It’s Election Day in paradise

Today is Election Day in Qld.



The filthy lnp are the current government holding a massive 73 seats out of the available 89.

Labor were reduced to a mere 9 with Independents 4 and Mad Katters party 3.

Labor need to win a extra 36 seats today to form a majority government. Not Impossible but highly unlikely. Nevertheless they have a shot and at the least they should get within striking distance to be a real chance next time.


Despite the Blatant Cheering propaganda from the Courier Mail and other News ltd publications,


Can Do Newman, one of, if not the most arrogant ,lying deceitful Premiers that QLD. and indeed Australia has ever produced looks like being a one term Premier as well as a one term mp.

Kate Jones from all accounts has worked extremely hard to convince the people of Ashgrove that despite the Millions of dollars of bribes that the Lnp have thrown at them She as well as Labor overall are the best one’s to represent them.


Going on the latest polls it seems they have listened.


It will be a pleasure to watch him sulk when he is rejected. The only thing better will be when Abbott does the same. The Abbott didn’t even have the guts to show his ugly mug during the election campaign which must be a first that a prime minister isn’t on the hustings to support his own side.


Here’s hoping Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor pull of a Miracle and defeat the lying LNP.

A majority would be best but I could live with  a minority Labor Government.

Should be a interesting evening.

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818 thoughts on “It’s Election Day in paradise

  1. Gipps

    Former Victorian Nationals leader Peter Ryan to quit politics

    One of the most unnecessary politicians ever.

  2. Probably to be expected of Ryan. The by-election will probably be a routine changing of the guard for a career National party man, unless of course a Liberal decides to run as well, creating much lovely Coalition tension.

  3. Kirsdarke,
    If the coalition agreement is still the same for by-elections as the state election I think that the Libs will be locked out of running.

  4. tlbd

    Agree about Kate: she was crap.

    The Libs used to do wine and cheese on Friday night and then would come up with ‘good ideas’.

    Senior people in the ACT PS learned that it was a good idea to stay sober on Friday nights as they may have to go in to stop some crazy announcements being made.

  5. Could someone please put up Tony Windsor’s tweet about abbott begging for the job back in 2010?

    I can’t get the html right.

  6. My thoughts were that the ABC would not update the Queensland Poll count that until after the press club speech

  7. The best moment was when Abbott smart-arsedly gave Mark Riley permission to add some more examples of his collegiate pledges. Cool as a cucumber Mark Riley reposted by trotting out a further three.

    Bravo Mark. You showed up your lazy brethren nicely.

  8. @GL

    Yeah, I don’t expect a Liberal to run. But I did hear about the agreement that if the sitting Lib/Nat retires in a rural district then a member of the other coalition party could run too if they wanted in general elections, although I don’t know what the rule is for by-elections. Given how annoyed the Victorian Nationals are at losing 2 seats at the election it would probably be unwise for a Liberal to run here if they want to uphold relations.

    For a historical comparison, the Liberals didn’t run in the Benalla 2000 by-election after the retirement of leader Pat McNamara, and the Nationals didn’t run in Gippsland West 1997 after Alan Brown retired.

  9. They didn’t manage to stop Kate from having the grass on Bruce Stadium painted green.

    MR QUINLAN: My question is also to the Chief Minister and it also relates to the returfing of Bruce Stadium. In a moment of inspiration somebody decided to paint some of the recently re-laid turf prior to the inspection by the Olympic officialdom. Sometimes out of adversity there comes some real positives, and we may have hit on something here. Could it now be possible that we could operate Floriade with plastic flowers, and thus reduce the cost and eliminate entry fees? Do we now need the real Roger Daltry for an ultimate rock concert, or would a cardboard cut-out and piped music suffice? Why don’t we place a little sign on the futsal slab saying “grass”? On a more serious note, do you think we should have left it as it was and, as you have stated, got on with fixing the problem, not trying to hide it?

    MS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, it’s wonderful. The Labor Party has come up with a policy direction—plastic flowers at Floriade. Now the Labor Party has shown us how they will get rid of the entry fee—by having plastic flowers. Thank you, Mr Quinlan. No longer do those opposite want real people at rock concerts; they want cardboard cutouts.

    Mr Stanhope: What shade of green paint was it? Was it lime green?

    MR SPEAKER: Mr Stanhope, if you keep that up you will be a shade of yellow and you will be outside the door.

    Mr Stanhope: Never, Mr Speaker.

    MS CARNELL: Mr Speaker, if those opposite were really lucky they could get a cardboard cut-out woman so that they would have a woman on the opposite side of this Assembly. Then, you never know, they could achieve their equal opportunity approach, something that they have totally failed on.

    MR SPEAKER: Order! There is far too much audible conversation. Let the Chief Minister answer the second part of the question because the first part is right out of order

    Click to access 20000831.pdf

  10. Ah, okay. I guess I was a bit thrown off by how angry the Nationals seemed about a Liberal running in Mallee in 2013, although it must be different for federal elections, and also about the Eildon/Euroa case.

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