Farcical Friday

Sir Duke Prince Phil the Greek.

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Career advice from an old seppo

because of


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And – at long last – some of those overpaid journo-things are waking up . . .

. . . although

Today we learn that Our Dear and Fearless Leader . . .

. . .was asked why both his Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, and Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, ranked above him in polls on preferred prime minister.

“This is a very strong team,” he said. “And one of the reasons why so many members of the team are able to perform so well is because they’ve got a very good captain.

“It takes a good captain to help all the players of a team to excel.”

Following these comments, a Government source wanted it known that the Prime Minister had a large hand in the success of Ms Bishop in Foreign Affairs and Scott Morrison in Immigration, as these matters were decided in the National Security Committee of Cabinet, which Mr Abbott chairs.

A weird combination of hubris – writ large – and flipping the switch to vaudeville with a vengeance.

As First Dog on the Moon put it, Our Dear and Fearless Leader has transcended satire and become an Official Australian Embarrassment

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Popcorn time!

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178 thoughts on “Farcical Friday

  1. Richard Denniss has perfectly refuted the liberals’ “debt and deficit disaster” bullshit.

    From his brilliant article (thanks BK for the link this morning), here is the crux of his refutation:

    Companies don’t grow by reducing debt; they grow by borrowing to make the right investments. BHP Billiton has been around for 130 years and is currently carrying $66 billion in debt with no plans to repay it. Indeed, since the mining boom their net debt increased by a massive 315 per cent from $16 billion in 2004 to $66 billion now.

    Exactly! It’s why we have a house mortgage, or borrow for business purposes. It’s what makes the world go round.

    Everyone should read Denniss’s article. It’s so compelling, its logic so self-evident, that one should memorise it.

    Debit (judicious debt) is necessary.

  2. dedaly
    Which is why the government should be borrowing and getting some major infrastructure and nation-building projects under way, not hacking away at the NBN.

    This explains it all, but don’t expect our financially illiterate government to understand, agovernment with no vision, no plans and a ‘flog it all off to anyone who will buy’ mentality is not going to take advantage of such a bargain of an opportunity.

    Low 10-year bond rates are the deal of the century but Abbott’s not at the table

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