Feeding Frenzy Friday – With Raffle

I am sorry to report that Joe6pack is unwell, so he has asked me to look after the Friday thread.

Get well quickly, Boss, and I hope you are being well looked-after by Mrs 6pack and the boys.

(Image Credit: AAP: Dean Purcell)

Geez he looks happy.

And why shouldn’t he?

It’s been a stellar week.

Monday we had the dog-whistle on Muslims, pedophile, and welfare with all those security blanket flags

(Image Credit: Andrew Meares)

Tuesday senators brandis a-g sc DH, macdonald and o’sullivan outed themselves as unreconstructed, sexist, thuggish pricks

(Image Credit: Fairfax: Alex Ellinghausen)

Wednesday Mr Shorten gave a cracker of a speech, describing abbott as psychologically unsuited to the prime ministership

(Image Credit: Lukas Coch/AAP)

Thursday ms bishop the younger seemed to have been taking foot-in-mouth lessons from Her Dear Leader

(Image Credit: Fairfax; Andrew Meares)

TG it’s Friday.

Time for a pause for reflection, for a drink or three, a raffle, and let there be music!

Because, in spite of this disgraceful mob who should be tossed out on their ears, it’s still

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  1. leone

    Shorten may have a plan with regards to Immigration. To begin with, he said he’ll take Prof Triggs report into account. He won’t have children in detention, imo. Of course, he’ll be able to do much more if he wins in a landslide. But then if it’s a hung parliament, what can he do? And who will be in charge? Marles’ heart is not in it.

  2. I get it: they don’t trust Australians to build a fishing boat.

    Australia is to replace the controversial orange lifeboats currently used to send asylum seekers back to their source countries, signing a “multi-million dollar deal” to have 10 custom-made “alternative transportation vessels”, resembling Asian fishing boats, built in Vietnam.


  3. Well left, Gabrielle

    Senator Ian Macdonald is up in the senate again, saying he is still proud to say he has not read the Forgotten Children report by the Human Rights Commission.

    These children have been anything but forgotten by the Abbott government.

    We don’t need a 300 page report to tell us that. We know that. That’s why the Abbott government has taken all of the children out of immigration detention in Australia. So it tells us all about that and how bad it is. We don’t need that. It’s irrelevant.

    Um. I’ll leave it there.


  4. Out of immigration detention in Australia.

    But not, apparently, in Nauru or Manus Island. I guess those are just ‘irrelevant’ then.

  5. “We don’t need a 300 page report to tell us that. We know that. That’s why the Abbott government has taken all of the children out of immigration detention in Australia”

    Weasel words – there are no children in detention in Australia because they have been transferred to Nauru. Even families that had been brought to Darwin from Nauru have been sent back.

    Bastards. Lying bastards.

  6. Just a question – one that keeps being asked, but not by journalists. If this rotten to the core government ahs ‘stopped the boats’ why are we buying a stack of new fishing boats with which to return boat arrivals to Indonesia?

  7. Seems there are 64 druggies on death row in Indonesia.

    What’s Tone going to do about them?

  8. They must have run out of orange boats … I wonder what Indonesia is doing with all of them. And whether it will accept the new fishing boats. Abbott never stopped the boats. Liar.

  9. http://www.examiner.com.au/story/2923687/nikolic-hails-rise-but-lambie-scornful/





    Also, worth bookmarking this list of Fairfax local papers, Not found on their main news sites front pages.

  10. If the PM of Indonesia sending two Australians to their death so he can get a boost in the polls is barbaric.

    What is it when a PM sends about one thousand Australians to a war and possible death especially a war that doesn’t want them so he can get a boost in the polls?

  11. HaveAchat,

    Cynical, hypocritical, manipulative, and barbaric.

    (Sorry, I needed all four adjectives.)

  12. Have the LNP spin doctors worked out how big a boost in the polls there is for each funeral the pm attends.

    Especially funerals of military personnel that he sent to a war that didn’t want them.

  13. When the pm looks sad at some tragic occurrence is it because his spin doctors haven’t found a way to manipulate it to give him a boost in the polls.

  14. HaveAchat,

    Have the LiarNP spin critters factored into their calculations Vietnam?

    If not, they should.

  15. Does the pm and his spin doctors scour through the papers looking for a tragic occurrence he can use, manipulate and make a meal of in the hope he can gain a couple of points in the polls.

  16. HaveAchat,

    scour through the papers looking for a tragic occurrence he can use, manipulate and make a meal of

    It’s their preferred way of operating.

  17. The pm is even beginning to take on the appearance of a vulture, circling, watching, looking for tragedies that he can swoop down on and take advantage to get himself a line in the newspaper or a 5 second grab on the television.

  18. HaveAchat,

    You’d possibly know better than I would: will any members of the ADF wake up to this behaviour and start getting a bit annoyed?

  19. Fiona

    And if the tragedy isn’t big enough, they talk it down until it takes on the appearance of the coming of armageddon.

  20. HaveAchat,

    I think you mean “up” rather than “down” but I get your drift.

    Yes, of course they would.

    Quite seriously, it is the Nazi tactic, blow by blow.

    Totally (totalitarianly) disgusting.

  21. Of course they will get annoyed, but they will recognise it for what it has always been, politicians taking advantage of the military just doing what they are told. And, all politicians are the same, they sprint to have their pictures taken with military people or sitting prettily in military hardware, but hardly any of them would ever sprint to do the work these people do or send their little sprogs off to do it. Howard would fly anywhere to have his picture taken with military, Rudd did too, even keroB loved having her photo taken in the driver’s seat of a take and our current prime moron gets a stiffy just thinking of doing all those good things with the troops…………. as long as it isn’t real that is.

    Wars are fought by others and other’s children, the fallen are not real people to most politicians just numbers on a roll or a plaque. Pop along to the funeral, say the same words over and over to show ‘sympathy’ and then jump on the airforce piloted plane to another lunch, speech, meeting……………. all is forgotten and what is really forgotten is who was the f&cking ar$ehole that sent these people to these f&cking wars.

  22. Not relevant to Tone’s warmongering but jaycee found the right word for what he and his lot are doing: subsidiarity.

  23. Fiona,
    No I mean down, they talk everything down until it either doesn’t mean anything to the public or it is such a misery then the public just wants it to go away and switches off.

    The only things they talk up are the miseries they want to introduce.

  24. HaveAchat,

    I will differ from you. FPM Julia Gillard, I think, only once “used” the ADF when she and Jason Clare(? – correct me someone if I’m wrong) went on that Navy reconnaissance boat.

    Otherwise I think she was completely proper in her behaviour – because it matched her in-Parliament/in-politics behaviour.

  25. Deaf ears, Annastacia, deaf ears. Those in need he would not consider people whose votes he does not already have or are likely to drop him.

    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to make extra grants available to cyclone-affected farmers in central Queensland.

    Friday marks three weeks since Tropical Cyclone Marcia slammed into the coast as a category five system.

    Among those still cleaning up in the wake of the storm are farmers.

    They are currently eligible for Category B disaster help which includes concessional loans and subsidies, but Ms Palaszczuk said Canberra had delayed signing off on the next level of assistance measures.


  26. Two articles that seem to belong together.

    The Federal and NSW governments need to consider one little fact – there are more workers than bosses in this country.

    NSW state election 2015: Premier Mike Baird says even a narrow victory is a mandate to privatise

  27. Ducky,

    Oh come now – you’re talking about farmers in safe LNP seats.

    Why should the federal Coalition be bothered about them?

    They’ve been rusted on for years, and will always be the last of the fragments to flake off.

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