Victoria magnificently  did it.


Queensland spectacularly did it


Now its New South Wales turn.

Have a go kick em out.


Kill two birds with one vote

Send a message to the born to rule class

A big ask I know ,but as it’s Friday Night lets be optimistic and happy



Raffles are to be won

Drinks to be had

And laughter and music to be heard.

Have a great night and let’s look forward to tomorrow.



580 thoughts on “C’MON, NSW. C’MON FRIDAY RAFFLE

  1. Vote1Julia,

    If you are about, on Bushfire Bill’s suggestion and by The Pub’s acclamation on the voices:

  2. Headline says they back him, but there are a variety of nuanced positions in the (free) article. Also note the passing mention of the fact that earlier, the Premier said she would not call a general election. I expect she will try to make an arrangement with KAP


    Billy Gordon: local mayors back outcast Queensland MP
    The Australian
    March 30, 2015 8:28PM

    Labor MP Billy Gordon has confirmed his resignation from the ALP following revelations he’d hidden his criminal history. On his website today, he said he had written to ALP state secretary Evan Moorhead this morning.

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