Friday Evening Raffle Post – Plus an Apology

(Image Credit: Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption)

As you will have noticed, there was not the usual new post at the beginning of this week.

My sincere apologies to everyone, and most especially Vote1Julia, about this.

I’ve been in a dark place for the past week and a half. Things are starting to get a little better, however, and I will work on your post this evening and tomorrow, V1J.

The Boss is not around at the moment, which is why I’m doing this post.

Let’s make it a convivial Friday evening, Order your numbers, your drinks, and put on your favourite music. Here’s one piece that’s very special:


289 thoughts on “Friday Evening Raffle Post – Plus an Apology

  1. Can’t be so because Tony told me he heard the pings himself, or was that the pangs for a poll boost?

    Given that the pings are ultrasonic (37.5kHz), it was probably a dog whistle.

  2. Jaeger,

    Given that the pings are ultrasonic (37.5kHz), it was probably a dog whistle.

    Might have been one of Johnny Howard’s worn-out ones. He certainly gave them a flogging for nearly 12 years. 😉

  3. I wonder how long it is going to take before the so-called msm celebrity journalists wake up to the fact that the cartoonists that work at their places of employment, are reading the political reality so much better than these so-called stars and are reflecting it in their stunning art works.

    I also wonder if the subjects of these wonderfully reflective pieces realise that the cartoonists are taking the mickey out of them to a far greater and more accurately degree than they ever did when Labor was in government.

    I do so enjoy it so much. May it continue like this right up to polling day in 2016. 😉

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