quizpackHello patrons.

Tonight for something a little different we will have a little quiz night.

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I will post a series of  10 questions

You will have 15 mins to think about them and post your answers.

Then another series of questions etc.

I will score the previous series and post totals before the next series.

If I make mistakes shoot me.



This takes a little bit of work, so if I run a little late with posting forgive me.

First game will begin about 6.00pm correct time.

10 min/5 min warning will be given.

The winner will be crowned” THE PUB” Champion until the next time.

Join in have a bit of fun and good luck.



409 thoughts on “IT’S A FRIDAY QUIZ NIGHT

  1. ” Klav January 25, 2015 at 10:31 am

    In a beautiful stroke of comic genius,Angelo Garrozzo, a leading member of the Rebels motorcycle club,has donated money to the LNP.

    It’s been accepted.

    All members of the Rebels motorcycle club have been urged to do likewise.

    Wonder how Bleijie, the Conveyancer -General, will spin that?”

  2. jaycee
    Angelo has a clever plan. Now the money has been accepted Newman’s ‘Labor took money from bikies’ thing has been destroyed because the LNP has done the same. Angelo and his mates expect the money will be returned to them when Newman works out what is going on. They could be wrong about that.

    There’s a link to it up the top of the page somewhere.

  3. The Queensland Greens have released their HTV preference cards, and they seem to advocate full preferences with Labor at no.2 in most seats, so hopefully that’ll swing a few key seats to the red side.

    Click to access State-wide_HTV.pdf

    I’ve noticed that the 3 Townsville seats just have 1 Greens 2 ALP recommended, but the greens contesting seats north of that want exhausted preferences.

  4. “The Lying Nasty Party claims Mr Garrozzo’s contribution has been returned to him.”…Let me guess..; They didn’t want to be seen to be accepting “tainted money”?…..Bwahahahahahahahahahaha !

  5. Yet they will accept money from the likes of BHP. which have been taken to court many more times that the bikies!

  6. But just how many “bikies” have donated anonymously? Just so they can have a quiet chuckle about Mr Newman accepting money from them?

    The real worry is the size of the war chests that the two ‘combatants’ have and who has/has not contributed to them. I really wish we could find a way to get legislation through parliament that enforces a $2 declaration on all fund donated to political parties, and block donations from third parties to prevent such absurd obscenities as “Citizens United” in the USA – not that such things haven’t already been brought into play already!

    Together with a fixed sum for each candidate who got a particular proportion of the vote. I think that might sort some of the minor parties out, and would make the declaration of “bought” MPs that much clearer instead of merely presumed, thereby clearing those that really are innocent of that particularly murky charge.

    But what do I know, I’m just a lowly tax-paying voter…

  7. @2gravel

    Yeah, probably. Although it still remains to be seen if Green voters do the same.

    Around 50% of them exhausted their preferences last time, probably costing Labor an extra 2-3 seats. Hopefully this time around that figure will go down.

  8. Back in the days of the Howard Banana Republic I gained a large scar on my chin where it hit the table when reading about Manildra, this event and who their friends were. A tanker load of ethanol was on the way to Australia , pretty sure it had set sail, from Brazil. While on the high seas Manildra had the incredible luck :loud cough: of the cheaper Brazilian ethanol having a new import duty whacked on it that made it it more expensive than the Manildra product. It never arrived.

  9. And so it continues

    Four asylum seekers have been forcibly removed from a Darwin detention centre where they were receiving medical treatment and returned to Manus Island and Nauru in the middle of the night.

    The men had been brought over from Manus Island and Nauru for medical treatment but their level of recovery before being returned is not know. It is believed one man suffers chronic pancreatitis.

  10. The Queensland Greens have released their HTV preference cards, and they seem to advocate full preferences with Labor at no.2 in most seats, so hopefully that’ll swing a few key seats to the red side.

    Bear in mind that they said that they’d preference Labor ahead of the Libs at the Victorian election last year and were then caught out handing out open ticket How to Vote Cards.

  11. Yes, Rosie Batty is Australian of the Year.

    Well done.
    I was sure Abbott’s mate Deb. Furness would win.

    Well deserved instead of a sportsman/Celebrity.

  12. Brian,

    What is more – and this will really get up abbott’s nose:

    Women have been awarded the top honour in all four award categories for the first time in the history of the Australian of the Year awards.

    Jackie French from NSW has been named Senior Australian of the Year, WA’s Drisana Levitzke-Gray has been named Young Australian of the Year and Juliette Wright from Queensland has been named Australia’s Local Hero.

    Social entrepreneur Ms Wright said she was “honoured to stand among the most amazing, inspiring individuals”.

    “By simply donating an item, you can make a life-changing, meaningful impact to someone’s life,” she said.

    “Think about what you have at your house or your office that you no longer need and go to the GIVIT website and see what’s urgently needed in your local area as well as our remote communities.

    “The simple act of giving via the GIVIT platform builds a bridge between the haves and the have-nots and together we can relieve the financial vulnerability of the Australians living below the poverty line while preserving their anonymity and dignity.”

    Ms Levitzke-Gray thanked her family, friends, partner and the deaf community while accepting her Young Australian of the Year award.

    “It is the deaf community that gives me the drive and passion to continue to advocate for Auslan. 2015 is a new year and the focus has to be on deaf children,” she said.

    “So we need the support of the Australian Government to ensure that deaf children and their families have access to Auslan.

    “It’s a human right that they have that access. Auslan Australian language is my language but it’s an Australian language and that makes it yours.

    “So it’s Australia Day, come on and learn some Auslan. I would love to see everyone celebrate the rich history, culture and tradition of our language.”

    Children’s author and conservationist Ms French said “a book can change a child’s life and a book can change the world”.

    “Every book a child reads creates new neurons in that child’s brain. If you want intelligent children, give them a book,” she said.

    “If you want more intelligent children, give them more books. There is no such thing as reading difficulties. There are only teaching challenges.

    “But humans are good at challenges. We are descended from those who survived the Ice Age.”

    The chairman of the National Australia Day Council, Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG, congratulated the winners not only as great Australians, but also as role models.

  13. Joe6pack,

    It’s worth noting that the finalists for Australian of the Year did not include a single sports person, and out of the eight finalists, six were women!

  14. Rosie Batty is the st best choice of Australian of the Year. How she managed anything other than curl up and want to dissolve into a puddle of non-feeling, I have no idea.

  15. Obviously one award the idiot cannot influence.

    Well done to all participates.

    We will be celebrating tomorrow as usual. Local street parade which usually consists of kids from surf club,lions. rotary etc meals on wheels, and a dog .

    In years gone by was tradition for it to turn into a huge water fight . balloons filled with water getting tossed and the firefighters spraying the crowd with water.

    Sadly the insurance for the event which is run by the lions club banned such activities.
    So while discouraged and announced , a few water bombs will still be thrown.

  16. Wonderful selection of people (women) for the Australian awards. I wonder if the selection committee were giving Toxic a silent up yours.

  17. I can see some new appointments to the board of directors of the National Australia Day Council coming up soon. The board members – the selection panel – are appointed by the PM. Perhaps he forgot to change Labor’s appointments.

  18. Leone,

    If abbott remains head of the current regime for the full term, he will be able to replace all those chardonnay-swilling socialists (seven of the eleven board members) before the next election.

  19. Is there a vid of the speech where the crowd yelled go to hell tony? I would really love to see that.

  20. Seething? You betcha.

  21. For Peter van Onselen, the bromance is over:

    TONY Abbott’s biggest problem may well be an internal arrogance that he is internally untouchable.

    When asked this week on Melbourne radio about leadership rumblings that have, most remarkably, already started for the new Prime Minister, he dismissed them as ridiculous.

    He said if history has taught us anything, changing leaders creates more problems than it solves, citing the Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard experience for Labor.

    The PM is correct of course – changing leaders culturally damages a party and the brand it seeks to sell to the electorate. He is also right when he points out the best thing that can happen is for party MPs to get in behind their leader.

    But the attitude of Abbott is the problem. He has cottoned on to the difficulties of changing leaders, and with that realisation, now considers himself untouchable.

    As such he keeps making captain’s calls which are wrong (the latest being the second of the Medicare backflips); he isn’t adequately consulting with colleagues because he presumably doesn’t think he has to.

    He won’t listen to loud and clear calls from all quarters to do something about his office’s domination of cabinet and party room decision-making.

    Even though Abbott is one of the most unpopular PMs in living memory, his leadership style is personified by arrogance. He lives in a bubble which shields him from the reality of the way he is viewed by supporters, opponents and mainstream voters alike.

    Once upon a time Abbott’s greatest asset was his ability to connect with people. Less than half way into his first term he is more disconnected from the way he is perceived (out of touch and incompetent) than at anytime since he entered parliament way back in 1994.

    What is it, by the by, with conservative commentators and the crossed arms thingy?

    Van Onselen (note the hue of the tie):


  22. Does anyone have the time and energy to put together a post on Rosie Batty in the next couple of hours?

    I think it would make a terrific Australia Day thread-starter – and I don’t have the time to do it (though will happily publish it).

  23. Just realised it’s a thumbs up gesture, I thought it was a finger pointing oh well!

    I think it’s an index finger – otherwise, it’s a seriously long/disproportionate thumb.

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