It’s a hot Humid Night after a hot humid day.

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The summer doldrums have set in.

We have a election up here but nobody is taking much notice. People are pollied out and are sick of bad news.


Whatever happened to pollies making us feel happy about ourselves and our lives.

The constant negativity is really becoming a bummer.

Fear and loathing is all that seems to be in the media.


Raffles will re commence after the Australia day long weekend. I am learning the words to our National Anthem so I can as ordered stand up and sing it at midday. Want a wank


But It is Friday Night at “The Pub” so lets have a break and relax.


158 thoughts on “LAZY FRIDAY NIGHT

  1. jaycee

    I put the blame mainly on this govt. And of course on the MSM. It’s up to the govt of the day to look after its people and the well-being of the nation before you please all those big corporations. The Abbott govt is a big failure.

  2. Sounds like a few of the Pubsters wouldn’t like to get into Tramping (bushwalking in NZ) kiwi style. The philosophy of which is often only half jokingly described as going into the hills/mountains with two handfuls of scroggin* and one change of underwear and coming back with just the unchanged underwear 🙂


  3. Find from over the road. On the way to the toilets a (very) old man meets an Eastern Brown snake . No.2 most venomous snake. Problem ? Not for this guy !!!

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