Farcical Friday

Sir Duke Prince Phil the Greek.

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Career advice from an old seppo

because of


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And – at long last – some of those overpaid journo-things are waking up . . .

. . . although

Today we learn that Our Dear and Fearless Leader . . .

. . .was asked why both his Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, and Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, ranked above him in polls on preferred prime minister.

“This is a very strong team,” he said. “And one of the reasons why so many members of the team are able to perform so well is because they’ve got a very good captain.

“It takes a good captain to help all the players of a team to excel.”

Following these comments, a Government source wanted it known that the Prime Minister had a large hand in the success of Ms Bishop in Foreign Affairs and Scott Morrison in Immigration, as these matters were decided in the National Security Committee of Cabinet, which Mr Abbott chairs.

A weird combination of hubris – writ large – and flipping the switch to vaudeville with a vengeance.

As First Dog on the Moon put it, Our Dear and Fearless Leader has transcended satire and become an Official Australian Embarrassment

(Image Credit: First Dog on the Moon; The Guardian)

Popcorn time!

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178 thoughts on “Farcical Friday

  1. dedalus

    due to unprecedented demand numbers go all the way up to 210 so in the grand scheme of things not really!

  2. The most reassuring thing for me coming out of Vic, SA and win, lose or draw in Qld is that the influence of Murdoch can be beaten. I just hope Federal Labor takes a leaf out of the Vic campaign and does likewise. I don’t know the logistics of how the Vic campaign worked but if things could be organised just think of the number of volunteers available ( The Pub is a perfect example of that ) who would travel or work from home to help the cause. Many people while not having money to donate have an abundance of time and will.

  3. Better give me three of the best Mr. C K…

    When I first started reading this from the post above..: “Following these comments, a Government source wanted it known that the Prime Minister had a large hand in the success of Ms Bishop …” ..and going half blind from not having any decent glasses at the moment, I saw “success” as “access” and my immediate thought was ; “Oh MY GOD!…they’ve slipped into pornography!”….but of course, continued reading made me realise it was just the usual delusion and absurdity!….PHEW!

  4. Hi Pubsters!

    Sorry for my absence but ‘my’ time has been limited to work, work and family so unfortunately that rare occurrence of “my” time has been spent doing more work and family stuff!

    Thought you might be interested in the feedback I have had from fellow party goers at two recent parties held here on the Gold Coast – which is pretty much Liberal.

    One party was a bunch of about fifty or so old friends, so old that while we understand the way most of us votes or what religion we are so much has happened between us all that rarely do either topics get a look in. At that party it was pretty unanimous. Can Do must go. This was interesting because out of the fifty odd I’d say two thirds of them were hardcore LNP voters.

    The second party, was a smaller affair with 12 couples, of which I was the only traditional anti-LNP voter of the lot (my hubby isn’t a citizen so can’t vote but he is an ALP supporter and has said he will vote that way when his citizenship comes through but I didn’t count him). Again the message was loud an clear. LNP and Can Do have to go.

    I have to say, at both parties there was a distinct shift away from the muffled, whisper into the hand type discussions normally surrounding political discussions at Aussie BBQs. Everyone was having a big dig at both Can Do and Abbott and it was a surprise for me, who normally has to be very careful about who I chose to discuss politics with.

    But that is the city slickers take. I’d be interested in any insight into how Katter type QLDers may vote.

  5. Space Kidette,

    Lovely to see you, and what a fascinating analysis.

    We have at least one FNQ Pubkateer . . .

    . . . calling Ridgiesrule! Come in please, and give us your goss.

    Not to mention Lord Scorpio of Rockhampton . . .

  6. As I sit in the doctors waiting room contemplating on life and death matters it occurred to me that I forgot to start the years Raffles off. But as always I need not have bothered.

    Thanks Fiona and Ck.
    Puffy, Good looking dogs. Keep a good eye on them.

    Space K. From limited trips around The general view is Abbott is a disaster / He is gone. A one term is a real possibility.

    Why do doctors appointments always run Late?

  7. Fiona

    Yes it is late. I should be home sipping scotch ,contemplating tomorrows labor victory.

    But I always think maybe the doc is telling someone some horrible news and they need time to digest the info.

    Just the 6 monthly blood test results for me . No problems.

  8. Joe6pack,

    I am mightily relieved and hope the results are all high distinctions.

    It might be worth asking your medico’s opinion of the Medicare “co-payment” farces.

  9. Spacey

    Although you have gone to attend to the kidettes, pleased to get your feedback. I’m a bit disturbed that everyone wants to get rid of Can’t do, but don’t seem so anxious to get rid of the LNP. I guess tomorrow night will tell the story.

  10. Thanks TLBD, I knew when I had posted the numbers there was something wrong, but was called to the phone just at the wrong moment …

    Who cares though, I got some very interesting numbers to plug into my warp generator as an aid to planning some weaving projects for the year. So thanks to CK for fuel for my imagination and learning curve *chuckles to self*

  11. CK,
    I’ve only just noticed your reference to me, and I’m very grateful if my episodic posts entitle me to the honoured status of absent friend/regular.
    Thank you.

    While I have the attention of the company, can I throw in a request?

    Some time this week, somewhere in the WWW, I saw a wonderful parody of that old bawdy song “Aboard the Good Ship Venus”, entitled “Aboard the Good Ship Tony.” Could anyone point me in the right direction?

  12. You’ll need one of these:

    The Infinite Improbability Drive is a faster-than-light drive. The most prominent usage of the drive is in the starship Heart of Gold. It is based on a particular perception of quantum theory: a subatomic particle is most likely to be in a particular place, such as near the nucleus of an atom, but there is also an infinitesimally small probability of it being found very far from its point of origin (for example close to a distant star). Thus, a body could travel from place to place without passing through the intervening space (or hyperspace, for that matter), if you had sufficient control of probability According to the Guide, the drive “passes through every conceivable point in every conceivable universe almost simultaneously,” meaning that whoever uses it is “never sure where they’ll end up or even what species they’ll be when they get there” and “it’s therefore important to dress accordingly”. In the 2005 film, for instance, the first time the Improbability Drive is used, the entire ship ends up as a giant ball of yarn for a few seconds, and the main characters are rendered as animated yarn dolls.


  13. “Twas on the good ship Tony
    Where all the crew were phony
    They had no clue of what to do
    But make up more baloney
    Captain Tony kept on lying
    Distracting and denying
    Into your eye, he’d tell a lie
    Then lie that he was lying
    The first mates name was PETA
    You wouldn’t want to meet her
    She kept tight reign on Tony’s brain
    And no one could unseat her
    The treasurer’s name was Hockey
    A big buffoon, quite stocky
    His budget plan, went in the can
    And now he’s not so cocky
    And then there was perfidious Pyne
    An odious man most prone to whine
    This silly smuck has his head stuck
    Up where the sun don’t shine
    There was a nasty man called Scott
    Who’d let asylum seekers rot
    A Christian jerk with a vicious smirk
    Like Christ, he sure was not
    The foreign officer was Julie
    Treated asbestos claims quite cruelly
    With her coiffured hair and deadly stare
    She’d plagiarise unduly
    The richest guy was Mal
    He’d play up to lefties well
    But his polished prose got on the nose
    When he backed his lying pal
    George Brandis was the legal man
    Though twas pretty hard to tell
    he set his sights on bigots rights
    Now his ego’s not so well.
    The Climate guy was Hunt
    A receding little runt
    His climate stance was left to chance
    A “stuff the planet” punt
    No one forgets that fool Abetz
    He really is a shocker
    He screws with joy the unemployed
    That man is off his rocker
    The medical man was Peter Dutton
    His GP Tax is best forgotten
    Access to health based on your wealth
    A policy that’s more than rotten
    There was a lass, Fiona Nash
    Could block a website in a flash
    Said twas her staff that made the gaff
    And nought to do with donors’ cash
    McFarlane was the industry bloke
    in strange robotic tones he spoke
    Car industry rooted, renewables neutered
    hundreds of companies going broke
    Sinodinos was the Finance wonder
    ICAC saw him moved asunder
    Was he Arthur or was he Martha
    Dodgy donors, major blunder
    Bernadi was the religious nutter
    he had his thoughts down in the gutter
    gay rights would creep onward to sheep
    This utter nutter uttered
    Then there is Mathias
    He’s one of the best liars
    He helped the banks but gets no thanks
    Cos his FOFA laws were biased
    This mendacious ship had run aground
    Their lying powers diminished
    The Murdoch press couldn’t fix the mess
    And Tony’s time was finished”

  14. Absent Friends

    Al Palster – 85, 95, 178

    AsGrayAsGray – 62, 149, 170

    Billie11 – 44, 127, 189

    Bushfire Bill – 55, 75, 155

    Cliff – 123, 163, 197

    Ctar1 – 87, 165, 199

    doyleym – 109, 171, 192

    gippsland laborite – 15, 49, 174

    Heather – 52, 133, 188

    Jaeger – 8, 130, 131

    Jason – 121, 176, 187

    kaffeeklatscher – 33, 60, 134

    Kambah Mick – 80, 136, 137

    kirsdarke – 45, 89, 198

    Left right out – 20, 145, 146

    Lord of the Fridge – 50, 63, 140

    narns – 22, 177, 179

    paddy2 – 56, 162, 182

    PJF – 32, 157, 180

    Roy Orbison – 1, 62, 168

    vote1julia – 94, 119, 205

    and not forgetting –

    Fiona – 59, 151, 153

  15. Ducky,

    If your Tatts ticket comes up with the goods, I will hand over the winnings on 22 February.


    Your raffle management is as superb as always. Please enjoy

  16. Having problems with twitter display..it’s gone all weird…anyone having the same and if so how do I fix?

  17. Jaycee,

    It’s most probably your wireless connexion.

    Second on the list is your lack of decent spectacles.

  18. Karma LBD, a raffle win as compensation for your generous, rapid fire response to my request for the lyrics of “Aboard the Good Ship Tony.” Danke!

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