Victoria magnificently  did it.


Queensland spectacularly did it


Now its New South Wales turn.

Have a go kick em out.


Kill two birds with one vote

Send a message to the born to rule class

A big ask I know ,but as it’s Friday Night lets be optimistic and happy



Raffles are to be won

Drinks to be had

And laughter and music to be heard.

Have a great night and let’s look forward to tomorrow.


580 thoughts on “C’MON, NSW. C’MON FRIDAY RAFFLE

  1. And if the MSM. want policy!..Give them policy..give them Gonski!, NBN ftth, NDIS, Carbon pricing, health, pensions…all those social policies that people expect from a left-leaning Labor..it wasn’t the policies that got them tossed at the last election, it was the fuckin’ right-wing fucking around with it’s usual bullshit undermining…
    Marn’ Ferguson – piss him off!..he’s a traitor…Joel Fitzgibbon – piss him off hes a sell-out shit comedian, K. Carr, Bowen, Uhlman’s forgettable partner and a couple of others…suture the wound before they infect it more!…they can’t be trusted when the heat is on…don’t bother with them.

  2. Jaycee, there is a lot of sense in the saying ‘softly, softly catchee monkey’. Dontcha know that only the LNP are allowed to rant and rave, spit and denigrate.

    Labor, are expected to be nice, turn the other cheek and capitulate to the superior pigs in the pen. Labor are expected to respect the so-called mandate of the LNP’s majority and disregard the rest of the population who voted Labor and others. (It’s different when the LNP are in opposition because they are not expected to respect anyone or anything).

    I just think Australians who vote LNP to suffer. really suffer so that their hip pocket is full of holes, before things change. At the moment the buggers rely on Labor to chisel off the sharp points of the worst policies because they know Labor will not stand by and watch the most vulnerable of us be trampled underfoot.

  3. Sock it to ’em, jaycee! Can Labor ever recover from that betrayal? So many in the party loved Julia! I found it impossible to find quite the right words for it…..

    J is for Julia and the Joy she gave.
    U is for Us, so Useless to save
    Labor while staying Loyal to her,
    In spite of our Instinct that never
    Again could we Australians be so proud of our name.

    And as Chloe Hooper in The Monthly said……..

    “Why was this intelligent, dedicated, conscientious, patriotic woman, loved by her staff, glowingly admired by the independent MPs who’d just helped her minority government pass the highest rate of legislation of any prime minister, why was she being killed off? One would have thought from the frenzied, almost primitive calls for her head that she’d brought the government or the country to its knees, not just proven herself to be the most capable person in the Labor party.”

  4. “..the most capable person in the Labor Party’ –

    and that’s why the white ants wanted to get rid of her. She was making the boys – one in particular – look bad. Can’t have a woman showing the boys how it’s done.

    Women in Labor politics are there to be sacrificial lambs, like Kristina Keneally, set up to lose unwinnable elections and then made to stand aside for a man (men cannot be sacrificed in this way) or made to clean up messes made by the men – as Julia Gillard did for Rudd – then expected to retire gracefully to a dark corner to allow the men to make more mess.

    Cynical? You bet I am. .

  5. Did you hear that wanker Frydenberg on RN. just now..saying Labor were hypocrites, as they (the LNP.) were just putting the same policy forward as Labors…Ok, Ok..next quest’ for the media person or from a Labor spokesman..: “How come you’re pushing Labor’s policies when you said you had 200 policies costed and ready to go before the last election?..and why should Labor support a policy that , like a car bought, burned out and trashed and then expect the previous owner (Labor) to verify the quality of the thing!….bugger orf!

  6. So now we get Mr. Economics Chris Richardson telling us AGAIN! how to do the economy…as if those SFB. know about running an economy..if they DID there wouldn’t have been a GFC….they don’t know anything more than your average, long suffering household-economics compiler.
    My dear old mum, with her exacting detailed accounting system could have worked out a pattern of spending and saving equal to the best of those poseurs!

  7. Hewson talking (some) sense!…why are these past LNP. drop-outs NOW suddenly getting the message ?

  8. And so the hounding of Ms Triggs continues

    The federal government has continued its criticism of Gillian Triggs, saying the head of the Human Rights Commission is “out of touch” for calling into question the detention of a convicted killer.

    A Papuan refugee, John Basikbasik, killed his pregnant partner in 2000.

    He was sentenced to seven years’ jail for manslaughter, but remained in Villawood detention centre after his release. He could not legally be sent back to Indonesia, where he may have faced persecution for his role in the West Papuan independence movement.

    The commission recommended Basikbasik be awarded $350,000 for being held in detention without charge.

    The social services minister, Scott Morrison, denied Basikbasik’s request for a bridging visa in 2013, when Morrison was immigration minister.

    “It’s just completely out of touch,” Morrison said on Monday.


  9. Something none of the electoral experts, political journalists and assorted know-it-all talking heads seem to have noticed –

    There has been a 10.5% swing away from the Liberals to the Greens in the Sydney electorate of Vaucluse. This morning it was a 10.3% swing, but as counting progresses the swing is creeping up.

    Vaucluse is held by Gabrielle Upton, Minister for Social Services or whatever the NSW government is calling that portfolio this week. Vaucluse covers pretty much the same area as the federal electorate of Wentworth, and we all know who that belongs to, don’t we.

    Ms Upton, now on just over 70% of the 2PP vote, is mega-safe, but a swing – to the Greens and to Labor – is very, very interesting. It brings up some interesting thoughts. Could Malcolm possible be unseated by a strong Green candidate in the not-too-distant future? We can dream….

  10. Leone,

    Very well spotted.

    Another and perhaps more likely challenger would be a highly-credentialed independent.

  11. Fiona

    Yep I think he is, I was just worried when he said he was good. Must have a silver tongue, and they are the sneaky ones.

  12. Gravel,

    It would take charisma of extraordinary proportions (which I doubt Birmingham has) to sway BK, and even then he’d be back to his old self in no time.

  13. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but what’s with Leigh Sales’ eyes?

    She seems to be cultivating the “Cruella de Ville” look.

    Either that or she fell into a vat of mascara during her time off.

    An awful look for Leigh, like something out of The Rocky Horror Show.

  14. I am also proud to say that the booth I attended on Saturday scored the highest TPP vote for Labor in the entire Drummoyne electorate, bar one very small booth in Concord (which doesn’t count).

    So much for the charisma of the Newington Frat Boys.

    Vote1 Julia, as Booth Captain, deserves a Golden Echidna, for his brilliant, one-off signage efforts. A lovely man is V1-J: true to the cause, stout of heart and a dab hand with the Texta Color.

  15. I thought Leigh look sooky because Bowen wasn’t letting her control the conversation.

  16. Vote1Julia,

    If you are about, on Bushfire Bill’s suggestion and by The Pub’s acclamation on the voices:

  17. Headline says they back him, but there are a variety of nuanced positions in the (free) article. Also note the passing mention of the fact that earlier, the Premier said she would not call a general election. I expect she will try to make an arrangement with KAP


    Billy Gordon: local mayors back outcast Queensland MP
    The Australian
    March 30, 2015 8:28PM

    Labor MP Billy Gordon has confirmed his resignation from the ALP following revelations he’d hidden his criminal history. On his website today, he said he had written to ALP state secretary Evan Moorhead this morning.

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