Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night



Friday night is here and it just so happens to be the 13th.

Someone here tonight will get lucky and win the raffleFridaythe13th

Non winners will just enjoy the company


The day so far has been good with breaking News, Labor has won the Qld election

Give yourself a clap Anna .You Deserve it


Raffle night may  be suspended next Friday as I will be busy celebrating a milestone Birthday and I think Fiona will be busy with the Canberra trip.


Updates about The Canberra lunch will be posted as details are worked out.

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People wishing to attend speak up so the organisers can get a idea of numbers.

Have a good night. WE can probably be sure that we are having a better one than The Idiot is having at the moment. Hehe, Hehe

560 thoughts on “Freaky Friday the 13th Raffle Night

  1. I do hope that some of these clever people who want to use nuclear fuel also have an economic, sustainable and radioactive free plan for the long term storage of this material, but every time I see reports of “nuclear power is good” or “nuclear waste can make money”, all I can see is the short term goals of bankers, not the long term effects of radioactive half-lives of thousands of years.

    Yes, nuclear power may be a more potent way of providing power under certain circumstances, but does Australia want to assume the tens of thousand year responsibility for the waste product?

    And why do these questions never seem to get an airing at the same time as the promotion of the money making possibilities of providing these facilities?
    Or did I just answer my own question there? *wry grimace*

  2. Already the jackals are gathering to feed off the carcasses they hope will come out of the new Labor Govt in Queensland. How dare Anastacia and her tiny Opposition team have the temerity to make such a spectacular come-back after the Tories almost wiped them off the scene. How dare Labor think it can govern in minority government after the silly voters had an attack of absent mindedness and tossed them out like garbage. How dare Anastacia and Labor make the suppositories of knowledge and analysis, the mainstream media, look like a pack of dolts.

    Go get ’em Anastacia and rub their runny noses into the shite.

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