Feeding Frenzy Friday – With Raffle

I am sorry to report that Joe6pack is unwell, so he has asked me to look after the Friday thread.

Get well quickly, Boss, and I hope you are being well looked-after by Mrs 6pack and the boys.

(Image Credit: AAP: Dean Purcell)

Geez he looks happy.

And why shouldn’t he?

It’s been a stellar week.

Monday we had the dog-whistle on Muslims, pedophile, and welfare with all those security blanket flags

(Image Credit: Andrew Meares)

Tuesday senators brandis a-g sc DH, macdonald and o’sullivan outed themselves as unreconstructed, sexist, thuggish pricks

(Image Credit: Fairfax: Alex Ellinghausen)

Wednesday Mr Shorten gave a cracker of a speech, describing abbott as psychologically unsuited to the prime ministership

(Image Credit: Lukas Coch/AAP)

Thursday ms bishop the younger seemed to have been taking foot-in-mouth lessons from Her Dear Leader

(Image Credit: Fairfax; Andrew Meares)

TG it’s Friday.

Time for a pause for reflection, for a drink or three, a raffle, and let there be music!

Because, in spite of this disgraceful mob who should be tossed out on their ears, it’s still

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  1. Kirsdarke

    Unfortunately with a first past the post system the Greens peeling of a few percent in several seats is likely to give the Tory Toffs a seat that would otherwise have gone to Labour.

  2. puffy
    That will be gorgeous. Lucky little Dragonette, having such a clever grand-mother.

  3. More vindictive crap from our Dear Leader.

    Coalition ban on second term for Labor-appointed agency directors ‘brutal’
    Outgoing CSIRO chairman Simon McKeon says policy not to give second terms to previous government appointees is ‘at odds with good governance’

    The reality is we lost a lot of people who brought great expertise – major institutional investors, investment bankers, etc – and I think it’s to the detriment of how the panel functions


  4. @KK

    That’s true, but it does work the other way too, I bet the Tories will spit at the mention of Farage with UKIP splitting their vote, getting a few more Labour wins in.

    That and the collapse of the Liberal Democrats as well as the rise of the SNP will make this election pretty much anyone’s game.

  5. l2

    [Lucky little Dragonette, having such a clever grand-mother.]

    And it seems a great grand mother.

    Neither of my grand mothers were still going when I was born.

  6. Looks like the people of the Hunter Valley and Bulga in particular have lost the battle against expansion of coal mining.

    Now the NSW government has come up with a plan to deal with increasing pollution, noise and environmental rape – just move the people somewhere else.

    Just look at the quotes from Labor and union leaders here –

    CFMEU northern district president Peter Jordan said the benefits were massive.

    “The Hunter region desperately needs this economic boost, because you only have to look over the last two years and we’ve seen almost 2,000 coal miners in the Hunter lose their jobs,” he said


    Labor’s resources spokesman Steve Whan said the benefits outweighed the impacts.

    “It’s always difficult when you have got to weigh up all the different options, and I think though we have got to be positive about the fact that these are a lot of families who will continue to take home incomes,” he said

    What about the jobs that will be lost as farms and wineries close, people move way , businesses fail, schools close and all the other flow-ons from the destruction of this area? All to make more money for overseas companies. Sheer madness.

    NSW Hunter Valley village of Bulga could be moved to make way for coal mine expansion

    It looks like the Greens will be picking up a lot of Upper Hunter votes.

  7. BB @ 8.53 AM, off the long run, smack on the money.

    Yes, they do have a cheek, the journalists. Arrogance of the first water.

    “Couldntgiveastuffness’ to the dictionary immediately.


  8. Seeing it was Labor that appointed Costello to the Future Fund would he be refused continuation?

  9. Yes, him too Fiona.
    That was, in fact, a good appointment. He is totally committed to the job, taking the responsibility very personally.

  10. Moderate weather in Helsinki today – 1C to 2C with intermittent snow … No thanks!

  11. “work harder and longer”….sure, an’ that’s sensible advice…I know two such tradies who thought they’d stay on the “factory floor” into their seventies…both self-employed contractors…a couple of months ago, one (the mechanic) got dragged and crushed between a 4wd. bus and the wall after he’d forgot to secure the vehicle properly up on a ramp…something he had never failed to do a million times before…; broken ribs, collar-bone and internal injuries…the other a cabinetmaker took the tops off three fingers on the bench-saw through lack of concentration after a life-time of caution!…you just get a bit “slower”…a tad “forgetful”…and that’s all it takes; a moment of distraction from the job at hand and “BANG !” you’re gone….well..they’re retired now!

    Nah!…you can forget this idea of the older worker plugging on…after 65yrs. it’s all risk.

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