It’s Election Day in paradise

Today is Election Day in Qld.



The filthy lnp are the current government holding a massive 73 seats out of the available 89.

Labor were reduced to a mere 9 with Independents 4 and Mad Katters party 3.

Labor need to win a extra 36 seats today to form a majority government. Not Impossible but highly unlikely. Nevertheless they have a shot and at the least they should get within striking distance to be a real chance next time.


Despite the Blatant Cheering propaganda from the Courier Mail and other News ltd publications,


Can Do Newman, one of, if not the most arrogant ,lying deceitful Premiers that QLD. and indeed Australia has ever produced looks like being a one term Premier as well as a one term mp.

Kate Jones from all accounts has worked extremely hard to convince the people of Ashgrove that despite the Millions of dollars of bribes that the Lnp have thrown at them She as well as Labor overall are the best one’s to represent them.


Going on the latest polls it seems they have listened.


It will be a pleasure to watch him sulk when he is rejected. The only thing better will be when Abbott does the same. The Abbott didn’t even have the guts to show his ugly mug during the election campaign which must be a first that a prime minister isn’t on the hustings to support his own side.


Here’s hoping Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor pull of a Miracle and defeat the lying LNP.

A majority would be best but I could live with  a minority Labor Government.

Should be a interesting evening.

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818 thoughts on “It’s Election Day in paradise

  1. I love his approach to budgets. If you don’t get it right the first time around at least you had a go. And maybe you’ll get it right the next time, eh?

  2. Abbott effectively saying “Your job is to follow the government’s line”.

    It was worded as “Your job isn’t to just report on Labor scare campaigns” but we all know he meant the former.

  3. We are getting a very excellent display of why the Press Gallery has been so useless over the past five years. Intimidated by Murdoch and prospects of unemployment, lack of resources to allow more research or questioning (and being unwilling to use own time) laziness and lack of curiosity… they fall in with the herd mentality of going with the groupspeak and softest option.

    They don’t accept the responsibilities that finance reporters show of checking out stories well enough for readers/subscribers to invest on. Yet they should have similar responsibilities and ethical standards.

    Abbott will probably walk away feeling relieved that nobody really took the blowtorch to him. It won’t save him. He’ll be gone as soon as polls after the NPC show no improvement.

  4. Well, he’s still at the crease. He’s covered in bruises and he’s clearly concussed, despite a flat pitch and some very unthreatening bowling. Didn’t manage to get bat on ball at any stage. But he’s still there. That’s about the best you can say for him.

  5. Sky has PvO and Chris Kenny to discuss the fiasco – PvO trying to be polite (it IS Sky) but he was not impressed.thinks Abbott has bought himself enough time to steady the ship but it’s probably too late to save his leadership.

    Kenny says he was too defensive and up-tight because ‘the Press Club is his enemy’. Really? The Abbott Footrub Society?

  6. If Abbott is PM in 2016 he will get wiped out. The bottom line, and this never gets mentioned by MSM, is that people a) think he’s an idiot and b) just don’t believe him anymore. He can say and promise anything he likes but no-one trusts him.

  7. Briggs! “We have done our best, the government has great achievements to its credit but all the Ministers have done their best but we have to improve???????????

    If that’s their best, then how can they improve. The electorate has marked them down and so far, don’t

    Briggs reckons that Labor has to improve yabba, yabba?????????????

    What the hell!

  8. How many barnacles do people think Abbott knocked off the ship of state today.

    The ABC are doing their best to polish the turd right at the moment!

  9. One more gaffe before the NSW election and Abbott’s finished, in my view, this speech didn’t improve his standing at all. Didn’t damage it either, but he’s still at the edge of the precipice.

    And if Baird’s government gets less than 50 seats in March, that is also a possible trigger for a spill.

  10. No matter how many times he put his hand on his heart (has he got a heart?) he can’t be believed. imho Abbott is gone. It seems that Margie’s eyes were saying so.

  11. Chris Uhlman doesn’t sound impressed. He says many backbenchers came to hear the Press Club Address with closed ears….Can’t imagine many lost voters will flock back to the fold on the strength of the prime idiot’s pleas not to chuck him on the scrapheap. The idiot explained nothing and spent too much time looking back to rewrite history – blaming Labor continuously and projecting his own lying, dishonest character on FPMJG and the Labor government.

  12. Abbott’s speech in summary:

    “Sure, sure I beat you up, and I lied to you, I don’t listen to you or your petty problems. I promised I would change and I didn’t. I get defensive when you ask me questions. I said I was going to fix all those broken things and I never got around to it. And yes, I’ve pissed the neighbours off and you cant hold your head up in public any more. I accept all that. I accept it. I accept that I’m not reliable. I know you’re miserable and depressed and if I have in some small way contributed to it I accept that. But this year will be better, I promise. It won’t be like all the other ones. And you married me so you can just shut up and get on with it, never said I was perfect. You’d be lost without me, and you’ve never had it better. And look, I bought you some flowers so quit your griping. All right, I will bring you some flowers, I forgot.”

  13. There is another twit on ABC24 – Kate Carnell is the female version of Newman and I will never understand how she got the reputation of being a wonderful Chief Minister.

  14. Heh, some people saying that Abbott honestly wasn’t expecting Riley’s response when he was listing examples of him saying he’ll be “consultative and collegial”

    “I’m happy for you to continue listing examples…”
    “Alright, I will *lists 3 more*”

  15. Bernard Keane – writing before the speech –

    Abbott could probably deliver the Australian equivalent of the Gettysburg Address and still end up out of a job by the end of the week. We now live in a world of one-term governments and prime ministers and premiers dispatched in their first terms. What was once politically unthinkable is now part of everyone’s mental furniture. It’s a world Abbott helped create as opposition leader and now as prime minister. And as the good book says, whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap

    I think Abbott was still in LOTO mode. He seems incapable of being prime ministerial.

  16. Shorten, “He ignored the Qld election.”
    “Today when he had an opportunity to explain policies for the future, he said nothing.” wtte

  17. You might have noticed that, no matter what dodgy claim Abbott made, no matter what dodgy numbers he brought up to support those claims, not one journalist picked him up on them. The closest we got was Mark Riley with the ‘collegial’ stuff, which is more a question of redefining his words to describe himself than anything else. On facts he was left untouched.

    None of them do journalism as such. They do commentary. And their commentary mostly relies on whatever they’re told in press releases. Examining claims seems to be beyond their brief. All they can do is comment on the impact those claims have on polling. As far as they’re concerned, if a lie gets told and it gains general acceptance, that’s good politics.

    It’s almost impossible to run an economy properly without some scrutiny and analysis. Otherwise it just runs off in any direction the government thinks it can ‘sell’ regardless of effectiveness. It’s why Abbott still sounds like he’s campaigning in 2013. They’re all just lines he knows have worked in the past. Pretending that the slogans he used to swing opinion in the past are still effective in the present is an Abbott hallmark.

  18. The point being that we have a political press in order to point those things out, and they don’t. They just comment on how it’s selling out there.

  19. Here’s a line I’d like to see Labor people use in response to this sour grapes statement by the Liberals about Vic Labor’s decision to start the east west link.

    “The fact that the previous Liberal government rushed through this badly thought out project before the election was a final slap in the face they gave Victorians”.

  20. Random thoughts –

    Does Abbott saying the PPL is ‘off the table’ mean it is permanently off the table or just shoved aside until there is a better climate for it? We all know the Medicare rebate was never ‘off the table’, just delayed until after the next election.

    Chris Kenny gave a warning to Turnbull, without actually mentioning his name. Some blather about Labor will have a carbon tax if they are re-elected and any government that did that would be insane. We all know Turnbull is keen on an ETS……..

    And – the sleeper (in more ways than one) in the leadership thing is Andrew Robb, who is far better qualified than Morrison to be treasurer. So if Robb gets the gig in a Turnbull/Bishop combination will a spurned Morrison do a Rudd? You bet he will!

  21. We all know that the Liberals are going to scream “Carbon Tax!” at any emissions trading scheme or indeed any anti-pollution policy Labor enacts.

    Whether or not anybody listens however will remain to be seen.

  22. Gold from over the road. A photo of Margie and Truzzzzz listening to Tones today. Truzzzzs look is “priceless” .

  23. Don’t panic. Worth retweeting as a public service.

  24. foreverjanice

    I will never understand how she got the reputation of being a wonderful Chief Minister.

    Where did you get that idea from?

    She was crap.

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