It’s a hot Humid Night after a hot humid day.

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The summer doldrums have set in.

We have a election up here but nobody is taking much notice. People are pollied out and are sick of bad news.


Whatever happened to pollies making us feel happy about ourselves and our lives.

The constant negativity is really becoming a bummer.

Fear and loathing is all that seems to be in the media.


Raffles will re commence after the Australia day long weekend. I am learning the words to our National Anthem so I can as ordered stand up and sing it at midday. Want a wank


But It is Friday Night at “The Pub” so lets have a break and relax.


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  1. Saw Newman’s interview in Ashgrove, Joe6Pack – ge jeot repeating his ‘message’ that if Labor wins it will be will the help of the greens and independents and a govt of chaos, not a STRONG govt with a STRONG team and a STRONG plan for Queensland.

  2. Saudi Arabia Building It’s Own Great Wall To Repel ISIS

    Video from the progressive US panel show The Young Turks. Worth a look. Don’t *quite* agree with a couple of things said, but its bang on about how worried the Saudi govt is, and why.

    for background to the above Oz styory in the pic, see…

  3. That Marohasy and her blog (which she has closed since Oct’ 28th) is full of “magpies” all chortling and cawing in gross foolishness!…what a bunch of dickheads!

  4. 2gravel

    Lnp will probably win . They have a huge majority much more than what happened in VIC.

    Anna . P was never suppose to be in this position. She was the stop gap leader after a flogging at the last election,.
    Apparently she owes no favours to any labor power brokers so is a real clean skin. Something I have heard they are worried about.
    I hope she wins, but if not the next one will be even closer, and in the meantime all the anger at the libs federally can continue without any state labor to blame.

    Will set labor up for the next time .

    If really close who knows. Both parties have stated they won,t do a deal with indies, but when push comes to shove they will deal if it means they will be in power.

  5. joe6pack

    Thanks, but what is the feeling amongst the people you mix with? In 2010 you were telling us what was being said, and even though I didn’t like it, you had your finger on the pulse, so I completely trust your assessments.

  6. I’m telling you this in a whisper..shhhh!..My oh is trying to “kill” me!!…cherry cheesecake w/ chocolate sauce!…followed by “treats” ; ‘Orieo’ peanut-paste pie , candied grapefruit and chocolate covered coffee beans……beam me up Scotty !!

  7. She wants me to go to have a check-up at the docs…to have my cholesterol checked…she said, (dear thing) that she was afraid she may be “killing” me with all these lovely things…I say : let the fates decide.
    I had a Serbian workmate who’s wife was always imploring him to go get his cholesterol checked..finally he relented and fronted the doctor.
    ” It’s Denise” he said to the GP. ” she insisted I get my cholesterol checked..but I tell you doctor, my cholesterol is very good”…
    “Well, how do you know that without it being checked?” the doctor mocked.
    “Because my bank manager…he said ; “Saabo! have very good cholesterol !!”
    “YOUR BANK MANAGER!” the doctor exclaimed unbelievably, ‘How would he…..OH!..I see…No, no..hemaent your COLLATERAL ..your collateral was very good!” the doctor patiently explained.
    “Ohhh!” said Saabo…but in reality, he was playing, as he says, the Bosnian peasant!

  8. 2gravel

    What I said
    Libs have a huge war chest and the one Murdoch owned paper is pro lnp

    Lose this one /win the next
    As long as the idiot loses the federal one. we will be happy

  9. I will have so much respect for Queensland if Annastacia P becomes Premier.

    That said, it’s looking a bit too uncomfortable for Labor at this stage. Hopefully the polls next week will show a narrowing.

    I really really hope the LNP loses though, they’re the most horrible government in Australia next to the one in Canberra from what I’ve heard of them.

  10. Oh dear.

    I’ve been chasing up the VCE results of the children in our longitudinal study (from first year at school through to the end of primary school – seven long years).

    Feeling slightly weepy: some exceptional results there, and such lovely kids. Thoroughly deserved accolades.


  12. I bought some unsalted mixed nuts by mistake. :-/ No biggy; I added my own salt, garam masala* and a bit of olive oil to get the flavours to stick to the nuts. Shake in a sealed container until well coated.

    I’ll use less oil next time, but otherwise it was a success!

    * Any ground herb/spice mix will do; garam masala was the closest to hand (and I have more than I need.)

  13. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Peter Martin – We’re living longer. Get over it!
    Bring in the copayment and this will get even worse!
    And even Mesma’s not needed in Queensland!
    The ABC “Hunger Games” continue.
    Some information from the Martin Place siege inquiry is coming out.
    Kirsty Needham says that truth is more important than blame with this and the Coronial inquests.
    Charles Waterstreet ponders over the whole extremism thing.
    Can-Do’s feeling the heat.
    And a former LNP minister makes it even hotter for him with a blistering attack where he uses words such as “sociopath”.

  14. Samantha Maiden’s piece on the chaos around the Medicare rebate changes – very bad for the PM.

    Abbott came to his decision to dump the Medicare rebate changes while drinking beer at the cricket.

    The man has a serious problem with alcohol. That has been mentioned many times before. Now we can add ‘makes crucial policy decision while tanked’ to the list of Abbott booze incidents. Does he need to be drunk to make decisions now? Looks like it. How many other important decisions has he made while drunk?

    Abbott also ‘took soundings’ at the cricket – the ‘cricket’ was the Prime Minister’s XI versus England game last Wednesday, not Thursday as Ms Maiden said. I suppose that means a few political-type chaps told him his changes might not be a good idea with the Queensland election so close. His parliamentary colleagues, it seems, had been trying to tell him that for ages but he insisted (is still insisting) he was right. Does Abbott only listen to advice when he is drinking?

    The Medicare rebate changes – policy by brainfart, policy insisted on by a maniac against the wishes of his ministers and MPs, policy dumped (temporarily) by a drunk. And then there’s Sussan Ley, forced to leave her cruise ship (poor darling) to break the news because Abbott either didn’t have the balls to do it or was too hung over.

    You have to wonder who is giving all this inside information to the media. It looks like someone is setting things up for a leadership challenge.

  15. The “poor darling” has aged dramatically in just a few months of working closely with Peta and Abbott. She might have regrets. Life is tough when you have to end your cruise so abruptly. And for what?

  16. Leone

    But it is only ‘that’ ‘news’paper that is reporting this. Nothing on abc anywhere, so it’s obviously not important. I shouldn’t be amazed at the difference in reporting for one political party compared to another one, but have to admit that I am. Apparently the most important thing in the abc stream is terrorists.

  17. Bushfire Bill: Hero For The Ages

    Back home temporarily from camping. Youse know what happened. I thought HI had packed the tent struts, and HI thought I’d packed them.

    Now why would I pack them? Eh? Can anyone here think of one good reason why I would pack the tent struts? I thought not.

    Youse need to realize that HI used to be quite an accomplished bushwalker. She had all the gear and knew how to use it. She took up tramping after a relationship break-up, and having boundless energy needed something to take her mind of The Bastard that went back to his previous girlfriend (rest assured, it ended badly for him, he should have stuck with HI, but his loss…).

    Hence, when I came into her life (Oh Blessed Day!) and had never been camping, she took me under her wing, around the neck, in an arm lock that Brute Bernard couldn’t have gotten out of in his golden years on World Championship Wrestling. In short, I paid for The Bastard’s transgressions, copping it – an innocent man – for dirty deeds that occurred long before I had even heard the name “Her Indoors”.

    Youse see, when it comes to camping I am, apparently, a klutz. I don’t know how the thingmies fit into the whatsits. I haven’t got a clue about packing a Therma-Rest back into its bag so that it fits (actually… how do they do that?), and when it comes to putting up tents I am no more than the muscle, toiling under HI’s observant eye and sardonic commentary.

    Never mind that it was I who, in the face of vehement objections from She Who Must Be Obeyed in various camping stores dotted across Sydney:

    * Bought the nicknamed “Taj Mahal” tent which served us for years in climes as diverse as the spider and bull ant infested campgrounds of the North Coast, the damp, chilly rainforests of Barrington Tops and the endless red dust wastes of the Strezlecki Desert;

    * (Horror of horrors) Purchased a Chescold camp fridge (absorption method) which works not only with gas and 240V, but also straight off your car battery if you don’t mind push-starting the vehicle when the fridge sends said battery flat in 5 minutes, which I have just completely refurbished and repaired for the umpteenth time in 15 years, and all because I got sick and tired of fishing rancid bacon out of long-melted ice (i.e. greasy water) in the bottom of the Esky that She insisted was the best way to keep things cool when roughing it;

    * Got her into bed on a regular basis… and before you raise your eyebrows too high, I mean inflatable beds, in replacement of Therma Rests which, in my belief, actually amplify the penetrating effects of every stone, twig and fossilized possum pellet their sorry selves are laid out upon, after inflating a pathetic 2 centimetres;

    * Bought a Snatch-em strap and tyre pump, to her plonking disdain, which have been used countless times to rescue fellow motorists from the cloying sands of various beaches up and down the NSW coast, muddy pot holes and certain death out-there-somewhere where there are no roads or even goat tracks (because there are no goats);

    * Was a GPS pioneer, who had the presence of mind to acquire a Garmin hand-held GPS device (aka “Boy’s Toy”) back in 1999 and linked it to a map program on a PC when we went on our first Desert Adventure to Lake Eyre, fortuitously just seven days before Bill Clinton ordered the the US military to remove the inbuilt GPS error (“Selective Availability” to those interested in such things) and therefore rendered our GPS accurate to 3 metres instead of 300 metres, enabling us to navigate to a gate, or even a gatepost with 100% confidence to the wonder of our constant companions, the emus of NSW and South Australia.

    All of which received the infamous HI “curled lip” when purchased, but which saved our apprehensive arses many times and (most importantly) made camping at least a half-enjoyable experience for yours truly.

    The sight of our grandsons, their little shoulders sinking back into their collar bones as the day of Going Camping approaches would melt the hardest heart. Their pleafull eyes saying, mutely but eloquently, “Do we have to?” Myself, getting grumpier by the hour because it’s all my fault that the porta-stove can’t be found, or we are missing a stick or a peg, and “When are you going to fix the fridge?” (this is the fridge that She said was a waste of time and money, mind youse)… these are the stuff of our yearly sojurns to Sandbar Caravan Park.

    But, as you can see if you click on the link, it’s almost worth it for that beautiful beach with the romantic name, Cellito, the lovely rain forest walk to get there and then only barely 60 people on it, even when Australia Day is in full flag-waving, drunken yobbo swing.

    So, like a man, I took the blame for the missing dooverlackies, and have driven back to Sydney to fetch them. It took an hour of rummaging through the city dump that laughingly goes by the alternative name of “Oh, I dunno, they’ll be somewhere under the house“, but I found them and am about to set off back to the bull ants, biting mozzies, giant monitor lizards, cheeky kookaburras, shady paper-bark trees, Old Bombay quality “amenities block”, cool rainforest walks, packs of kids on bikes of all descriptions who have self-organized into murderous gangs that would put the Commancheros to shame and, of course, the refreshing, swimming-pool-clear waters of the truly wonderful Cellito (Great Whites patrolling the mid-North Coast of NSW permitting).

    I have to say that preliminary conversations with our fellow campers are not good for Tony Abbott. Not good at all. From a few snatched words before returning that I was able to enjoy with our neighbours Pete the Plasterer, Kevin the accountant, Elanor the public servant and Jenny the nurse (with her husband Michael, whose profession I did not fully ascertain), I got the distinct impression that Abbott is on a hiding to nothing for the next election.

    He’s on a beach somewhere too and, loathe the man as I do, I wouldn’t wish the opprobrium my fellow campers already have for him and his government on my worst enemy. I hope, for his sake, he doesn’t meet any of them, or else he might go off for a swim announcing he will “be some time”. He might be beyond the surf line looking for a man-eater to end it quickly, right now.

    I think Abbott has lost the nation, but I’ll need to do some more research before I fell comfortable signing off on that preliminary assessment.

    More in 10 days…

  18. BB

    All of which received the infamous HI “curled lip” when purchased,

    Hilarious post! Now, why does HI remind me of Peta? No, I’m sure there is no resemblance there …

  19. BB

    You probably won’t read this, but that looks like a wonderful place to camp. Enjoy, see you when you get back, look forward to further more detailed assessment.

  20. Very droll, BB..Ah, yes…the ‘look of disdain”…nothing cuts deeper into a male’s psyche than that narrow-eyed dismissal..all one can say in defence is : “What?…what?”…a tad limp-wristed response, then go and do as one is told. It’s the reason..the sole reason that “the shed” was created.

  21. Arrrgh – camping. Yes, I’ve been there, dome that, never again.

    I’ve never understood the attraction – why would you want to spend weeks in a stuffy tent while all your favourite distractions – the books, the DVDs, the music, the TV and more languish at home. Why put up with the horrors of camp ground bathrooms when there’s a perfectly nice, clean, private bathroom at home where you don’t need to wear flip flops in the shower to avoid catching a nasty fungal infection? Why sleep on a wonky camp bed or whatever when you have a beautiful, comfy bed with lovely cotton sheets at home? And why do it in the January heat?

    I’ve read far too any horrendous accounts of the horrors asylum seekers face on Manus Island – they have to live in tents, there are only fans to keep them cool. (They have fans? Lucky buggers.) There are mosquitoes and spiders and bugs so big they will try to carry you off in the night. I’ve seen pictures of the filthy bathrooms. They look oddly familiar. I’m sure I saw the same thing back at the Sandfly Alley campsite, decades ago. I have every sympathy for the poor sods locked up there, but there is one thing that sticks in my mind – thousands of Australian families subject themselves to exactly the same sort of torture every year. Why?

  22. “…but there is one thing that sticks in my mind – thousands of Australian families subject themselves to exactly the same sort of torture every year. Why?”

    They too are catholic ?

  23. I’ve finally got around to watching the UK version of House of Cards and I have to say it’s just brilliant. Has me hooked and I’ll probably try to marathon the series in the next few days.

    It’s about equal to the US version. Francis Urquhart and Frank Underwood both are excellent sly, evil yet charming characters in different ways.

    I look forward to season 3 of the US series coming out at the end of February.

  24. Kirsdarke
    The UK version is fantastic, I think I like it just a little bit better than the US version.

    Don’t get too excited about season 3 unless you plan to pirate it or sign up to the US Netflix. It won’t be available here for a while. Foxtel won’t be showing it, it’s going straight to Netflix and Netflix Australia don’t look like starting up in time for the season launch.

  25. “The sight of our grandsons, their little shoulders sinking back into their collar bones as the day of Going Camping approaches would melt the hardest heart. Their pleafull eyes saying, mutely but eloquently, “Do we have to?”

    Quite! Underlined so eloquently by leonetwo.

    Best thing about divorce for me, after the legal issues were resolved, was that never since, over four decades ago, have I been camping.

  26. I’ll find a way to get to it, legitimately of course.

    What really annoys me about the internet piracy debate is that some people who are so out of touch with reality such as Brandis keep on mis-representing the issue.

    I heard a good analogy a while ago. It’s not so much that people want to steal things, it’s that there is no other way to get it. They say “You wouldn’t steal a carton of milk from the shop”, well no, because they’re readily available. But if you went into the shop only needing to buy 1 carton of milk, but they’re only available in packs of 12 and require a 2 week waiting time before you’re allowed to take them, then people would be inclined to say “This is just ridiculous” and do the ‘wrong’ thing.

    I hope the next ALP government goes to town on Murdoch’s stranglehold over entertainment.

  27. I join Leone and Patricia in the anti-camping brigade. I was brought up roughing it in the bush. Years ago when the kids were small, I overheard my OH refusing an invitation to go camping with a group of friends: “My wife,” he told them “would rather cut off her head than go camping.” When one of them remarked that this was surprising because Janice was not a townee type but a girl from the bush, OH retorted “Yep, and that is why the only holiday she considers worth taking is where there is 5-star accommodation.”

  28. I have spent enough time sleeping in, or on trucks to be bothered with camping.
    It,s 5 star for us when we do go away, or 4 star if we have to rough it

  29. No camping for me. Just hitchhiking and sleeping in Youth Hostels.I remember one YH in Launceston. We had to wash ourselves in the wash house. The river was running through it. Cold water, of course … Here is a similar one, although this one is in France where they were very popular:

  30. What is this “Treason”?

    “ The modern instinct is to seek a reason for
    everything, and to doubt the veracity of a
    statement for which a reason cannot be
    found. So many examples can be given …
    that the truth of the phenomenon cannot be held to be doubtful.”

    I hold that the same can be said for the betrayal of our national interests to foreign individuals and corporations by the current Government. Policies put in place by the Labor govt’, like Medicare , the NBN. and the Renewable Energy Scheme are being betrayed to individual and corp’ interests by an act of treason against our state and peoples. That a specific law for a charge of treason cannot or will not be brought to bear on these actions does not lessen the accusation nor the crime…The deed IS being done, THAT is obvious..the charge is just not being reported as an act of treason, but rather as an economic excuse . The cover-up is in the reporting by the MSM. ( majority owned or influenced by foreign nationals), who accept monies , like Judas, for obfuscating such betrayals. These employees are the real traitors.

    Some time back, I posted a piece on the boards titled “The Meaning of Treason”…it was met with much doubt as to what exactly treason was in this day and age…could it even BE a law anymore..was it now redundant?…Well, the old image of ‘cloak and dagger skullduggery’, with the exchange of envelopes of information for money or favour between ‘trench-coated’ shadowy figures is a thing of the movies…The charge of High-treason reserved for the likes of international whistle-blowers revealing the common-crimes of governments rather than the conquest of nations. Dirty murders rather than a Guy Fawkes conspiracy.

    But there is another form of treason…less “high” than “common”…yet, govt’s do get “overthrown”..treasuries sacked and looted, innocent lives lost…all through a corruption of our sacred democratic system. There are those political players who are held up and who hold themselves up as the self elected, rightful inheritors of the “Born to Rule” elite. Strange that with this self-righteous belief, comes their capacity to overturn every tradition of democracy and social convention to grasp that “right”. These “born to rule” dictators will stop at nothing, stoop to unfathomable depths , sell their souls in a Faustian deal to whichever devil to hold that power. This is the LNP. as we see it today.

    So how do we measure this act of treason? Where is there unequivocal evidence of a deliberate act of betrayal to a foreign individual or corporation that has affected the well-being of the national economy or personally affected Australian citizens?

    I will point to two examples of recent decisions that seem obvious to this writer. :

    1) The deliberated shutting down of the Motor Manufacturing Industries. There is also associated with this act the dismantling of the Ship-building industry and along with these two major employers, the ricocheting hits on allied suppliers and manufacturers. The entire front-bench of the LNP. were behind this deliberate sabotage of the Australian manufacturing industry. Their refusal on pure ideological grounds to continue to support a most vital national industry, destroyed many tens of thousands of jobs and eroded the infrastructure in-situ that guarantees national independence in times of self-defence of a nation. This was done so as to secure a free-trade agreement that suited little other than the major international corporations who would benefit from the exchange of goods or commodities manufactured in foreign lands by cheap labour while our own nationals went unemployed or sought retraining in a service industry for less pay and conditions…in short, the demeaning of OUR skilled workforce to suit the importation of manufactured cars and goods from a foreign source. We were betrayed.

    2) The NBN. (National Broadband Network) with it’s heart of “fibre to the home” was a policy of huge benefit to the nation and it’s peoples as well as one of great engineering imagination, worthy of comparison to the Snowy Mountain Scheme. The destruction of this communication capacity by the unashamedly selling out to a foreign national’s whim, can be compared to Vichy France’s selling out to the Nazi regime. The awful spectacle of the current minister for communications , going through an act of the most gross debasement of self-respect can be compared to “speech-night theatrics” of the most amateur ham!… The only support for such destruction of such a vital infrastructure network has come from the foreign national’s own employees, who seem to relish joining in selling their nations interests for little more than a weekly salary. There are , thankfully, only a few adjectives that best describe such persons..I leave that section of the English dictionary to give them verbal recognition for their base efforts. This destruction of efficiency of fibre communications in exchange to benefit the most corrupt media mogul has yet to be fully felt..the slow-motion dumbing-down of broadband speed and capacity has already cost the nation in both development and employment. The future of communications is now compromised save for the fortunate or the wealthy..In this isolated area, the NBN. was seen as a God-send to join communities and peoples suffering that great Aust’ blight of the tyranny of distance, to both join and allow the joining of services and industries. That is now destroyed. We have been betrayed.

    To return to the opening quote..; “…the truth of the phenomenon cannot be held to be doubtful”….The above acts of betrayal have been or are in the process of being done. The national interest, the economic interest, the peoples employment interest, the very health of ourselves has been compromised…there is no doubt to that..So what CAN you call an act that takes the national / citizen / economic structure and trades it off to a foreign corporation or national , against the wishes, the well-being and the future good of a country, but an act of betrayal…an act of treason!?

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