Get your motors warmed up as Friday Raffle night is about to begin


Make sure you have plenty of fuel

Alcohol bottles

And Lubrication


Even if they are on the soft side.


 Beware There are many dangers ahead of us


But keeping a cool head and racing as a team, victory will be made all that easier.


Our race starter CK Watt, will begin the raffles shortly.


Hector wishes you all the luck in the world.

Have a good evening.

407 thoughts on “FORMULA 1 FRIDAY RAFFLES

  1. BK

    Labor asked if the documents the guy who got the boot was going to present would be produced. Abbott said that is the customary thing to happen.

    Which of course means it won’t as the oaf hasn’t met a convention that he doesn’t want to trash.

  2. I don’t know what McClintock thinks he is doing #hockeyfairfax but, judging from Michaela’s tweets, he is all over the place.

    Can’t think this’ll be good for HoJo but, then again, who knows.

  3. CTar1

    I believe 2 went …………………………………….. 40% of the fleet 🙂

  4. If the Bolivians decide to send their warships you know you’re in trouble.

  5. Did something happen on the Ides? Another “concession”

    In a letter to Shorten late on Monday, Abbott revealed that he had “decided that a further amendment be moved that will require agencies to obtain a warrant to access a journalist’s metadata for the purpose of identifying a source”.

    “The government does not believe that this is necessary but is proposing to accept it to expedite the bill,” Abbott wrote.

  6. “require agencies to obtain a warrant to access a journalist’s metadata ”

    Warrants to be dispensed from coin operated dispensers in the AG’s office. Journalists not informed.

  7. Ducky,

    Every small girl I’ve ever met would jes’ lerve to have her very own My Little Pony of the Apocalypse.

    Talk about cuteness on a stick!

  8. Well that was fun. Trapped in the waiting room at the eye specialist’s for an hour and a half with – Ye Gods and Little Fishes! – the TV stuck on ABC24. Talk about torture. They kept playing a news piece featuring Pyne – even worse torture. There were talking heads burbling on about interest rates and I couldn’t understand a word. And more Pyne. I had to restrain myself from making rude remarks. No-one could change the channel, the thing is 2 metres up the wall and the remote is kept deep in a secret place in an office somewhere, probably guarded by one of Cerberus’s pups.

  9. Leone I almost always sit in waiting rooms stuck on Channel 9. It drives me nuts – OK, I go into orbit.

    The best waiting room was the opthalmogist (eye doctor – I can’t spell) where we had eye drops in our eyes so reading magazines or watching TV was impossible. Mrs Party Animal was an invalid pensioner with diabetes that had taken her eyesight, being short of income an outing to the quack was a social highlight. Being blinded by the magic eyedrops and consequently bored the whole waiting room rose to the occasion and made sure we had such a rip-roaring time the specialist apologised for interrupting our fun

  10. billie11
    We all had dilating drops too, but there was no-one who wanted to engage in any fun today. Sometimes there’s a lively crowd, sometimes i’ll meet someone i ‘haven’t seen for yonks and have a good chat, but not today. And useless taking a book or reading magazines as a distraction because the drops take away my close-up vision.

    I’m used to the long waits, I’ve been doing this every month or so for a year, but today – ugh!

    The good thing – my eyes are doing brilliantly, best they have been in ages. Worth all the waiting.

  11. In the clinic where I used to go regularly, Channel 7 was always present shouting out its numerous ads. I often thought it was rude to impose such horror to the patients. But then, people on the whole didn’t seem to mind listening to that garbage. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the hospital got sponsored by Channel 7.

  12. Leone good to hear that your sight is OKish. If it really was OK you and I wouldn’t grace the waiting rooms of the eye doctors.

    My most frightening visit was the day after the original lasering that didn’t take – the number 2 eye doctor had had instructions over the phone from number 1 eye doctor who was 100 km away. There were 2 people in that surgery praying that he would get it right. He did!

  13. No surprise that this was ignored

    The Federal Government’s own Research Infrastructure Review Panel felt the science research funding situation was so serious it had to step in, the ABC has learned.

    Despite not having to hand down recommendations until May, it wrote to the Federal Government urging them to fund the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) for the next two years.

  14. LNP, the party for wealth and hellfare

    A bill that would increase the risk threshold for asylum seekers claiming refugee status, and lead to their claims being automatically rejected if they did not produce the correct documentation, faces defeat after failing to secure the support of key crossbenchers.

    The migration amendment (protection and other measures) bill seeks to give the refugee review tribunal greater powers to reject asylum seekers’ claims for refugee status, including if they have false or incorrect identification documents.

  15. 2gravel

    Comment from Tony Burke about the clip.

    “Tony Burke MP

    Did someone hand Christopher Pyne and David Speers the next Clarke and Dawe script”

  16. a must read. Best blog post on the topic so far.

  17. That 4C made best in show for damp squibs.

    The only stuff I hadn’t heard was the involvement of the NCC and I’m sure they garnered enough votes for Tony to “win”. NOT.

  18. They had Senator Edwards saying stuff.

    What he said for the show was not exactly what he reported at the time of the spill vote. Tried to make himself out not quite as easily duped as he really was.

  19. Laura Tingle lays into Your Government.

    She is a damned good analyst.

  20. The entire LNP front bench is just a bunch of dozy thespians…a mumbling of mummers fluffing their lines…what a bunch of mugs.

  21. The Piping Strike’s argument is that neither side has incontrovertible and undeniable evidence to support its case.

    The aborigines have problems as do the rest of the inhabitants of this country.

    The issue for me is that they have ways of life forced upon them much more than others. Forcing relocation, on anyone, mostly for money reasons, is totally unacceptable in our wealthy society.

    Seems that our NE is intent on moving people like pawns (“You will go where the jobs are” or “You will go to let the miners get their hands on our resources”). And, as for Bambi wanting to move a town, …

  22. Of course it is “redacted”. You wouldn’t want to spotlight the guilty and their errors of omission or commission.

    A sensitive report into the government’s handling of a car crash that prompted the resignation of controversial Western Australian politician Troy Buswell has been released after a 10-month battle under freedom of information laws.

    But information relating to the “health and wellbeing of government officers” was redacted. In a cover letter, the director general of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Peter Conran, warned the redaction removed much of the context for the report’s conclusions.

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