Friday Evening Raffle Post – Plus an Apology

(Image Credit: Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption)

As you will have noticed, there was not the usual new post at the beginning of this week.

My sincere apologies to everyone, and most especially Vote1Julia, about this.

I’ve been in a dark place for the past week and a half. Things are starting to get a little better, however, and I will work on your post this evening and tomorrow, V1J.

The Boss is not around at the moment, which is why I’m doing this post.

Let’s make it a convivial Friday evening, Order your numbers, your drinks, and put on your favourite music. Here’s one piece that’s very special:

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  1. Scorps,

    Gravel is correct to suggest that writing about your traumatic experience is a way to work through it for you. My sister and her family were in Darwin when C.Tracey blew it away and it took years for them to recover.

  2. Dear me, what DID The Boss spike the beer with this morning?

    The quality of comments at the moment is stellar!

  3. no paywall, a good read

  4. bushfirebill – your NSW post would make a good thread header. Its long past Friday…

  5. Bushfire Bill,

    There seems to be little coverage of the NSW election – Baird is fortunate that the abbott is fully engrossed with the ‘executions’ in Indonesia (which has drowned out the fact that there is an election campaign going on in NSW) and therefore not dropping shit bombs in Baird’s nest.
    However, there isn’t much love around for the man with the pretty smiley face and his privatisation agenda, and around here the voices usually promoting the Nats are reduced to half-hearted whispers.

  6. BK.

    [ All the best Scorps!! ]

    Thanks, BK. Everyone is fine here. The recovery process will take some time but things will never be quite the same.

    I think most people up here that got hammered will be suffering some degree of post traumatic shock or equivalent for some time. Too many reminders, all around us.

    Us banjo players are a tough breed! 😉

  7. scorpio
    I can’t begin to understand what you have been through. I’m terrified whenever we get an east coast low here. They are pussy-cat storms compared to what you have experienced.

    All the best for the recovery.

  8. leonetwo

    Thanks for that clip, I wasn’t aware this was happening today.
    Would have been very light and not much left of the brake pads I think. engines would have suffered a bit with full reverse thrust.
    Glad it went to HARS rather than being scrapped. Well done Qantas.

    This was the 200 model landing at longreach

  9. Dumb and Dumber – the adventures of Tony and Mike (and their trusty side-kick Hokey Joe) in the NSW election campaign. Funny how Tony and Joe, North Shore boys to their RM Williams boot tips, are so keen on visiting the Western Suburbs during election campaigns, but never, ever at any other time.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says NSW motorists will soon be “singing in their cars” as he appeared alongside NSW Premier Mike Baird for the first time in the state election campaign to tout the imminent start of construction on the WestConnex motorway.

    Mr Abbott, along with Mr Baird, federal Treasurer Joe Hockey and NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay, gathered with motorway executives and local MPs at Granville on Sunday morning to promote the infrastructure projects a re-elected state coalition says it would build.

    “Every day motorists will be rejoicing,” Mr Abbott said at the event.

    “They will be rejoicing, they will be singing in their cars, frankly, because their cars will be moving,” he said–westconnex-20150308-13y859.html

  10. Just turned on the cricket and it reminds me of the nicknames I had of Murali’ and Malinga – ‘Chucky and the Sling’ – it was homage to the buddy movies of the day, y’know Thunderbolt and lightfoot etc.

  11. It wouldn’t surprise me if desperation starts to take its toll on the NSW Libs if the polls continue to tighten. They will probably resort to offering every voter first prize in the lotto, a teddy bear & steak knives to go with it like Can Do Campbell did up here in Queensland.

    I don’t think too many people fell for the LNP promises that probably added up to 3 times the national GDP. A lot of us might have tattoos, drive utes & drink bundy & coke, but we aren’t all as stupid as the Conservatives thought we were! 😉

    I hope that the NSW Libs enter into catatonic shock as the polling results go up on the board on election night.

    NSW Labor! Go you good things. The prize is ripe for the plucking.

  12. What haven’t the Libs learnt. VIC and especially QLD people do not want assets sales. Qld LNP also said no plan B so the electorate said yes their is we will vote for Labor. That is our Plan A . Popcorn and (sadly for me soda water) if it happens in NSW, but will that kick start the Abbott is gone speculation again

  13. Around here you’d never know there was an election coming up. Our local Nats member has been MIA for months, but turned up this week to run around town handing out money – the first thing she has done for the electorate in four years. There has been no letter box deluge, no daily junk , nothing much at all. The Nats are so very confident they will keep the seat they aren’t bothering with much of a campaign. So different to previous state and federal campaigns where we were deluged with mail and advertising and millions were spent by the Nats in attempts to oust good, strong independents.

    Labor has put up a Mickey Mouse candidate, a woman who would be eaten alive on her first day at Macquarie Street in the unlikely event she wins. Labor is putting absolutely no effort at all into their campaign because they know they don’t have a hope. But at least she is putting up a fight.

    The third candidate is a token Green – a ditz of a woman, a TAFE teacher who has run – and been rejected – before.

    Honestly, I don’t want any of them representing me. I’m seriously considering writing ‘No thanks’ on my ballot paper and leaving it at that. If I do that it will be the first time ever that I have not taken voting very seriously. I was hoping a good independent or two would run, but no-one has put up their hand. I suppose I’ll end up doing the right thing and will vote Labor, if only to register my disgust with the current member.

  14. Don’t know why they want to collect metadata…just go to Facebook…they put everything they think of up there!…unbelievable.

  15. One year on, millions frittered away by the Abbott government on a pointless search, and still nothing. And now this –

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — The first comprehensive report into the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Sunday revealed that the battery of an underwater locator beacon had expired more than a year before the plane vanished on March 8, 2014

  16. RESULTS ARE IN: @Luke_FoleyNSW has won the Leaders’ Debate 56% to @mikebairdMP 44% #nswpol #nswvotes

    Sounds like a good final polling figure for the election to me! 😉

    Blimey, wouldn’t that cause a rumpus and a half, both in NSW and Federally.

  17. Leonetwo

    Can’t be so because Tony told me he heard the pings himself, or was that the pangs for a poll boost?

  18. Can’t be so because Tony told me he heard the pings himself, or was that the pangs for a poll boost?

    Given that the pings are ultrasonic (37.5kHz), it was probably a dog whistle.

  19. Jaeger,

    Given that the pings are ultrasonic (37.5kHz), it was probably a dog whistle.

    Might have been one of Johnny Howard’s worn-out ones. He certainly gave them a flogging for nearly 12 years. 😉

  20. I wonder how long it is going to take before the so-called msm celebrity journalists wake up to the fact that the cartoonists that work at their places of employment, are reading the political reality so much better than these so-called stars and are reflecting it in their stunning art works.

    I also wonder if the subjects of these wonderfully reflective pieces realise that the cartoonists are taking the mickey out of them to a far greater and more accurately degree than they ever did when Labor was in government.

    I do so enjoy it so much. May it continue like this right up to polling day in 2016. 😉

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