Feeling Lazy Friday

It was quiet . . . TOO quiet . . .

It was hot, too . . . TOO hot . . . and getting hotter . . .

At this time of year, the streets of Kew – even the arterials – are so deserted that most of the time you could fire a shotgun and only hit an Indian myna.

In my side street, more than half the neighbours are away – at the beach, wherever – who knows? Anyway, it’s really really quiet.

The Pub’s been a bit quiet, too. Doesn’t matter; people are more than welcome to sit in a comfortable nook and think their own thoughts.

It’s a good time to contemplate. “Normal” life will resume soon enough.

So you are all welcome to chill here, and be lazy with me.

Just remember . . . if moi is asleep . . .

(Image Credit: Quilt Inspiration)

(The Italics Fairy strikes again…)


282 thoughts on “Feeling Lazy Friday

  1. Leone,

    Do think there’s any chance the Good Loyal Girl has counselled abbott against his doctor’s advice, saying wtte:

    No wukkas, Tones, a bowl through Baghdad on your bike’ll be a breeze!

  2. Kaffeeklatscher & Leone,

    Well, we already knew the GLG had told Her Dear Leader to go ferret, but it’s so nice to find myself surrounded by similarly warped like-minded people.

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