724 thoughts on “V.I.P. Milestone Birthday!

  1. Scorpio, msadventure
    Good to see you came through the cyclone in resonably good shape.

    I’m thinking of both of you.

  2. Campbell Newman to build robot army in secret island lair to take over Queensland again.

    Well, not really, but close.


    It still feels so good to see that nasty little man out of politics, never to soil it again. While LNP people still scratch their heads as to why, maybe reasons like this has to do with it.


  3. In SA. we have two “Kingstons”…one “on the Murray and one Sth. east….I don’t suppose there’s a Queanbeyan AND a Kirribilli Kingston?

  4. Man with $80 million empire whinges about having to pay his staff penalty wages.

    Restaurateur Luke Mangan blasts “ridiculous” penalty rates and lost work ethic

    That ‘$40 steak’? Mangan’s top restaurant, Glass, has steak on the menu, but it costs more than $40. So do all the other main courses.

  5. Lots of chat. Joe6pak. Billie. Havachat fiona. Bushfire. Ajcanberra. Colombo. Kambahmick. Duckie. Puffy.
    Eats drinks
    Not s blue tie in sight.
    Not a tie in sight.

  6. http://www.crikey.com.au/2011/08/15/what-game-theory-says-about-labors-woes/ from 2011, still relevant






  7. BK,
    Just caught up with your comments over the road on Foyles War. The most authentic British drama made. Kitchen and the wonderful Honeysuckle Weeks – class characters and to die for actors. And the setting – not a cobblestone or costume out of place. A shattering end. We just can’t compete in Australia.

  8. Al Paster and gigi
    Foyle’s war was as close to perfect as it’s possible to get. The characters, the casting, the stories, the amazing capture of the period – the list goes on.
    The understatement and subtleties this production have never been approached by American efforts.

  9. Of course, the British have an advantage over the rest of the english-speaking drama production countries…THEY have those three great superlatives to draw upon..The Aristocracy, The civil service and the delineated classes.

  10. I have had a wonderful afternoon with The PUB at the pub. In attendance were (in affabeck lauder except The Boss comes first):

    Bushfire Bill
    Kambah Mick
    Ovations6 (unfortunately, only for a fleeting visit but great to meet!)
    Puffy the Magic Dragoon
    Shady Lady
    Mr Shady Lady
    This Little Black Duck

    CTar’s absence was much lamented – take care of yourself, CTar, and resume good health asap.

    BK phoned to make sure we were all BEhaving (I think we were).

    Lots of talking about all manner of things. Lots of drinking of assorted liquids (thank you Puffy and Billie for the fizz, and to The Boss and Bilko for my lemon lime and bitters), a fair amount of eating – with Billie doing the fastest and slickest ever move with her unused fork to hijack a slice of Bushfire Bill’s choccy pudding.

    And much laughter.

  11. There is this baby-toy that cries and sobs very loud when you press a button or something. The child next door has been “playing” with it all day, alarming her little pup. He whines and barks, visibly unsettled. I told her to stop but she kept at it, not discouraged by her parents. OH looked over the fence, the girl had disappeared, so he tried to calm the dog. As soon as OH came back, the girl went on with her disturbing crying and sobbing.

    Terrific neighbours!

  12. I am relaxing at TLBD and Mrs TLBD’s lovely home after a wonderful Pub Lunch in a pub. So many interesting and good people. Progressive ideas and opinion, debate on whether Abbott is going to go down in a screaming fighting heap or slink out spineless with nary a whimper, perhaps to an Ambassadorship to the Holy See? Abbott’s seemingly rotten temper compared to his ‘thoughts and prayers’ for Queensland.

    Reports from various states on the attitude to Abbott, I was able to safely say that if Abbott shows his ugly mug in Adelaide he risks being tarred and feathered.

    Earlier Duckie and I went to the War Memorial but there was some sort of ceremony going on so we went ahead and met Fiona, diamond file in her paw.

    The Pub is one great collection of interesting intelligent and friendly progressives, each with fascinating background, I think in this variety lies its strength.

    Thank you everyone who made my visit possible, (you know who you are), I am eternally grateful. This is a most invigorating and happy trip for me, and thank you for the great welcome by the rest of the Pubsters.

    When I get back I will start organising the SA Chapter’s next Knees Up. We have a reputation to maintain and the Canberra and Extras Mob have set a high standard.

  13. The protests aganst Tony Abbott continue today in Jakarta.

    Bali nine executions: Tony Abbott compared to Shylock in campaign to repay tsunami aid

    Angry Indonesians have compared Tony Abbott to Shylock, the moneylender in The Merchant of Venice who demanded a pound of flesh when his rival defaulted on a loan.

    “Australians need a prime minister, not a Shylock and drug dealer’s cousin,” a banner said at a protest held on car-free Sunday at Jakarta’s famous Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

    Passersby scattered silver coins on banners featuring the Australian Prime Minister with red tape crossed over his mouth.


    How good would it be if images of Abbott with red tape over his mouth caught on here.

  14. Leone,
    It is now just about indisputable that Abbott is the worst PM we have ever had.
    I’ve changed my opinion on Abbott being rolled. It needs to happen ASAP, even if it makes a Coalition Government after next election more likely.

  15. To any of The Pubsters that met today.

    Did you call each other by your real names or your Pub handles? With so many of you together I would have found it confusing, except for Fiona.

  16. Abbott’s “diplomacy” is clearly aimed at a domestic audience in order to try to lift himself out of unpopularity, and he obviously doesn’t care what negative impacts diplomatic-wise that this has.

  17. gravel
    At the SA Chapter meetings it started using our blognames but as we got to know each other it’s with first names.
    But as the lubricatinon cuts in there is a reversion to blognames.

  18. Gravel,

    It was pretty much as BK said – though Bushfire Bill decided to call me “Mum” . . .

  19. Yesterday I posted a story about Glenn McGrath and his long-time fondness for killing wild animals.

    If you missed it –
    McGrath ‘regrets’ big game hunting safari

    To make things worse McGrath lied, saying he regretted the hunting trip, claiming he did it because he was grieving after the death of his wife. Funny way to grieve – shooting innocent beasts. McGrath has been a very keen shooter for many years.

    Let’s tell the truth – McGrath likes killing animals, has done for many years, and he has the money to be able to indulge himself with African safaris.

    Now Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie have been found to be involved in Mc Grath’s blokey shooting expeditions too.
    Brett Lee implicated in Glenn McGrath hunting scandal

    Why do parents keep holding sports ‘stars’ up to their kids as role models? Over-paid, ever-hyped, not too intelligent oafs who are famous for chucking, hitting or kicking balls around paddocks or swimming up and down pools are not ‘heroes’ or role models.

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