It’s a hot Humid Night after a hot humid day.

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The summer doldrums have set in.

We have a election up here but nobody is taking much notice. People are pollied out and are sick of bad news.


Whatever happened to pollies making us feel happy about ourselves and our lives.

The constant negativity is really becoming a bummer.

Fear and loathing is all that seems to be in the media.


Raffles will re commence after the Australia day long weekend. I am learning the words to our National Anthem so I can as ordered stand up and sing it at midday. Want a wank


But It is Friday Night at “The Pub” so lets have a break and relax.


158 thoughts on “LAZY FRIDAY NIGHT

  1. Yes, well, Joe..I can say that she may only be an old , tad worse for wear girl, a bit scruffy about the rear-end, but she’s got a heart as big as one of ‘6pak’s B-Double diesels!….I’ll tell you why..; One time a little while back we’re on our way home down Sedan Hill…I know’d I was low on petrol, cause the gauge (not that accurate) needle was hovering on the top sharp-edge of the ‘F’ in the word ‘FUEL’…I have to knuckle-knock the tank to judge how full it is and then juggle the difference between that and the gauge..if you know what I mean…I bet Joe does!…anyway I chucked the old dear into ‘angel-gear’ near the bottom of the hill and with a stiff tail-wind on the big horse-box behind, we ‘sailed’ toward Sedan nice and smooth, like the “Cutty Sark”…at Sedan, I thought of going to the garage, but we were going so well, I made a executive decish’ and headed the ten kliks’ home…it is flat country so we were cruisin’…until we got to “compo corner”…it’s called “compo Corner” because…no..wait, I’ll tell you about THAT some other compo corner, the road rises a little then drops away the other the top of the rise, Beddy gave a cough and a splutter!…I knew that sound…but she picked up her skirts on the other side and made the run for the last kilometer to home..about half the distance she coughed again..and again..”C’mon baby!”…I encouraged..”don’t let me down ol’ girl”…and I pumped the pedal a couple more times..she coughed and picked up in the run for the gate!…”Don’t worry about shuttin’ the gate luv’ !” I cried to the OH..luckily, we never put the chain back on when we go out, just leave the gate sitting on the prop closed and I can just nudge it when I come home and it swings open (I’m a minimalist you know?) and Beddy just blundered through and that ol girl coughed and shuddered half way down the drive, gasped and stopped…we were home on a wing and a prayer!……..good ol’ Beddy !…she’s got one big heart..I won’t hear a bad word agin’ her !

  2. I wish the media would actually report the FACTS the $20 co payment has NOT been dumped – its ‘off the table’ for now-

  3. Fiona

    They are and thank you for the wee haggis basher video. Never seen them before. What I liked about Apocalyptica was discovering how classical music and heavy metal can be fairly interchangeable depending on how they are played. Moi being previously far more metal than classical music. I suspect many of the classic music composers were the equivalent of heavy metal head banger musicians back in their day.
    Looks like more than a few head bangers are on the same plane 🙂

  4. Jaycee,

    I could never hope to equal your tale. However, way back, on 24 October 2005 (please note: United Nations Day) I finally submitted my draft thesis for examination. The two honours students who were then in our lab must have known something was about to happen: when I returned from submitting, there was a half bottle of champagne which we split three ways.

    Then I drove home, more than a little light-headed (and not because of the fizz).

    When I finally parked the Fuego in the “garage”, I noticed that the fuel gauge was at the very lowest point of EMPTY.

    Next day, when I went to fire her up, she didn’t even cough politely.

  5. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Beethoven and Bizet, among others, were roundly booed in their day. Now they are both regarded as among the assembly of the greats.

    Johann Sebastian Bach, on the other hand, was simply forgotten, until Felix Mendelssohn worked very hard to get him re-appreciated.

    My desert island discs include (on one disc) all of JS Bach’s prodigious and to my mind miraculous works.

  6. Fiona…a ‘Fuego” , eh?…that figures…I mean with you being a tertiary academic..high school teachers car ; “de-rigeur” was a Renault TS fast-back…(Teachers Special)…and you being that much more “elevated” than a had to be a “Fuego”(sporty!).

  7. Jaycee,

    My first Renault (in 1984) was my parents’ old Renault 16TS, which they acquired, second hand, in January 1974. It was a wonderful vehicle, and its carrying capacity was amazing (for example, 9′ high young trees were no problem.

    Eventually the ks became a bit much, and in late 1982 it was pensioned off (but stayed in the back yard), replaced by my lovely little Fuego – the only car that I have adored. It did me proud for 17 years, until it started chewing up the oil, and we arrived at the point where the concerns were (1) would it start in the morning? (2) if so, would it keep going until I reached my destination? (3) if so, would it start again? (4) if so, would it keep going until I arrived home?

    When it stopped answering those questions in the affirmative – mid June 2009, when I was doing data collection in the far eastern suburbs – something had to give, and it was the Fuego.

    Mind you, it was only last year that it departed from the back yard.

  8. ” Mind you, it was only last year that it departed from the back yard.”….as is rightfully so…there is a time required for grieving and a duty to the “marque”….I have a Peugeot in the same situation. There’s something ‘chic’ about those French pieces !
    C’mon, Fiona…throw us some French words to compliment the occasion!…(not French letters, mind!).

  9. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Okay, I am a classically-trained pianist and singer. I’ve also adored jazz of all varieties since I was born. I didn’t really get involved in folk or heavy metal until my teens, but I love them both. Also, over the decades, I’ve become charmed by (so-called) world music. Especially African. And Middle Eastern. And East Asian. And . . .

    Mantovani’s sickening strings, Hawaiian steel string geetars, rap – not much interest (I also can take or leave – preferably leave – a helluva lot of 19th century schmaltz romantic slush – much to OH’s horror).

    If I’m working intensely, I cannot have music playing. If I’m doing something fairly mundane, like entering data, I can have non-vocal music on. There’s no way I can have anything vocal, even if I don’t know the language, when I’m having to concentrate.

    Meanwhile, I have the wondrous Dizzy Gillespie and the as wondrous Mary Lou Williams (what I’d give to play like her!) regaling me with Love for Sale. Next but one track, their totally amazing Caravan.

  10. Joe, the name ‘Useless’ probably came from the fact that when the owner bought the business, a lot of the older bus fleet were poorly maintained Bedfords. The new owner couldn’t get rid of the fast enough. However, more than a few still kicking around here as farm trucks and a few restored fire trucks. Drove a Bedford Camper ’round NZ in the early 80’s when the national car fleet resembled an episode of “Heartbeat”. Apart from a buggered rear wheel bearing going over the Hast Pass, she was a beauty.

  11. BTW ,as I typed that last post I saw Dutton on the ABC news and having avoided any real interest in him , I couldn’t believe what I saw. Sweating profusely, a face very similar to a range of vegetables offered as facsimiles recently on this blog, and running for the door. On the last bit, he obviously has been schooled by Abbott.

  12. Scorps,

    Unless the image you are trying to post ends with .jpg .png or .gif it won’t display. Facebook stuff also won’t display to anyone who doesn’t have Facebook open.

    Not that I’m trying to nitpick . . .

  13. Lord of the Fridge,

    I saw Dutton on the ABC news and having avoided any real interest in him , I couldn’t believe what I saw. Sweating profusely, a face very similar to a range of vegetables offered as facsimiles recently on this blog, and running for the door.

    Perhaps he was in urgent need of a Doctor!

    Probably aren’t too many of them in a hurry to look after his needs at the moment! 😉

  14. Fiona,

    Not that I’m trying to nitpick . . .

    Blimey! I wouldn’t think that for a moment! 👿

  15. A young girl started work in the village chemist shop. She was very shy about having to sell condoms to the public. The owner was going on holiday for a couple of days and asked if she would be willing to run the shop on her own. She had to confide in him her worries about selling the contraceptives.

    “Look,” he said. “My regular customers don’t ask for condoms, they’ll ask for a 310 [small] a 320 or a 330[large]. The word condom wont even be used.

    The first day was fine but on the second day a guy came in to the shop, put out his hand and said “350”.

    The girl panicked. She phoned the owner on his mobile and told him of her predicament.

    “Go back in and check if he has a yellow bucket hanging between his legs” her boss told her.

    She peeped through the door and saw the yellow bucket hanging between his legs. “Yes !” she said “He’s got one hanging there”!

    The boss said “Go back in and give him £3-50…………………. He’s the window cleaner!”

  16. Jaeger,

    One of my most cherished memories is watching me mum and dad down in the Australian Mint’s carpark one Sunday – the day after they acquired the Renault.

    Dad had the first drive around. Then he handed over to mum.

    She had a wonderful time: putting the drive into full lock and whizzing around in circles. Then doing the same thing backwards.

    My poor father nearly expired on the spot.

  17. Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

    Looks like Abbott got shafted by the backbenchers within. And there is a nice little cartoon to see.
    Lenore Taylor – As Sussan Ley tries to patch the Medicare cuts the question is “Why?” Lenore punctures the “unsustainable” argument with those nasty things this government eschews – facts.
    And Catherine King has much the same to say.
    The CIA torture report and how it fits with our foreign policy.
    More bad press for JetStar.
    Jones and Hadley square off. Who gives a toss really?
    How Abbott’s infatuation with deregulation might affect consumer safety when it comes to medicinal products.
    Media diversity and how to stop Rupert and Gina.,7264
    The three worst things the Liberals did yesterday.

  18. Section 2 . . .

    The government’s Pythonesque performance.
    Another form of “coal cancer”.
    Dutton gets off to a good start!
    Abbott just can’t help himself.
    Michael Gordon – Let’s have free speech but keep the safety valves.
    Stephanie Peatling with a headline that will sting the Coalition.
    John Birmingham says Fred Nile flows with vitriol and bigotry. Who can argue with that? Birmingham does not hold back!
    A rather weak judgment by the Press Council in my opinion.
    Jacqui Maley has her say on free speech and refers to the above judgement.
    This is a horrible development.

  19. Section 3 . . .

    Tax cheats will win as a result of cuts to the ATO. That’s what you call looking after one’s constituency!
    Stand by for a spike in violent bikie crime say Victorian authorities.
    GOLD! Richard Glover takes us back to the way things used to be. Read it and laugh – especially if you are well over 50!
    Alan Moir with Abbott’s health policy development.

    Cathy Wilcox parses our national anthem.
    David Pope takes us on a journey to our future.

  20. More Abbott lies?

    There were some media reports last night saying Abbott has personally begged Joko Widodo for clemency for the two Australian drug runners facing execution, but try to find out any more than that and – crickets. The Guardian isn’t saying anything. The ABC has not changed the story that has been on thier website for hours.–dont-kill-australians-20150116-12rwfj.html

    You’d think if the PM really did make such a plea the Indonesian media would have mentioned it. Again – nothing.

    Last night on ABC24’s 9.00 pm news, well after that Fairfax story appeared, the Indonesian Attorney General said Australia had made no pleas for leniency, despite Abbott saying in the same report that the government had been making requests through the usual diplomatic process.

    So who is lying? Did Abbott, sometime last night personally talk with Widodo? If he did why aren’t the MSM talking it up and fawning all over our ‘strong’ PM’, commenting on his mastery of international diplomacy yet again? Or is it more lies.

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