It’s Election Day in paradise

Today is Election Day in Qld.



The filthy lnp are the current government holding a massive 73 seats out of the available 89.

Labor were reduced to a mere 9 with Independents 4 and Mad Katters party 3.

Labor need to win a extra 36 seats today to form a majority government. Not Impossible but highly unlikely. Nevertheless they have a shot and at the least they should get within striking distance to be a real chance next time.


Despite the Blatant Cheering propaganda from the Courier Mail and other News ltd publications,


Can Do Newman, one of, if not the most arrogant ,lying deceitful Premiers that QLD. and indeed Australia has ever produced looks like being a one term Premier as well as a one term mp.

Kate Jones from all accounts has worked extremely hard to convince the people of Ashgrove that despite the Millions of dollars of bribes that the Lnp have thrown at them She as well as Labor overall are the best one’s to represent them.


Going on the latest polls it seems they have listened.


It will be a pleasure to watch him sulk when he is rejected. The only thing better will be when Abbott does the same. The Abbott didn’t even have the guts to show his ugly mug during the election campaign which must be a first that a prime minister isn’t on the hustings to support his own side.


Here’s hoping Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor pull of a Miracle and defeat the lying LNP.

A majority would be best but I could live with  a minority Labor Government.

Should be a interesting evening.

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818 thoughts on “It’s Election Day in paradise

  1. You don’t have to be a fly on the wall in the fed. LNP. offices to know what is going on tonight…Credlin has sent a trusted agent to remove her eggs from Tony’s fridge for a start!….Tony is looking around for the tea lady , but no-one’s there…nothing but crickets!…goodbye Tony..Mesma is going to ground and many front bench ministers are curled up in a foetal position. Malcolm Turnbull is swirling around a New York Hotel room with a martini in hand, humming a little tune and dancing to the music of Burt Bacharach!

  2. KK – One rated higher on the JJJ Hottest 100 of all time – but I prefer Enter Sandman (and the “Black” album):

  3. Jaeger

    Black album was muy good . I’m a bit catholic when it comes to music. Lurve the likes of……

  4. Good to see Swan walking all over pencil-head on ABC24. He’s practicing for a stint as a Liberal backbencher.

  5. @Fiona

    I honestly don’t know his name. All I can tell is that he gets shirty and bitchy whenever he’s talking to Swan and goes all warm and cuddly when talking to Jane Prentice the Liberal talking head.

  6. Follow-up:

    I looked him up and he’s Matt Wordsworth. At least the co-anchor Jessica van Vonderen is being sufficiently neutral.

  7. Joe6pack,

    Let’s hope Gorgeous George Brandis QC SC DH is even shittier towards the end of next year.


    Thank you.

  8. @TLBD

    Bundaberg was held by Jack Dempsey the Police Minister. It seems the voters in Bundaberg didn’t really like the jackboot approach.

  9. KK – I started with recommendations of albums like Genesis (self-titled) – and worked out from there.

    If the album makes sense in itself, and in context with previous/next albums, it’s probably a good’un.

  10. A bit of Bundy Royal Liqueur and you will reveal all.

    Taste available in three weeks time.

  11. I watched the Asian Cup Final including all the after match celebrations, Real class byAustralia;s coach Ange Costacoglou for going up to each of the South Korean players after the match and shaking their hand and having a personal word with them.

  12. Late 70s – but close enough.

    Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygène and Équinoxe are classics. Magnetic Fields and Zoolook (80s) are good too.

    Oxygène Part 2 in Gallipoli:

  13. Pardon me while I blow some smoke.

    Abbott’s demise is imminent.

    I suspect he will declare a spill on Monday morning, or resign outright.

    The reasons:

    the recent media turning against him,

    Murdoch’s removal of support as evidenced by his twitters,

    the Qld election disaster, the substantial swing in Devenport SA,

    the galaxy poll tonight which further sinks the libs 2pp,

    Bishop replacing him at the press club tomorrow,

    Brough’s pretend move for a spill which was designed to panic Abbott amd/or flush out a real leadership move from a proper candidate,

    and Turnbull’s speech overnight in the US where he talked about the importance of leadership.

    My feeling is that Bishop and Turnbull have already done a deal and were waiting for the trigger to move. The Qld election result and Sir Phil make up that trigger.

    Turnbull will most likely be PM with Bishop his deputy by next Tuesday.

    This is probably not good for us. Abbott was our best electoral asset.

  14. Dedalus,

    I still find it very difficult to envisage Turnbull PM given the current composition of the federal Liberal Party.

    If you will permit me a minor correction, the Press Club “um arrgh” is scheduled for Monday, not tomorrow.

    IF the abbott is dethroned, I devoutly hope Margie brings on the divorce sooner rather than later. For her own sake.

  15. Spacey’s Knightmare ‏@SpaceKidette · 1m1 minute ago
    I’m betting Abbott announces a sudden need to ‘spend more time with his family” some time before parliament resumes. #qldvotes

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