Hello folks . After our little Easter Break Friday Night Raffles Returns.


Vale Richie Benaud. A true gentleman and outstanding sportsman and commentator. Never biased,never over the top patriotism , played the game in the spirit intended and was a mainstay for many people watching cricket over the past 40 odd years.


ON the good news front Looks like labor will continue to govern In Qld . The LNP. descended into real gutter politics over the Billy Gordon affair and I must say the feeling around the traps is that this has backfired on them.


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The Borg is unelectable as premier. If Anastasia and the team do well they should easily win again.


Drink up


Eat too much


But Enjoy yourselves.

217 thoughts on “RUSHED FRIDAY RAFFLES

  1. vote1julia

    May I endorse your comments, it is what I would have said if I could find the right words to express myself. Please keep commenting, I don’t think joe6pack is so thin skinned he would banish you for having an opposing opinion. If he did, many of us that love this site will quietly wander off to another Pub somewhere.

  2. Vote1Julia
    People don’t get booted out of the Pub for expressing an opinion.

    Neither you nor anyone saying the opposite of your views.

    And everyone knows my opinion of KR.

    But at least J6p was telling us he view from the street in Qld, which I find highly interesting.

  3. Rudd is a divisive figure. He is either loved/admired or considered so toxic the very ground his shadow falls upon becomes 7 years barren.

    Being divisive is not a good trait for a PM. Rudd did some great things. And hen comes the ‘but’. It has all the makings of an Ancient Greek tragedy..

  4. So that’s two for ; “Insulting the veterans by praising the once enemy!”….
    You know..I reckon he’ll do that…then overcompensate by then insulting the Turks!..

  5. So let’s create a ‘field of starters” for the , ie: “Abbott Chalice” (filled with a bitter drink!).

    In Barrier one :
    1)….”Turkish delight”

    2) …” Veteran’s choice”


  6. In all my reading about WW1 and having the (English version) history of it shoved down my throat from an early age, I still find it very weird that the attitude of Australia, so shortly after it had gained sovereignty as an independent nation, was such that so many happily answered the call to go to that most European of wars.
    I sometimes think that those same attitudes still influence Australia’s foreign policies today.

    I must admit that the week by week summary of The Great War has been quite enlightening as to what happened, and I would suggest that the next couple of weeks are going to be quite interesting from the Australian perspective. I recommend it as an interesting way to survive the remaining centenary bits.

    Mind you, I admit that every time I see Mr Abbott getting all enthused about these century “celebrations” I miss my grandfather very much. He was a corps-man in the RAMC based in Rouen for the last two years of the war, and would likely be very scathing about celebrating anything related to the stupidity that was WW1 or WW2, apart from their ending.

  7. curioz

    about celebrating anything related to the stupidity that was WW1 or WW2, apart from their ending.

    My father was in the 2ndAIF for over 5 years. Did the ME and New Guinea.

    But never bothered to collect his campaign badges.


  9. A few days ago my son and I were talking about Abbott being at the Gallipoli ceremony, what an embarrassment that will be and what appalling things he will say this time.

    I don’t know how Abbott has the hide to say anything about Australians at war. His grandparents ran away from a war. They arrived here just as our first troops were leaving to fight for the country they had abandoned to its fate. And yet this coward, grandson of a coward, gets up and spruiks the glory of war.

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