Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night



Friday night is here and it just so happens to be the 13th.

Someone here tonight will get lucky and win the raffleFridaythe13th

Non winners will just enjoy the company


The day so far has been good with breaking News, Labor has won the Qld election

Give yourself a clap Anna .You Deserve it


Raffle night may  be suspended next Friday as I will be busy celebrating a milestone Birthday and I think Fiona will be busy with the Canberra trip.


Updates about The Canberra lunch will be posted as details are worked out.

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People wishing to attend speak up so the organisers can get a idea of numbers.

Have a good night. WE can probably be sure that we are having a better one than The Idiot is having at the moment. Hehe, Hehe

560 thoughts on “Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night

  1. Aguirre,

    Gone rogue.

    Gone feral.

    Into the woods.

    abbott has no compunction. He will use anyone, anything, any event, as long as it serves his purpose of power.

    At any cost.

    The majority of the msm, as we have known for many years, are culpable by their complicity.

    I have no sympathy whatsoever for them.

    Or for abbott.

  2. Right now, there’s no point Abbott going on about terrorists unless he’s also looking for a plane with his wife and all his daughters. He needs to be playing all his trump cards, all the time.

    Alternatively, he might recall that back when he was opposition leader his ratings went up every time he was out of the media – up north or on holiday or something. Maybe he could just go away until the election?

  3. I really shudder to think about the methods used to get Mrs Abbott to participate in that “interview”.

  4. Yesterday, there was a list of Australian politicians compared to Harry Potter characters (I especially liked the Pyne-Pettigrew one). Abbott was compared to Lord Voldemort.
    Voldemort summed up his worldview:

    There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it.

  5. Rumour has it that when Felicity Kennett was persuaded to leave the battered womens’ shelter to return to hubby, part of the settlement was $5 million share portfolio.

    A substantial portion of the portfolio was in a particular stock, can’t remember which one, whose owner was a big Liberal supporter, the management of the company took actions to reduce the value of the stock to screw Mrs Kennett.

    Reinforces the idea that the Liberal Party has divided the population into “predator and prey”.

  6. Doesn’t BB live in Rabbitt’s electorate, maybe his neighbours know Margie’s condition or at least their domestic arrangements

  7. Joe and others. I am an almost certain starter on Sunday if that is OK. Kingo is a good choice, I have some (ancient) history there!

  8. BB is in the lately unwhipped Mr Ruddock’s electorate, if my memory serves me correctly.

  9. Billie,

    My immediate next-door neighbours (well, over the back fence and side lane) are ardent Labor supporters.

    Dunno about the others, though given the female adult was a social worker, and is still in that general line, I wouldn’t be altogether surprised if she’s not a fan of abbott’s.

    As for my across the road neighbour (me mum) – she’s a leftie from way back.

    Parts of Kooyong are a lot more progressive than many realise.

    Then there are the Young LibTHUGS at Trinity . . .

  10. Teh List:

    Those who should have my mobile number:

    Bushfire Bill
    Puffy tMD
    Shady Lady
    Kambah Mick


    Bilko and Colombo, I shall email you soon.

    If I’m wrong about the first section of the list, youse should have my email so please let me know.

  11. Hi Fiona

    Sorry for the delayed response – went out to a show. I don’t have your mobile number. If you are willing to share – just send me an email. Thx!

  12. Bilko & Colombo,

    You have email.

    The rest: if any of you think I don’t have your mobile number, please email me with it.

    I don’t want to have a “situation” like the last shindig I tried to organise.

  13. Prediction of the next Captain’s Pick (so much preferable to “Call”, don’t you think?) before I basket:

    abbott sacks Robert French, CJ of the High Court of Australia (bugger the Constitution and all that jazz) and appoints Tim Carmody, currently CJ of the Supreme Court of Queensland in his place.

    What’s not to like?

  14. Mr Toad getting his departmental head to do his dirty work with Ms Triggs speaks volumes about him.

  15. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    This looks very much like a transport infrastructure time bomb for Sydney.
    Gillian Triggs pens an article telling the government to not shoot the messenger.
    Meanwhile top lawyers and Malcolm Fraser step in to support Triggs.,7374
    Abbott plays the fear card. Last resort? Stand by.
    Michelle Grattan on Abbott’s national security push (and other things).
    View from the Street says Abbott has decided there is no more time for “Mr Nice Guy”.
    This Nobel Laureate says the science is in on climate change and arguments of convenience should be put aside and we should listen to the experts.
    Tony Abbott fundamentally does not understand violence against women says Phil Cleary.
    The New Matilda – The clock is ticking for Tony Abbott.

  16. Section 2 . . .

    Abbott admits a “terrible mistake” but bones Ruddock for it.
    A spot of bother for this Australian mining CEO? It certainly looks like it.
    The anti-privatisation blitz seems to have Mike Baird a bit worried.
    Matt Golding ponders Ruddock’s revenge.

    Mark Knight captures Ruddock in the Game of Tones.

    John Kudelka and 50 Shades of Tony.

    David Rowe also can’t resist using 50 Shades of Grey.

    Pat Campbell takes Julie Bishop to Indonesia for the execution.

  17. Right to the point and it says it all. A comment from someone called “Dismayed” on Jack the Insider’s blog:

    Australia today. 795,000 unemployed over 1 million underemployed. Teenage unemployment off the scale. A Generation of Australians not getting a chance to enter the workforce.
    The government response? More 457 visas, cut health and education spending in an economy already slowing, but more middle class welfare and subsidised nannies so the woman of the Nth Shore can have coffee and lunch without the hassle of the kids, untouched Superannuation benefits to the very wealthy, negative gearing so taxes can subsidise loss making investment properties that inflate house prices, corporate subsidies to the tune of $120 billion a year and coming soon a red tape adding multi tiered tax system for business. Oh and a fear campaign to distract us all coupled with big brother meta data regime. FFS. Stop this backwards conservative farce.

  18. Abbott’s “blue tie” fixation is another indication that he isn’t for turning on anything, even something as trivial as his neckware.

    I first noticed it with Climate Change.

    Oh yes, Climate Change is real. Of course it’s a looming catastrophe. Yep, we have to do something, and quick. My government has always been in favour of Alternative Energy. I am the best friend Alternative Energy ever had. And I’m a conservationist. Look at all that bushwalking I do. Oh my God look at those storms and bushfires!

    The results?

    The Government will sponsor a taxpayer-funded Clean Up Australia campaign The Green Army. While Climate Change is a looming catastrophe, you can’t attribute any weather events to it. It’s the catastrophe that has absolutely no consequences. Isn’t that lucky? I can look all sombre and serious, and even put my hands out in front of me to show how sincere I am. But then I don’t have to do anything. Brilliant! And as for Alternative Energy… Coal Is King. We only do mining here. This is Australia, after all. The World’s suppository.

    But it applies to other areas, too.

    The Budget will be kinder and gentler, except there won’t be any changes. As for Whips, I haven’t been listening to the back benchers enough. So I’ll sack the old guy and put a Nazi in to intimidate the Nervous Nellies. There have been far too many harsh measures lately, therefore let’s crack down on the dole and immigration (not 457 visas, of course). We’ll solve unemployment by flushing out the bludgers who won’t take one of the millions of jobs available. See? I say one thing and Joe says another How clever is THAT? I’ve been spending too much time overseas and flaffing about on National Security, too. That’s why I’m upping the terrorist ante. White face good. Brown face bad. Ooga-Booga.

    Things need to change, and so they won’t, because if they did I’d be admitting I made a mistake. Sure, I admit lots of mistakes, but I don’t do anything about them. And I can’t. Because ‘d be admitting I made a mistake. I can go round and round like this all day.

    And if you can’t get your thinking gear around that, well… it’s YOUR fault, not mine. What ARE you? Absent-minded or something? Sheesh!

    So, I hope that puts Blue Ties into perspective. I know they’re hokey, and they’re rather childish, and yes, I’m still cocking a snook at Julia Gillard… you know her, she’s the one that left politics about two years ago, but I’m sure every time I wear a blue tie she really gets the shits, wherever she is… is she anywhere?

    So I’m all for change and listening, except I’m not hearing anything and the blue ties stay.

    Who said I’m not flexible?

    Gotta go. I need to kick a head.

  19. Government by grog-monsters?

    From Michelle GRattan’s article on ruddock and other stuff –

    Now “you will find the [whip’s] office will come alive again. People need to be comfortable to go in there and share their confidences,” Entsch said, noting in passing that Ruddock is a teetotaller. The whip “has got to be able to encourage people to come in and chat”

    In other words blokes need to be encouraged to have a heart-to-heart with the Whip and the only way to do that is to offer them alcohol. What’s wrong with coffee, or a cup of tea?

    How many workplaces allow employees to booze as much as they like while on the job? This government seems to have far too many members who are much too fond of a drink or ten, and that includes the PM and his CoS.

  20. Older men often long for women. They sit in coffee shops just to have a chat with one or two employees; same at the hairdresser’s or any other shop. A former doctor of mine told me that men often just come to talk to her. This annoys me because there aren’t many female doctors already. It forces some female patients who may not wish to see a male doctor to wait longer.

  21. Tones (looking very sweaty, no jacket) has dragged Margie along on a visit to a sportswear business in Sydney. There’s no point whatsoever for this visit,* it’s just a chance to appear in public with his loving wife and spruik security. Most of the questions are about Chan and Sukumaran and the latest bribery claims.

    What about Margie’s job? The one that meant she had to stay in Sydney? Has she resigned?

    *The business is in the electorate of Barton which swung to the Liberal Party last election with a win of just 489 votes 2PP. It will probably swing back to Labor next election. Is this visit the start of the next election campaign, with Abbott visiting marginal seats to shore up support?

  22. well he is better presented today. hair combed down. Jacket off. Notice the wrinkles have once again disappeared. Did not see Margie.

    Noticed, spent most of the time, telling us what a wonderful PM he was. What wonderful things he has achieved.

    Now he has moved Ruddock on, nothing wrong with that, if one is allowing youngsters in. I take it, he will announce, for the good of the government and country, he will be supporting the elder Bishop standing down, to make room for new blood.
    Few others there, that seem to be around for ever. Will he also move them on.

    I am no longer willing to give this PM and his hanger-on’s from the Howard years, the benefit of the doubt.

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