Feeding Frenzy Friday – With Raffle

I am sorry to report that Joe6pack is unwell, so he has asked me to look after the Friday thread.

Get well quickly, Boss, and I hope you are being well looked-after by Mrs 6pack and the boys.

(Image Credit: AAP: Dean Purcell)

Geez he looks happy.

And why shouldn’t he?

It’s been a stellar week.

Monday we had the dog-whistle on Muslims, pedophile, and welfare with all those security blanket flags

(Image Credit: Andrew Meares)

Tuesday senators brandis a-g sc DH, macdonald and o’sullivan outed themselves as unreconstructed, sexist, thuggish pricks

(Image Credit: Fairfax: Alex Ellinghausen)

Wednesday Mr Shorten gave a cracker of a speech, describing abbott as psychologically unsuited to the prime ministership

(Image Credit: Lukas Coch/AAP)

Thursday ms bishop the younger seemed to have been taking foot-in-mouth lessons from Her Dear Leader

(Image Credit: Fairfax; Andrew Meares)

TG it’s Friday.

Time for a pause for reflection, for a drink or three, a raffle, and let there be music!

Because, in spite of this disgraceful mob who should be tossed out on their ears, it’s still

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  1. Leone,

    Maybe we should begin a discussion about how to privatise the NSW Premier?

    I know where I would start.

  2. Did anyone ask Sloppy Joe why he had broken the law by releasing the Intergenerational Report so late?

  3. Leone,

    I’d start with his mouth.

    All utterances to be prefaced and finished by words to the effect

    This is/was said on behalf of the Liberal Party and paid for XYZ (Mining) Company (Pty) Ltd.

    As you suggest, there are other possibilities.

  4. Did anyone ask Sloppy Joe why he had broken the law

    Meh. joho is beyond intimidation by silly thingies like laws.

  5. A big ‘SOLD’ sticker across Baird’s forehead might be a good idea. And another one on the seat of his pants. What a shame there don’t seem to be any election posters featuring ‘Ken’ Baird around here. I could have had a bit of fun.

  6. Abbott seems to have overlooked the fact that the Cyclone mainly hit the marginal LNP seats of Capricornia and Flynn. So I guess he’s not in any hurry to retain those.

  7. Kirsdarke,

    Trying to retain them would mean work, and that seems to be something Our Dear Leader has been avoiding all of his life.

  8. Bill Mitchell says of the Inter Generational Report

    There is very little economics in these reports. … The Treasurer is selling the Report on the grounds of “intergenerational theft” …. Apparently, this justifies large cuts to the fiscal deficit now in order to turn it into a surplus so that our future generations are left with no debt. The real intergenerational theft though is embodied in a current fiscal strategy that leaves around 45 per cent of our teenagers unemployed, underemployed or NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and hacks into public infrastructure provision as a strategy to create fiscal surpluses now.


  9. Chris Bowen got it right today: an effort to sell his rip-off 2014 budget.

    Heaven knows what’ll appear in the May one this year.

  10. A follow-on from a link from BK the other day about alternative cancer treatments. That article mentioned the Gershon therapy, which involves eating huge amounts of fruit every day and having up to six coffee enemas a day. It’s hokum, but people fall for it and it has cost another life.

    Cancer death of ‘Wellness Warrior’ Jess Ainscough brings focus onto alternative treatments

    I understand that a beautiful young woman might be conned into useless ‘cures’ rather than have disfiguring surgery, but when it comes down to it I’d rather be alive and missing an arm than dead.

    Thirty years ago, when I was havng cancer treatement, a well-meaning friend gave me a copy of Ian Gawler’s boo. believeing it would help me. I suppose it did in a way, it gave me a few laughs at a difficult time. Gawler is now seen as Australia’s guru of alternative canver treatments. I thought at the time that what he was preaching was rubbish – he was into the coffee enemas too – and he had the money and time to be able to stop work and indulge his fantasies. Who can say whether the normal medical treatments he had before going for the alternative stuff cured his cancer or not? I know what I believe.

  11. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Never mind the bombing, etc of ISIL says Waleed Aly, but what’s our political strategy?
    Abbott’s folly – boots on the ground in Iraq.
    What was behind the overkill in Indonesia regarding the transfer to the place of execution.
    Come on Sussan – do it! Use this to expunge all financial suuprt to unproven and dangerous “alternative medicine treatments”!
    Mark Kenny reckons Abbott’s near death experience has done him good.
    Yesterday at the Royal Commission. What a shocker!
    Here’s Stephen Koukoulas’s take on the IGR.
    The AFP denies having blood on their hands and would o the same again.
    But the new AFP chief says the Martin Place siege was not at all about Muslim terrorism.

  12. Section 2 . . .

    Hockey vows to increase effective income tax rates. That’s what it is, just like the change to the indexation changes to the aged pension.
    Ross Gittins accuses Hockey of turning the IGR into a propaganda weapon.
    Greg Jericho examines the IGR using good factual data as usual.
    Sam Dastayri continues his good sleuthing work in the Senate. This inquiry could be a ripper.
    The productivity assumptions in the IGR are overly optimistic.
    Peter Martin says the future ‘ be as bleak as the IGR suggests.
    Martin continues on and pulls the IGR apart.
    Lenore Taylor says the IGR is not at all scary.
    Inside Hockey’s bearded lady economics.
    The ludicrous Liberal logic in the IGR.

  13. Section 3 . . .

    The thirty worst things the Liberals did yesterday.
    As predicted, the Defence APS backlash grows.
    “View from the Street” with yesterday’s events.
    Why women leave the Christian church.
    Our “Infrastructure PM” is ignoring science.
    Abbott’s Cadbury deal obviously had a very soft centre!
    Alan Moir and Hockey’s next budget flight.

    Ron Tandberg and Abbott’s new militarism and nationalism.

    David Pope provides us with a picture of the IGR.

    Mark Knight gives us a very despondent looking Hockey.

    David Rowe – My Budget Rules.

  14. BK, the ‘bearded lady” article is interesting on a number of levels but the standout is that a generally derided Senator such as Ricky Muir can actually sound reasonable and intelligent against the ravings and dribbling of the Government. I have a new respect for Ricky.

  15. So much for ‘I wanna be the prime minister for indigenous affairs’. It’s back to ‘you blackfellas can just shut up and take the crumbs we throw at you’.

    Indigenous legal service to shut down after losing federal funding
    Peak body for Indigenous legal services denied funding under the Indigenous advancement strategy as $680m in grants handed out

  16. I’m not really interested in the IGR, it’s just confected lies, mish-mashed statistics and propaganda which will, the governent hopes, allow it to push on with it’s nasty ‘tax the poor, kick the pensioners and enrich the wealthy’ agenda. The whole ridiculous idea was concocted by Peter Costello. I rest my case.

    If you have the stomach for it you can read, this, frtom Captain Smirk, on his up-date tothe IGR in 2007.

    However, this caught my attention –
    John Qiggin on the IGR –
    One weird trick that proves the IGR is nonsense

    And –
    I’m not liking the renewed baby-boomer bashing that has followed the release of the shonky IGR. From The Age down to The Project, it’s everywhere. Nicholas Reece should know better than to start his comment with a whining headline –

    Intergenerational report prepared by Baby Boomers who had the best deal of any generation
    Abbott and Hockey talk of intergenerational theft, yet they seek to deny young people the benefits of government largesse that their generation enjoyed more than any other group in history


    And from The Project”s Facebook page –

    The Intergenerational Report shows that the next generation will live longer and work longer but will also be poorer. Is it fair for baby boomer pollies to deny the younger generation generous schemes they have benefited from?

    Look, you dunderheads, stop dragging up the whine about ‘they got free uni’. Not everyone went to university in the 1960s and 1970s. In fact, most people left school at age 15 or 16 and took up trades, or went to TAFE or found themselves some sort of work that needed no qualifications. Until Whitlam made uni education free either your parents paid for it all or you competed for a Commonwealth scholarship or (in NSW anyway) a Teachers College scholarship. Competition was fierce and many missed out.

    I’m not a baby-boomer, I’m just a few months too old to qualify, but I’m seen as one because I’m ‘old’. These days the stupid term seems to apply to anyone who is ‘old’, regardless of when they were born. I’ve seen John Howard referred to as a ‘baby boomer’.

    The ‘easy ride’ we oldies were supposed to have had wasn’t that easy. Social mores were differnt back then – no living ‘in sin’. no children out of wedlock, no legal abortions, no Medicare, …..I could go on. I’ll just end with a couple of words – ‘Vietnam’ and ‘conscription’. Easy ride?

  17. Letter in today’s Canberra Times…
    “Barbarians at the gates
    I know why Canberra Grammar was fast-tracked for direct federal funding for extra “security” (“Grammar to get security funding”, March 3, p1). The Tories were worried that Canberra’s lower orders, wearied by the cramped and barely maintained facilities at government schools, might accidentally stumble on antique My School figures and besiege the bespoke principality that is Grammar’s main campus.

    According to these perennially outdated figures, the feds chipped in $3.5 million of Grammar’s $30 million (!) recurrent in 2012. That’s Grammar’s share of a near $10 billion (2014-15) “assistance” program for non-government (religious) schools.

    What the feds got back for that was 85 per cent of students in the top socio-economic quartile, zilch in the bottom, plus the exclusion of girls, who might otherwise disturb boys’ business.

    May I suggest that if Joy Burch ever catches up with the quantum of Grammar’s “security” funding, she deduct that from the $1 million plus that the ACT finds for Grammar?

  18. When little HoJo and Tones were running around in sailor suits older Australians were pouring a large proportion of tax dollars into their vision of providing a better life for the young..

    It really stuck in my craw that HoJo’s message yesterday was that “Australians must work harder and longer” . Especially after having read someone who’d pointed out that Tones wants young people to pay for a degree that they got for free the same amount that Tones and HoJo paid for their first home !!

    We can have all sorts of visions for the future for Australia but how fcuked is it to having a vision for Australians of the future to work harder and longer ? Grrrrrrrrr.

  19. Don’t really feel like reading Mark Kenny’s piece, but I’m guessing it’s his “Soz Tony for the leadership speculation, here’s a puff piece, you’re still my favourite Prime Minister <3".

    BB was right, the pissants that make up the media are just trying to get back into bed with Tony. Hopefully they don't fool the rest of the country into doing the same.

  20. kk
    Abbott has never made a secret of his ardent belief that a university education should only be for the upper classes, and should only offer ‘traditional’ subjects, not things he once called ‘trivial extravagance’. No doubt his brief stint in the pubs of Oxford reinforced the view he had as a student at Sydney University.

    To Abbott the only way to get our universities into some sort of poor colonial imitation of Oxford is to make the cost of attending so high than only the ‘elite’ can afford it.

    This video has attracted lots of attention because of Abbott’s views on the education of women. Everyone seems to have missed his nasty, elitist views on university education. (You can also hear lip-smacking.)

    It’s also amusing to hear Abbott say courses like General Philosophy and Political Economy should be done away with, when we know that at Oxford he took General Philosophy as a subject and completed studies which in the course Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Even then, Abbott was adept at back-flipping and saying one thing then embracing the opposite.

  21. Joe’s new favourite buzzword is “conversation”, as in “We’ll have to have the conversation about {xyz} and the sooner it starts the better.”

    He must have uttered it 20 times in his interview with Brissenden this morning.

    Gone are “entitlement”, “lifters” and “leaners”.

    There have been a lot of words about “the deficit” and “the surplus” over the past couple of years, but for all their finery they miss one salient and inescapable fact: if a government avoids a deficit in straitened economic times by clawing back services and cutting expenditure for its own sake, then it’s simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. Absent productivity gains, one man’s surplus is another man’s deficit.

    There is no point in having a swimming pool full of money in the Treasury basement if the nation is robbed to fill it. The only point is vanity.

    Once upon a time we had rivers of gold coursing into that Treasury swimming pool from income and company taxes, the GST and mining royalties. The nation was doing well. There was so much loot around that the Howard government splurged most its receipts by returning it as Middle Class welfare. They simply couldn’t shovel it out quickly enough to avoid surpluses.

    But believing that the surplus meant prosperity for the punters is the tail wagging the dog. It’s the other way around. Joe Hockey’s (and to a disappointing extent, Wayne Swan’s, and most of the punters’) Cargo Cult belief is that surpluses cause prosperity. No they don’t. They reflect it.

    It’s pure vanity for Hockey to obsess about a surplus at the cost of the nation’s well-being. He wants that scalp under his belt. He wants to be able to brag, “I scored a surplus”.

    We’re even seeing fantasy surpluses… if only Labor and those bogans in the Senate had let us cut the economy off at the knees, we’d have had 35 years of them in a row! And it would be all Jolly Joe’s doing! As for the rest of youse, you’re just leaners, not lifters like Joe. He’s put Scott Morrison on Bludger Watch. It’s all in the Daily Telegraph. Read it, you’ll see. Of Course it’s not you who’s bludging. It’s that other bloke, over there. Kick him.

    Joe is aided and abetted by journalists who must be the most overpaid leaners in our society. They work in dead-end jobs, in a dying industry, using technologically quaint (if not obsolete) techniques to grind out verbal fluffery that’s out of date before it’s kicked off the back of the paper truck.

    In a vain attempt at relevance they spice their columns with insider information, speculation and opinionation, which they see as having a slightly longer shelf life than real news. I mean… can an idea ever die like a fact can? I wish I could get a job like that: one where I can write what I like and have it published as gospel (until tomorrow’s gospel overrides it).

    A dying industry, staffed by relics, writing advice columns to Prime Ministers, Treasurers and punters on how to run a country. When you think about it for more than 2 seconds, they have got a cheek, haven’t they?

    Only the ABC has the potential – being non-commercial – to tell the truth. But they are so nobbled and stood over by the thugs now in Canberra, that they have been cajoled into being a rewrite service for the government line. Sometimes they don’t even bother with the “rewrite” bit. They just publish what the government tells them to, with a straight face. To not publish it, just as it’s written out for them, means they are arguing again, and it’s not their job to argue with the government. The government pays their salaries and can cut their budget, which they do with alacrity. It’s easier to just keep your head down and wait for the package to be offered to you.

    So we continue to live in Cloud Cuckoo Land, where Intergenerational Reports referring to the 40-year future are seeded with the ideology and corridor dust-ups of the past 18 months. That 18 months of incompetence and – worse – inaction – has been forgiven by Mark Kenny this morning, because we’ve got a more relaxed Abbott now as a result. It was a simple re-boot, from the boofheads who told us in 2010 they were ready for government at the passing of a heartbeat.

    Now they’re firing on 8 cylinders. Now they’re relaxed. Now Abbott is loosening up a bit. Any moment now he might start to look Prime Ministerial, after being Prime Minister for 18 months (and for a year before that if you believe Barrie Cassidy).

    Abbott: trying to run a government like an SRC. Kick a few heads. Punch a few walls. Tear down a few posters. Job done. If you can’t persuade people to agree with you, terrify them. Wallow in death: crashed planes, ISIS, local Death Cults. Fly the flag, as many as possible. Abbott knows about terror. He’s been standing over people since he was a boy. The man, born in the UK and not even an Australian citizen until he was in his twenties, has the hide to award a Pommy Prince a disposable bauble for his bottom drawer, and to then claim that sending more troops to “train” Iraqis “commemorates” Gallipoli. It’s quite sickening, actually.

    There’s no getting away from it. We’re being run by a bunch of two-bit, low-brow morons with scores to settle going back to their adolescent days. They don’t want a “conversation”, unless they do all the talking. And if you try to make a point then you’re labelled, like Gillian Triggs. Or you’re vilified as a bludging tit-sucker, like just about every scientist on the books, climate or not. They run the economy like a Cargo Cult, waiting for the Surplus plane to come by and drop them their trinkets. They got elected on a false promise, in fact dozens of false promises, yet they still claim “Mandate!”.

    They are in day-to-day survival mode, hunters and gatherers laying waste to whatever patch of forest they inhabit from time to time, seeing that their mates are looked after OK, while robbing blind the people they are supposed to be governing, and telling them it’s good for them.

    Is it any wonder there is an air of couldntgiveastuffedness about the place lately?

  22. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-05/intergenerational-report-young-and-old-dismiss-blame-game/6284280




  23. leonetwo

    Eerie listening to him. In NZ the year before at the Halls of Residence I was in there was a “captain catholic” who led a charge to take over the SC. So much of what Tones said is exactly the same as what this guy said.

    Imagine how much Tones’ would cringe if he heard the tape.? Not for the content but for his oh so “common” Broad Australian accent.

  24. The Dragonette is copying her Dad and Mum hitting a soft toy drum that plays a note when touched. This may be a musical Dragonette!

  25. David Cameron or an empty chair. Which would you prefer?

    Two months out from a general election, the British prime minister is being accused of running scared for refusing to take part in a television debate with his main rival.

    David Cameron said he would only take part in a seven-way debate including minor parties.

    Labour leader Ed Miliband said he was prepared to carry on regardless, raising the possibility that Mr Cameron could see himself empty-chaired.


  26. tlbd

    [the British prime minister is being accused of running scared ]

    It’s a f$ck nose election there.

    Not many game to predict a result.

  27. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/governor-hieu-van-le-reveals-premier-jay-weatherills-bold-new-vision-for-south-australia/story-fni6uo1m-1227214711449


  28. I have a rocking horse on ‘layby’ with the seller. It is a brown but I when I do some restoration it will be dappled grey with a grey mane and tail. A project for the future so the Dragonette has a rocking horse to ride when she comes to Australia to visit me.

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