So This Is Christmas 2014.

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Well Pubsters,we have survived our first full year under the prime ministerhip of the idiot.


WE have had ups and downs but we are still pretty lucky to be living here compared to a lot of other countries.

Labor hold a commanding lead in all the opinion polls and barring any monumental blunder I fail to see how the Idiot can recover. He has blown what little trust he had with voters and his miserable henchmen and women are not popular as well.All in all I am a lot happier this year at this time than I was 12 months ago.

The Christmas theme was the original theme when the Pub first opened it’s doors over 2 years ago so I thought it would be nice to revisit it at this time of year.

To each and everyone of you ,commenter’s and lurkers alike, I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy wondrous new Year.Like the man said “Lets Hope it’s a good one”


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  1. gigilene

    Got the photo’s of the foxes okay, just not the babies swimming, never mind, I’m sure they’ll turn up again.


    Great to see you here, hope all is well with you.

  2. Fiona

    I got to be a big admirer of crocs. Definitely not cute in any possible way but I think the littlies look cute.

    Re the “handbag” comment. May I just say 😆 !!!! Must admit to having a very nice wallet from a croc that I am sure volunteered for the job.

  3. I’m starting to be a bit nervous that in the UK there might be a Conservative-UKIP coalition government that will be victorious in May.

    For now it’s granted that the Liberal Democrats will be smashed, but increasingly it looks more likely that Labour won’t win a majority because of the unpopularity of Ed Miliband,

    While the SNP looks like it’ll form a very powerful bloc in Westminster, there’s still the chance in England that the Conservatives and UKIP win enough seats to form a coalition government that will make the next 5 years in the UK very dark indeed.

  4. Damn – I can’t remember how to put tweets up! If someone can help with that excellent one, please feel free!

  5. Rescued scientists bring back a terrifying warning from the Antarctic

    The icebound crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy made headlines but, a year on, the fruits of their expedition are revealed

    The voyage was meant to retrace the steps of Douglas Mawson, the great polar explorer and scientist who led the Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 1911. What happened instead captured the world’s attention, something none of the scientists, journalists and paying public aboard could have foreseen

  6. Lazy day today. Is it possible we will get a break from the NE over the break between Xmas and New Year, sort of 12 days of Christmas with no sign of a blue tie? Which has me thinking, how many and to whom were blue ties sold as Xmas gifts?

  7. Fiona

    A Thomas Mann quote

    “Not only will you break through the paralysing difficulties of the time you will break through time itself … and dare to be barbaric, twice barbaric indeed “

  8. Fiona

    From his “Temptations of Faust: The Logic of Fascism and Postmodern Archaeologies of Modernity” . Those ‘Chermans’ love a snappy title.

  9. Kaffeeklatscher,

    Shame on me!

    Dr Faustus is on one of the shelves of my study – just behind my chair, in fact – and I should have worked out the source for myself.

    One of those novels that had a huge effect on me.

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