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  1. http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/2/21061f38-b3d3-11e4-a6c1-00144feab7de.html


    http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2015/2/24/solar-energy/exposing-solar-subsidies-scandal worth retweeting Tristan



  2. Send in the troops – Arnhem Land has been ‘smashed’

    And 2 and half thousand Yanks to hand as well.

  3. Time for some beauty. Youse lucky lucky Taswegian bustards. Aurora Australis over Deep Bay 2013.

  4. LNP to CTar,

    Meh, it’s only Lingiari, held by the ALP – why should we give a stuff?

    Bloody Abos should be sweeping streets in Darwin, or cleaning flats or nannying our kids.

    What more do they want?

  5. Indeed

    The Labor Party assumed Kevin Rudd was administratively competent, but they voted him as leader because the press gallery loved him and couldn’t distinguish an administrative shambles from a hole in the ground.

  6. CTar,

    The last two prominent Federal Liberal parliamentarians I can remember who were genuinely committed to indigenous peoples were Malcolm Fraser and Fred Chaney.

  7. Dealing with children V55.02:

    I get one 4 ans back from day care at about 2;30 today, She’s sleepy and wants Apple Juice and the TV on children’s TV.

    She’s crashed on the couch and I can move as long as I say ‘I’m just going to the loo or I’ll be just out in the courtyard for 5’.

    Other than that she’s 6 inches behind when you make a ‘fridge visit.

  8. CTar,

    At least she’s not a 2-year-old. Otherwise you’d have no chance of a solitary trip to the loo.

  9. CTar1

    Never seen the Aurora Australis but wish I had. It looks so beautiful . From Sheepens land.

  10. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Apparently there was an aurora display in Canberra in the late 1950s, soon after we moved into our new (parent-built) house in Ainslie, on a block of land where there would have been a dress circle view.

    My parents assure me I saw it.

    Sadly, one early childhood event that didn’t make it into my memory, even though so many others did.

  11. Labor has formally asked the Australian federal police to investigate whether the job offer made on behalf of the attorney general, George Brandis, to the Human Rights Commission president, Gillian Triggs, was an inducement that constitutes “corrupt and unlawful conduct.”

    Probably a waste of time as the AFP is part of his portfolio.


  12. Barry J,

    On the other hand, they have referred the matter of young Mr Ashby to the Commonwealth DPP.

    So, who knows?

    Miracles may still happen.

  13. For those who want to get it out there…


    The section Alex has highlighted is in the document embedded in the article halfway down the ABC article. Its the REAL story. Millions from overseas right wing donors to the Liberal party.

  14. ” Apparently there was an aurora display in Canberra in the late 1950s,…” ..nothing to it!..whenever I look at my OH. , I do believe the sun shines out of her……..eyes!

  15. Australia could have built a national telephone network in the 1920s but conservatives in power then didn’t feel like it. When the nation was under attack in the early 1940s, US advisers were appalled that the country didn’t have a national telephone network and lobbied Chifley and Menzies until they made it a bipartisan postwar priority.

    The National Broadband Network could have been like that, but all Turnbull did was hand it to Telstra at the behest of Murdoch. A statesman would have stood up to the old bastard. Turnbull doesn’t understand upload and assumes internet consumption is as essentially passive as television.

    I’ll remember this whenever I come across someone who’s adamant that Turnbull will be the NBN’s saviour.

  16. My father died in June 2002, about 8:30 pm, and that night my daughter and I returned to the farm about 11:00 pm where there is no artificial light visible, and on a freezing but clear night there was the most prominent southern Aurora I have ever seen, pulsing up to about one third of the night sky. We were both amazed to not see in the news some mention/film of it over the next day or so.

  17. Kambah Mick,

    What a remarkable and wonderful experience, and what a memory to celebrate your father.

    You and your daughter were fortunate indeed!

  18. I’ve yet to see an aurora – it’s on my to-do list (bucket list, if you must…)

    BoM’s Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS) can send you alerts of potential auroras etc.; it’s free:

    SpaceWeather.com is another good – but US-centric – resource (e.g. the “Current Auroral Oval” map for NZ on the left-hand side.)

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