Quizzical Easter Weekend

Hot cross buns?

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Easter eggs?

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Oh alright then . . . here are some chocolate ones . . .

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Plus something OH remembers from living in the then predominantly-Greek suburb of Brunswick for a couple of years just after WW2:

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When we returned from our jaunt in the country early yesterday evening, I discovered that OH hadn’t eaten much all day, and was unimpressed by the prospect of an omelette for dinner. So I ventured to the supermarket to buy something a little more substantial that wouldn’t require much effort from me (moi was a bit tired . . .).

It was 6:00pm, and the carpark was a crazy place. It took 10 minutes to find a just-vacated slot; I grabbed it and hurried off to do my shopping.

In the supermarket, people were frantically stocking up as if the shops were to be closed for at least a month.

Well, I remember the olden days, when the Easter shop closure was a serious matter: from 5:00pm Thursday to 9:00am the following Wednesday. Me mum and I would stagger out laden with those large brown paper bags

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with enough bread, milk, meat, fruit, and vegetables to last five days.

Even the milk bars closed, and there were no such things as convenience stores at petrol stations.

Today, by contrast, the suburb is quiet. Almost no traffic, many of the neighbours are away, and the weather is delightful.

To everyone on the roads over this holiday period, take things very carefully and stay safe.

* * * * * * *

When The Boss feels so inclined, there may be a quiz or three.

Enjoy the challenge . . .

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. . . and have fun, everyone!

473 thoughts on “Quizzical Easter Weekend

  1. Does this mean that every mercenary coming back to Australia will be “detained”?

    Matthew Gardiner, the former Labor party official suspected of joining the fight against Islamic State, was detained upon his return to Darwin but has been released without charge.

    That would naturally include mercenaries like Rupert Murdoch, the Wittenoom Wombat and all those travelling O/S at their expense.


  2. Redgum Songwriter Disturbed At Reclaim Australia’s ‘Co-opting’ Of Iconic Song Of Peace

    Schumann said he was “very, very disappointed” that a song which promotes peace would be used at a Reclaim Australia rally, particularly given his entire body of musical work has been about “understanding, compassion, tolerance and inclusiveness”


    John Schumann is a very interesting man. He ran against Alexander Downer in Mayo in 1998 and almost won the seat. His interests these days are social justice and Australin identity, he would be very much against the sort of ‘Australian identity’ Reclaim Australia stand for.

    Meanwhile –
    This is a better account of yesterday’s rallies than anything you will find in the MSM.

    Abbott has not said one word about the rallies, his ministers have also been silent. Remember how they all leapt to have a dig at the March in March rallies? They dismissed them as trivial events. not worth their attention. I’m taking their silence about yesterday’s events as tacit approval.

  3. Leone,

    Right on the money.

    abbott and his rabble lickspittles will never say a dicky bird against their base (in every sense) supporters.

  4. Good pick-up, leone. Nice bit of humour as well.

    We haven’t heard from Tony “I’m not racist” Abbott, naturally. I have never known an Australian Prime Minister acting less prime ministerial than that excrescence. I can only remember as far back as Ming though.

  5. I might be a bit odd with this, but I found the timing of the hate rallies – the Easter weekend – very offensive.
    Easter has usually been a time for peace rallies, not a time for whipping up xenophobia, racism and hatred.
    This year Germany got it right. How weird is that? The Germans holding peace rallies while Australia has rallies full of neo-Nazis preaching racism and white supremacy.

    I also hate seeing the Australian flag made into items of clothing. I’m not keen on flags, I don’t like the jingoism they inspire. I’d like to see them all done away with. But if we have to have a damned flag then we should treat it with respect. It always amazes me the way these flag-waving alleged patriots show immense disrespect for the flag.

  6. I think we are falling into a bit of she’ll be right mate in the Pub. I am guilty of reading some people’s well crafted posts and making a perfunctionary or none at all reply in my haste to have my own say.

    I think we are in a hiatus. Abbott is Abbott, the ALP are not sharing the stage while the audience is deciding whether to lynch the actors. The MSM is being their usual arske kissing selves and there is not much to focus on. The next federal election seems decades away.

    That is why I think we need to put some work into discussing various policies, and dare to disagree with each other, without falling into the trap of repeating the MSM memes.

    I want to say thank you to those who post here, and BK et al who provide links, and our fantastic mods for Friday Raffle and Quiz nights. I am going to try to be a more expansive in my replies and think more about the ideas others put up here.

  7. Puffy,

    As in The Life of Brian (showing on SBS now), “we are all individuals”. Some are expansive and others are not.

  8. Puffy,

    Not, as far as is public, anyone during the current Reign of Terror.

  9. Leone2
    Actually now you mention it, that was my thought too when I saw the rallies were held during Easter. For people of that faith, that is an important festival, for a lot of the population it is the time to relax, go for a break or get involved with family or mates. i am sick to death of these hate-filled people infringing on our good times.

  10. puffy
    Exactly. Easter has religious significance for Muslims as well, they regard Jesus as a prophet and honour him. For Jewish people it is the time of Passover. For those with no religious beliefs it has traditionally been a time for peace. But not in Australia it seems.

  11. I am seriously had it up to my neck with these rightwing nutjobs trying to impose their ideology on the rest of us. Everytime everywhere they do it, everyone gets upset, people get hurt, happiness goes down. It seems they are never happy if someone else is. Why can’t they just STFU.

  12. Here is one perspective:

    “We have come to be kill and be killed,” the Muslims screamed out as they shot the Christians. Where did they get the idea to scream out something like that? From the Qur’an: “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.” (9:111) Not that this has anything to do with Islam!


  13. I am sick of the lot of them. The religious nutters, the rightwing freaks, the narcissists, the sociopaths, the sick and sad weakings who kill in the name of religion. Damn them all.

  14. Puffy,

    Hard to know what to do about them.

    We vote.

    We harangue.

    We march.

  15. Ducky
    On the other hand –

    The FBI gave the standard profile of a serial killer, He is a person with few friends. He became much more religious just before he started murdering people. Almost all serial killers start quoting one verse after another from the Christian Bible.

    Nearly all serial killers are very devout men who were raised by members of Pentecostal sects, fundamentalist Catholics or were ‘hard-shell’ Baptists and Methodists.”


  16. “Baptists and Methodists”

    The sort of people who would have to flagellate if they enjoyed, say, watching people having fun?

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