Friday – and a New Friend!


Explanatory note: I thought The Boss was going to do this as the Friday post. However, it seems he is otherwise occupied – perhaps a little weary after the Cairns jaunt? – so I’ve taken the liberty of gazumping him.

Thank you so very much, Joe6pack, for doing the legwork!

My fellow Pubsters, this is our new friend Hector the Green Turtle:

From the WWF’s email:

Dear Pub Blog,

Thank you. By donating $XY.00 Monthly ($XYZ.00 Annually) you have become part of a committed movement of visionary men and women who are helping to preserve some of the greatest creatures ever to walk this planet.

With your support we will move this world into a very different future, one in which humans live in harmony with nature.

I cannot thank you enough for your support of WWF.

Your account will be debited on 24th of each month. A receipt will be sent to you at the end of the financial year.

Your reference number is: hgfedcba

Your Summary: Turtle Adoption

We will keep you up-to-date on the outcomes we are working to achieve. If you would like more information about WWF’s conservation work or find out about other ways you can help, visit

To adopt an endangered animal for yourself or someone else, please visit WWF-Australia’s website.

With heartfelt thanks,

Dermot O’Gorman
CEO, WWF-Australia

He looks like a really nice young chap.

280 thoughts on “Friday – and a New Friend!

  1. Stony Habbott

    When Murdoch drops off the perch however I will be cheering and celebrating

    +1 . First and I hope only person I have feel that way about.

    Maggie was as far aways from me geographically as possible but I don’t blame the poms for “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” singing. From a Down Under perspective MT was unforgivable just for her giving Rupes his big leg up in the UK ………………in return for favors of course. From there the rest , is as they say , history.

  2. Thank you Fiona…..there is a worrying moment when one commits oneself to publicly display an attempt at art…in the case of writing a “story” (they are all centred around a true event..but “perhaps” dramatised a tad!), it is not so much getting the story-line right, that is already there, it is in getting the “art of connecting emotion” just right…like a good joke teller. There is nothing so wincing as a bad joke teller.
    So, yes, thank you for the compliment..”one aims to please”.

  3. Abbott attended the Australia/Kuwait Asian Cup match in Perth on Friday and was loudly booed by the crowd. What’s really cool – it was televised in Kuwait, (and probably all over the world) and reported internationally

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott is now greeting the teams and he is roundly booed by the crowd. As per tradition

    There must be some video footage somewhere but I can’t find it.

    Isn’t Tony a busy boy – flying all the way to Perth for a football match and then next morning turning up in Cairns for a funeral.

  4. Stony Habbott

    Yes it will be a good day, but unfortunately there will be other to take his place, the Conservatives are too willing bow to big money and influence. Welcome to The Pub, look forward to reading more comments from you.

  5. The match was played in Melbourne.

    He had no business being there, in my opinion.

  6. jaycee

    I WISH so much that I was older when I first encountered a now long dead yarn telling dad of a mate of mine. I would have had the sense to tie him down to write a book. I coulda been a rich I tells ya. The old bloke could hold even drunk young rugger buggers for hours as he told his tales. He had a magic way with words as he told his tales of two up in Kalgoorlie , horse racing “identities” and the like. People at any event would gather around whenever word went around that he was telling a yarn.

    He was a really old school W.A. and his former lives included operating as an SP bookmaker living with his family over a pub he operated from . I especially wish I was older back then as I would have written down his stories of how a number of what are now W.A. royal families got their money 🙂

  7. Yeah…but I don’t know, kaffee’…some of those old raconteurs were a thing in themselves and the colour of their story is sometimes contained in their own person and their vernacular and mannerisms as they “tell” (perhaps more ;act) the story and putting it down on hard copy can lessen the tale.
    Eric Knight, who wrote “Lassie Come Home”, also wrote several books of short Yorkshire yarns..and in the introduction of his “Sam Small Flies Again” stories (of which , I believe, are some of the best you’ll ever read!) , he writes the most moving testament to the art of oral story-telling.
    The pity of it is that we are all so far from each other geographically, and there are now very few places where the “gathering around the fire” homelyness can happen.

  8. Thanks Tony, thanks Malcolm –
    Australia’s internet lags behind despite NBN

    Australian internet speeds are lagging behind the rest of the world despite the national broadband network rollout and the scheduled launch of US streaming service Netflix looming large.

    Australia ranked 44th in the world based on its average connection speed, which fell 1.8 per cent in the third quarter of 2014 to 6.9 Mbps, according to Akamai’s State of the Internet report.

    This places Australia behind a number of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Since the previous quarter, New Zealand overtook Australia in terms of average internet speed, coming in at 42nd

  9. Thanks all for the welcome. Have been a lurker since day one of The Pub and check in at least once a day to read the many great comments. Always look forward to knocking off work and being able to read the many regular posters here In particular I am a huge fan of Bushfire Bill who has the awesome ability to so eloquently and humorously put into words exactly what I am thinking.
    I also appreciate the good nature of this blog where respect and decency can be seen as opposed to many other sites which often denigrate into anonymous slanging matches.
    I join with everyone else here in hoping 2015 brings about the downfall of this rancid government and fucktard of a PM. Hopefully without any more damage and embarrassment to this great country. Cheers.

  10. I remember on one of my youthful adventures into the wilds of outback Australia, this cook at the camp I was working…sober, he was the most miserable obstreperous bastard you could meet!..A few beers (or whatever) under his belt and he’d have you on the floor in fits of laughter….he’d have his whole body all a tremor and jumpy as he “worked” a story-line…(I remember a bit of one about a preacher and the pasturalist..and another about a practical joking pilot ) one moment a bass-voiced buffoon the next a falsetto’d queen!….
    Shithouse cook but!

  11. jaycee

    I am sure there was shed loads of embellishments but from some of the stories about growing up with the old bloke I heard from my mate made me think there was a lot of truth. Added to that , despite their modest conditions, they often got invites to soirees and events held by the “royal families” that appeared in the old guy’s stories. I even scored a couple of “come along for a piss up” invites from him.

    I must add that this was back pre iron ore boom WA. Very different and very boom and bust back then . Gold was all the go when it came to mining. Lots of dodgy deals and the like needed whenever shite hit fan.

  12. A memorial in Sydney for The Siege.

    Another memorial for the next shooting, and the next and the next … ?

    Our pollies need to get a grip.

  13. Welcome Stony Habbott.

    Tony Rabbott and the LIbs are our true terrorists., Treasonous traitors to this fair land. They have sold us out. Our mission is to oust the b/tards from power by the ballot box.

  14. At some darts comp the drunken yobbos went wild and no real msm outrage and no arrests.I wonder what would have happened at say the Big day out or another youth music event.News headlines asking for the event to be banned and the hunt down for the instigators.

  15. puffytmd

    I love Stones . Have nae had it in a few years but you may just have inspired me to get a bottle.

  16. kk
    When fiching through a cold night I always found Whiskey Mac (50/50 Stones Green Ginger Wine and whiskey) a great friend,

  17. Stone’s Green Ginger was one of the drinks of choice for the university choirs in winter in the 1970s;

  18. BK

    Whisky Macs .. Now there is a dangerous drink. For me the most dangerous drink in the world is 50/50 Baileys and Cointreau. tastes like about 2% alcohol but reality is ………………….well you can do the maths.

  19. Actually – the media didn’t keep the booing story all that quiet. The Guardian, Fairfax, SBS, Yahoo and more reported it, but it was hidden away in the sports news.

    Imagine if Krudd or FPMJG had been booed – it would not have been dismissed as ‘tradition’. (See my post earlier).

  20. Leone,

    Just imagine if abbott had tripped over his shoelaces when he walked onto the ground . . .

  21. Fiona
    Ms Credlin has thought of that happening.You might have noticed her solution – Abbott doesn’t have shoelaces, he wears R M Williams boots.

    That also saves Peta having to tie Tony’s shoelaces a zillion times a day – he has never learnt to do that for himself.

  22. I would have loved to see Abbott trip over his feet and fall flat on his face in front of the world’s media.

  23. I think Mr Abbott looks as if he is pleased by the reaction of the crowd. I suppose it is the tone of the booing that might indicate exactly how the crowd feels about recognising Mr Abbott that would actually be the give-away.

    And you have to admit that Mr Abbott is great for the LNP’s “brand recognition”, given that the LNP seem to have gone for political salesmanship rather than anything to do with policies.

  24. Leone,

    The world has seen abbott fall flat on his face – metaphorically – several times now.

    The real deal will be something to behold.

  25. The internet seers say Abbott will be gone by March if Newman loses.

    I don’t want that. I want Abbott to lose an election – the next election. I want to see his concession speech.

  26. Leone,

    I want to see him writhe.

    I don’t care if it’s with humiliation, frustration, despair – whatever.

    I just want some realisation of what an abomination he is to so many of us to seep through that thick skull and into that unfeeling, entitled mind.

  27. Somewhere deep inside Abbott must know he is loathed. Newman telling him to stay away from Queensland unless he comes bearing money must have hurt. He might grin when he is booed, but it has to hurt, Even Abbott must have some feelings.

    The more pain he feels the better, as far as I’m concerned, and if that pain has to gnaw away at him for another year or more then so much the better.

  28. Leone,

    Have a close look at that “grin” at the round ball game. It’s not his usual lizard look. It almost has tinges of “Oh noes!” about it.

  29. Anyway – does anyone want to adopt a cat?

    Miss Molly, small, no longer so adorable black cat, pee’d somewhere inappropriate last night, despite having a very expensive litter tray set-up available. No carpets, bedding or treasures were ruined, but my trusty hair dryer is now in the bin. Electrical dangers aside, I did not think I wanted to blow dry my hair with hot, eau de cat piss scented air. She has been forgiven, just this once, on the grounds she is still recovering from serious surgery a couple of months ago. I will have my revenge. She is due for immunisation (no anti-cat-vaxer rubbish here) next week and will be taken back to see Bill the vet.

    Miss Nicki, small grey huntress extraordinaire, has just brought me a present, or maybe dinner, from a cat point of view. A large, fat white moth, very much alive. Miss Annie, third cat, decided it was HER moth and there has been an argument. The moth has been caught and chucked outside and two cats are now sulking. Miss Molly, wary of causing further offence, has abstained from moth hunting and is, for the moment the picture of innocence.


  30. Thanks for all the refreshments.
    Must admit I’m not too fussy but have a preference for bourbon and dry.
    Cheers all.

  31. Stony,

    Click on your existing avatar. Wait. Eventually . . . register with avatar. Select your preferred pic. Wait.

    Eventuallly . . .

    . . . your preferred pic will show up.

    I may have missed a few steps, but that’s the essential direction.

    Especially the waiting.

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