Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night



Friday night is here and it just so happens to be the 13th.

Someone here tonight will get lucky and win the raffleFridaythe13th

Non winners will just enjoy the company


The day so far has been good with breaking News, Labor has won the Qld election

Give yourself a clap Anna .You Deserve it


Raffle night may  be suspended next Friday as I will be busy celebrating a milestone Birthday and I think Fiona will be busy with the Canberra trip.


Updates about The Canberra lunch will be posted as details are worked out.

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People wishing to attend speak up so the organisers can get a idea of numbers.

Have a good night. WE can probably be sure that we are having a better one than The Idiot is having at the moment. Hehe, Hehe

560 thoughts on “Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night

  1. Strikes me that Mr Hockey has a very pugnacious jaw. Almost as if he is pushing his mandible forward to grit his teeth?

    I think I’m starting to watch too many ‘cop shows’ where the foibles of dead people are discussed, with reference to their skeletons. 😉

  2. Not happy, Tony

    “The prime minister has labelled this report as a ‘blatantly partisan political exercise’ and a ‘transparent stitch-up’,” the letter from academics from universities across the country, including Professor Brian Burdekin, Prof Andrew Byrnes, Prof Judith Cashmore, Prof Danielle Celermajer, Julian Burnside and Prof Hilary Charlesworth said.

    “Neither the prime minister nor any other member of the government has pointed to any factual errors in the report; their concern has been to attack the timing and motivation of the report and to seek to assign all fault to the other side of politics.

    “A well-functioning democracy requires that the executive respect the work of independent public institutions established by parliament to perform specific functions even if it does not agree with specific positions adopted by them,” the letter states.

  3. How to open a coconut..; clamp the fucker in the vice and run the 91/4 inch Hitachi power saw through it!

  4. “Coconut oil for wrinkles under eyes”..Is that for the “wrinkles” under one’s own eyes, or is it referring unkindly to the aged partner one is gazing fondly at!!?

  5. In that list of steps that wannabe dictators take, note the moment he calls on civilian “watch groups” to step up their surveillance operations…it is then that he is really trying something on..The fact that even now Abbott is talking about upping the ante on border control and some people already here, means he has discussed such actions with the policing authorities aka “Border Force” (in the 241/2 th ceNTury!!) and will try to expand his authority with those forces….most of those military people are pretty weak-minded personnel.

  6. jaycee

    For one second I thought you were going to say: “Are you referring to your own eyes or to the coconut’s eyes?”

    Very simply, I was referring to any aged eyes …

  7. Oh, Gigi’…when I look into a woman’s eyes, be they my lovely OH. or any woman I meet, I linger not on any imperfection of the skin, but rather search into that which shelters the secret I perceive as a “deeper reflection of all the beauty of humanity “…

  8. The “National Security Emergency” with the Government in desperate trouble reminds me of an old (and dated) Gary Shearston song – The Conscription Ramp.

    It was written and recorded during the late sixties, when the minimum voting age was 21, but we 20 year olds were obliged to register for a lottery for conscription, which ultimately meant service in Vietnam for many of the unlucky raffle winners*.
    The chorus included the lines:
    There’s always trouble in the air
    With elections comin’ round-o.

    I don’t know if this will work, or if the song is of anything more than historical curiosity, but here tis:

    * I realise most pub patrons will be aware of this history, but it is worth reminding people that among the several offensive aspects of the National Service legislation was the raffle element and the fact that those subjected to it did not at the time even have the right to vote (Thank you Gough for rectifying both these iniquities!).
    Braver people than me refused to register and subjected themselves to various aspects of the full force of the law, two years jail being the extreme sanction.

  9. ” It must be the Budhist in you, jaycee …”…..Damn this fading eyesight!…for just a moment, Gigi’ I thought that said ; “Bulldust” !

  10. The Danish police seem less trigger-happy than our lot

    Throughout the day and night, police have acted quickly and focused to ensure citizens’ safety. I am happy and relieved that police have disarmed the suspected perpetrator behind the two shootings. I will continue to encourage everyone to follow police instructions and be vigilant.

  11. Just because. After earlier posting the Cook island drummers I looked at a bit more Polynesian music. Got nostalgic for Polynesian music. Sheepens land , apart from the 10% Maori, is 4% Polynesian so hearing this sort of music is quite common.

    This is something from Samoa celebrating 50 years of independence from NZ who took over from “German Samoa” in 1914. It is over an hour and the music starts at the 2 minute mark so just flick through to get a flavour of the music styles.

  12. We survived the heatwave. Later on I will watch Jay Weatherall, SA Premier, on IView to see how he went on Insiders. He has done a good job so far as SA Premier. not without some decisions I do not agree with, but overall quite good.

  13. Back from the Royal North Shore Hospital.

    HI’s little finger (left hand) has a big fat bandage on it. In her purse is an appointment card for a “Hand Specialist” tomorrow morning at 8am.

    Amazing… ALL FREE!

    It makes me wonder whether Abbott will survive a week if he brings in co-payments.

    I have one more observation. Husbands will no doubt be aware of the phenomenon where HI asks them to do some chore (like find her keys). Hubby obliges and then sits down {back in their workshop|in front of the telly|out in the shed}.

    AS SOON AS hubby has become comfortable again, HI asks them to do another chore which entails them getting up all over again.

    This situation repeats until Hubby wails, “Why don’t you save up all the bloody chores and get me to do them all in one go, rather than torturing me with the ups and the downs?”

    An honest HI would answer, “Because I hate seeing you idle, and I love making you get up to do little chores just as you’ve entered your comfort zone. Frankly, it’s more fun that way.”

    In point of fact, most HI’s are anything but straightforward concerning these matters, and so they answer, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you lazy bastard.” Maybe they don’t even know themselves what they do to us by this simple, but effective technique?

    This happened to me today. No sooner had I arrived back home from the Royal North Shore Hospital after dropping HI off, put the drying on, stacked the dishwasher and sat down in front of my PC than she rang. She was accurate to the minute, almost to the second.

    “OK, you can come and get me now.” Just like that she said it, without a hint of regret or guilt.

    Anyone else would have taken HOURS AND HOURS at an Emergency Clinic, but HI managed to convince them her finger was about to drop off and got rushed through in front of forty other people. She was in and out in 30 minutes.

    How was I to know that? I had thought I had a few blessed hours to myself. But hardly had I finished doing HER chores (we take it in turns to stack the dishwasher) than she phoned and told me to come and get her.

    I don’t go as far as North Sydney usually, even for a camping holiday, so to do the trip twice in two hours was an affront to my homebody sensitivities (yes, I am a Leo, and cats like to be at home).

    At least Cozzie the Shi’tzu got a run out of it. Before exiting the hospital HI and I took him down to St Leonards Oval and let him off the leash. His little fat legs are so short I’m amazed he can even waddle, much less walk, MUCH less run. It cheered me up to see how much fun a 14.5 year old dog can have. Cozzie had a ball, peeing and pooing and sniffing in a new place… and lots and lots of running.

  14. ” I have one more observation. Husbands will no doubt be aware of…” Many men willl not know this, but when a woman first “ties the knot”, she is given as a present (along with the orthodox pressies) secretly purchased and paid for by a coterie of aunts and her mother, a “husband tracking” device, with several sensor transmitters and a receiver she keeps in her purse that tells her whenever the man’s bum hits the seat, ANY seat!…of course, you’ll never see it! and she will deny having it, and you know you cannot, without an explicit document of “permission to search” from the UN. and back-up from those blue-beret UN. forces, demand to look into a woman’s hand-bag!…But believe me…(taps side of nose)…it is a fact..either that or we have to accept that women have some inner nous of just how predictable a man acts when he thinks she is not there to see him!..and I can’t believe ANYONE can have that broad a knowledge base!

  15. I usually open coconuts by
    1. use corkscrew to open coconut at an eye
    2. drain off coconut juice
    3. sweep the concrete target area
    4. with coconut in both hands, raise arms to fullest extent, smash coconut into concrete at edge of step
    5. collect pieces
    6. use oldest bread and butter knife to part flesh from nut

    Hope HI is ok and that you enjoy the coconut

  16. Chris Kenny with Planet Janet on Sky are better than Monty Python. Jihadi zombie apocalypse terrorists are going to kill us all and Tones is Da Man to save us.

  17. Triple 😆 . Planet Janet declares the problem with Abbott “is that he is far too”…………………drum roll “restrained” .

  18. Planet Janet, being a blonde, would have to be especially worried about jihadi zombie apocalypse terrorists.

    Even though she ain’t a virgin . . .

  19. After Chris Kenny + Planet Janet going the full ” jihadi zombie apocalypse terrorists.” Derryn Hinch goes the same way. Apparently in these days we can’t be sure of going to a café safely (Lindt) .

    Rupes is on side again.

  20. There’s definitely an “Abbott has been too soft” strain running through the media today. It’s meant to be some kind of excuse for Abbott being an idiot with Indonesia. Gotta toughen up, eh? The posturing with Indonesia is of course all for domestic consumption. He’s going to see if he can winkle out a bit of xenophobia from us and then try to attach himself to it.

    There’s been a bit of that going on all week, actually. Now that Abbott’s decided to go Unplugged – his gut response to everyone laying the blame at Credlin’s feet has been to cut her loose, because you know he’s so loyal and all – the likelihood of macho posturing and stupid aggressive brain spasms has increased exponentially. Instead of making the slightest attempt to rein himself in, which would be the mature thing to do, he’s laying excuses out for it in advance.

    Basically, Abbott has gone rogue, and he’s got a complaint media trailing behind trying to make it all look feasible.

    I know it’s a terrible thing to say he wants those guys dead so he can make some political mileage out of it. So I won’t say that.

  21. As I pointed out earlier, one is a friend of Abbott but he is not one’s friend. One is a friend of his right up until one is not.

    Ask Phillip Ruddock.

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