d see them in clubs and out and about with certain types….Murdoch knows his victims.

  14. “…by the southern intelligentsia …” I don’t think the MSM. could be included in any sentence with the word “intelligence” in it!

  15. Well…I believe I will have to call it a night…God!..I hope i don’t have nightmares!

  16. Joe6pack,
    A certain amount of parochialism attaches to these things, but I don’t believe Rudd’s birthplace stood very high in the list of complaints people had about him.

    In other words, just because he was born in Qld does not mean he wasn’t a failure. He is an intelligent man, but his personality is what does him in, every time.

    I can understand Rudd being very angry at being booted from the PM’s office, but he had the option of being a good party man, doing his best as FM, and helping to get the ALP re-elected. He could have done a lot of soul searching and worked out what he did wrong, a bit of introspection. He could have worked on the stuff that let him down. He could have impressed everybody with how he took it, and what he did with it.

    As a young man, he then would’ve been set to have another run at the ALP leadership at a later date. Plenty before him had gone that route.

    IMO, it was not being rejected as a Qlder which was his problem, it was that he did not learn from the trauma of his ousting, but became the star actor in his own revenge movie.

    Of course I have to admit to some bias, because if I had my way, I would salt the very earth his shadow touches and chip his image off every stone in the temple. But he did do in a South Aussie and we can be a bit parochial down here. 😉

  17. Joe, just occurred to me. Have you heard about “Hauling on the Hume”? Yass is full of vintage trucks atm, looks like a Transformers Convention. Big gathering of restored trucks, especially semi’s. Thought you might be interested.

  18. Everyone keeps blaming everything on Murdoch and I’m sick to death of that. For Pete’s sake, when can we stop analysing and re-analysing everything from that one very narrow view and start really looking at the facts.. It’s all about jealousy, ambition, wounded pride, revenge and for the Labor government itself, disastrous self-inflicted damage. It’s all so convoluted it could be a drama Shakespeare would have envied. There is far more to the whole mess than ‘Murdoch did it’.

    Julia Gillard was done is as PM because certain males on the Labor side of the political fence could not cope with a female leader. These old feather dusters have probably never been able to handle strong, capable, intelligent women because they are shown up by them. The chief white ants were male. Yes, there were females among the white ants. jealous women who could not bear seeing another woman raised up while they were not, silly women who were probably promised all sorts of rewards for supporting Ruud. It was good to see many of these supporters – male and female – losing their seats in 2013. Just desserts, Karma, call it whatever you like.

    Rudd wanted revenge for being ousted. Wounded pride. His supporters all had reasons for choosing that side. Their own desire for revenge for being pushed out of ministries for supporting Rudd’s first challenge, or their ambition – hopeful of advancement if their man became PM again. The whole miserable pack were so full of themselves, so intent on getting what they wanted that they had all forgotten about the importance of party loyalty, the need to maintain a strong government.

    And yet we blame all this infighting and stupidity on Murdoch. Why? Yes, Murdoch pushed Labor scandals, pursued Julia Gillard with intense hatred and dishonesty, did his best to bring down a government. But without the leakers in the Labor Party, without fools like Robert McClelland deliberately bringing up twenty year old scandals in parliament and talking up unrest in the ranks of government MPs, without Rudd drip feeding the MSM Murdoch would have had little to work with.

    The one good thing to come out of the whole catastrophe is the country is being given a good dose of the Abbotts and voters will be very wary of electing a Coalition government next time around. And one more good thing – everyone has seen more than enough of Murdoch’s tactics. His antics are old and stale. Only the most rusted-on conservative voters will fall for them again.

  19. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Courageous to the very end I must say!
    What is the price tipping point for toll road usage?
    Looks like Abbott is heading for a difficult round of negotiations on media ownership rules.
    Peter FitzSimons has a nice joke in this weekly column.
    George Pell is without peer. Did he lie to the Royal Commission about his knowlege of the extent of child sexual abuse in the Catholic church?
    Oh dear!
    Annabel Crabbe looks at the Senate inquiry on tax avoidance.–great-and-small-20150411-1mi92w.html
    Michael West looks deeper into the inquiry.
    More on this from The Independent Australia.,7572
    The 18 worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    Another push for dying with dignity legislation, this time in Victoria.
    Food, sex and evangelical purity.
    Cathy Wilcox’s tribute to Richie.

    Pat Campbell previews the proposed Immigration Dept propaganda TV series.

    Here are some good cartoons to flick through.

  20. OK Rudd was known in the Queensland public service as Dr Death for his activities when he was head off the public service.
    At the time he was head of the public service Johm Howard starts destroying the Commonwealth Employment Service Mrs Rudd starts a labour hire company for disabled job seekers. She is very successful and buys out her partner.

    Murdoch press reported that Rudd had been disorderly in a New York night club. To which response was ‘so what?’

    Rudd is an arse because he undermined the sitting Prime Minister from his party.

  21. Government by covert control is no new ambition…Edward Gibbon..
    “To resume, in a few words, the system of the Imperial government, as it was instituted by Augustus, and maintained by those princes who understood their own interest and that of the people, it may be defined an absolute monarchy disguised by the forms of a commonwealth. The masters of the Roman world surrounded their throne with darkness, concealed their irresistible strength, and humbly professed themselves the accountable ministers of the senate, whose supreme decrees they dictated and obeyed.”

  22. Listen up!…I’ve got an idea for a bit of fun…You know by now that the Anzac centenary is coming up and you know Abbott, in his official capacity as PM. is going to make a god-awful f#ck-up of something in the procedure of it…but what?

    Now here’s where we start a “book”…perhaps Joe6pack, in having expertise in this area could workout the odds, and we could construct a the names of horses in a race..of possible screw-ups he will make..That he is going to make them is a given…a narciss’ like himself , who has absolutely NO understanding of the emotion of the anniversary, and will only bathe in the reflected glory as “leader of the nation” cannot but help tread on many toes…will those “toes” be : a) local..b) international..c) military..d) RSL. .e) retired soldiers..f) public perception…g) all of the above..?

    Those could be some of the “runners”…perhaps we could invite other blogs, like Andrew Elder’s readers, or “Loon Pond” , or Bob Ellis’s crowd and make a real “race” of it.
    What do you reckon?

  23. Ps. ..I will gladly transfer a few dollars to an account set up for the occasion as a start of a “sweeps kitty”…Hey!…on the anniversary of Anzac..what could be more Australian than ‘having a punt’ !!??

  24. We could even ‘promo’ it to someone like Van Badham and she may give it a run on the Guardian for a bit of a giggle!

  25. “Abbott will be a very confused man when he walks out of that meeting,” a source in the commercial TV sector said.

    So – situation normal then. Confused before he walks in, even moire confused when he walks out. Abbott will be totally out of his depth, as he always is when dealing with anything more challenging than a bike ride.

  26. Insiders commentry patrol in situ and reporting for duty…Sirrrrr!

    Orright…men…we’re here to do a job…it’s an ugly job against an ugly enemy!…they are brutal, they take no prisoners, nor must you…so in the face of that most vile , filthy, plug-ugly reality…..go forth and ; DO YOUR DUTY!
    “Yess Sir!”

  27. Opening engagement….Bazz has his little clipboard and is expounding tax avoidance ..w/ Dastiyari! , Milne..etc.

  28. The Daily Smelly trying to make out Abbott is some sort of hero when he is just obeying the rules.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott paying for daughter Bridget to live at Kirribilli House

    I bet he spent a lot of time trying to find a way to get out of paying. He will make up the money by keeping on claiming expenses for trips to parties, dinners and weddings by writing them up as ‘official business’. Just like that ridiculous road stunt he did the other day to justify flying to Queensland for Truss’s party.

  29. Probyn referring Corman to sell WA. TAB..bec’se gambling does not make money…!!!!!!!??????

  30. Just catching up with the Rudd saga from last night.

    Rudd being a Queenslander has nothing to do with the perception a lot of progressives have of him. He is simply the greatest traitor in Labor history since Billy Hughes. A bigger rat than Mal Colston ,not in girth but in deed! His legacy is the Abbott government, as he conspired with the coalition in opposition to bring down a government with the highest number of bills passed despite a hung Parliament and rabid anti-Gillard media.
    Gillard gave Rudd a ministry of his own choice. A mistake as a cabal of conspirators operated from his office.
    Remember the cardinals? McCelland, Ferguson, Bowen. Ferguson is in the same league as Rudd and he is from NSW! Geography has nothing to do with it. Rudd like Abbott is a narcissistic arskole, syphilitic d#ckhead. A third of Cabinet resigned rather than serve with him as PM again.

    Joe read Kerry-Anne Walsh’s “The Stalking of Julia Gillard, How the media and Team Rudd brought down the Prime Minister”. Rudd’s removal is nothing compared to Gillard’s removal. Yet here we are nearly 5 years later and its not fair how Kevie got sacked. He was and is a dud.

    Personally, remaining a member of Labor has been a traumatic decision for me. I’m motivated firstly to uphold Gillard’s legacy of groundbreaking progressive policy and legislation. Secondly to rid this country of Rudd’s heir and political son Abbott. Third, to carry out Gough’s last call to “maintain your enthusiasm”.

    Joe, maybe you should get together with Albo and a few beers, cry into them over Rudd’s sacking and brush off the chips on your shoulders at the same time.

    Anyway Joe it is your blog and if you want to carry on the deification of Traitor Rudd it is your right. But I will stand up to any ruddista both within the Party and outside it. So I will save you the trouble and boot myself off.

  31. Frydenberg!!…That’s it!…I’m going awol down to the garden…I hate insiders.

  32. Might be off-topic, talking about the AFL, but yesterday I followed a bit of the live feed on Twitter of Adelaide’s demolition of Collingwood. The best I thought was
    “Collingwood do their bit to make the season bearable for Carlton fans.”

  33. Jaycee,

    Here is my pick. Seeing as he threw bouquets to Jap PM it only right that he knights the Turkey’s Pres. for services to Aussie Troops.

  34. jaycee

    Thanks for the valiant attempt to sit through Insiders, can understand you needing to be elsewhere and unable to continue.

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