Friday Reflection

I don’t know about you, but I have found this week emotionally draining. So, for a complete change of pace, I thought I would share pictures of some of my favourite parts of Australia.

Please feel free to add your own, as well as your favourite music.

Oh, the bar and kitchen are open.

Now for the pictures.

Rosedale (the NSW one), taken from the balcony of the house where I spent quite a lot of time in my adolescence:

(Image Credit: Real Estate dot com)

Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenongs:

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Sunset, Alyangula, Groote Eylandt:

(Image Credit: Fred and Bev’s Odyssey)

The Blue Mountains (I can’t find the image on the web, so cannot give credit):

The Razorback, Loch Ard Gorge:

(Image Credit: Jacqui Barker)

Bredbo on the Monaro:

(Image Credit: Fisk & Nagle)

Last of all – and my desktop background – The Coorong:

(Image Credit: Surinder Jain)

309 thoughts on “Friday Reflection

  1. some random tweets –

  2. Oh dear, Morrison won’t be happy about that. All that time turning the Immigration ministry into the most powerful cabinet position wasted.

    It is a worry though, I bet he’ll figure out a way to get Navy personnel to guard Centrelink offices or round up people on Newstart.

    And ew, Peter Dutton to Immigration? Well, he’s pretty incompetent so we can expect that to blow up pretty dramatically.

  3. Fiona I expect operational secrecy over social services shortly, under Howard welfare agencies were defunded if they spoke out

    God help the pensioners of all stripes!

  4. Kirsdarke, very perceptive comment about Scrott making Immigration a powerful department
    Is Rabbott nobbling threats to his position

  5. Mrs Karen Andrews ” worked as an engineer at various power stations, chemical and petrochemical sites before embarking on a career as an industrial relations advocate and entering politics.” Wikipedia

    she should be a great asset to Ian Macfarlane a queensland grazier and current minister for industry

  6. Penny Wong – You don’t need to have this extensive a reshuffle if your cabinet is performing well.

  7. The abbott is hoping morriscum will be able to bully the senate to pass his ppl and dole bludger measures. Do nuttin dutton is the idiot for taking the flak for morriscum’s Immigration stuff-ups. Defence personnel can wallow in andrew’s counselling programmes and feel secure in his ‘safe pair of hands’…good luck to them.

  8. Ian McFarlane now gets science to add to his Industry portfolio.

    He can get a dog as far as I care.

  9. So, basically the same old tired incompetents in different chairs. Funny though, I thought everyone was getting an A from Abbott.

    Morrison safely shafted by Abbott – he is now the man slated to take away people’s goodies, so will go from grudging acceptance of heartless competence to eternal hatred.

    Andrews and Dutton in key portfolios where the LNP usually holds a lead in public perception – expect that to change as they both stuff them up right royally.

    Ley should be good – a hell of a lot better than Dutton (not that is any recommendation).

    The laughs should continue in the coming year – another reshuffle late next year should be the coup de grace for this bunch of ninnys.

  10. Tones – “I’m pleased now that there’s a second woman in Cabinet”‘

    I.e. You wenches need to be more RW Nutters.

  11. l2

    Abbott says this is a ‘reset and refocus’ reshuffle.

    Tone’s “reset” just a chook-yard thing.

    How useless with a useless Parliamentary Party.

    Choices for dickhead = Nil.

  12. From Confessions across the road

    Samantha Maiden @samanthamaiden · 6m 6 minutes ago
    Watch Scott Morrison turn his new portfolio & new role on Budget razor gang as quasi Eco team role talking /budget reform, would be my bet.

    Sam’s tweets before the announcement were accurate. Sounds like the razor is being taken to pensioners of all stripes as Scrott demonstrates his understanding of Economics 101 a la Murdoch rather than Samuelson

  13. Razz and I are now officially terrified. Maybe the lovely lady that delivered the hamper the other day knew something we didn’t know.

  14. Terrified? I’m too busy laughing.. THIS team is supposed to win an election? It looks like Abbott desperately want to lose.

  15. It is not this team or any of the useless coalition idiots that worry me. It is the power base that is propping up the abbott and the fact that they’ve got their stooges in every meaningful office in the country.

  16. Morrison was understood to have been disappointed having sought the defence portfolio in the reshuffle

    Great. A minister with a grudge. Stand by for leaks and plotting. Scrott won’t take this lying down, not after just managing to give himself more power than anyone else in government. Dutton will have that power now.

    Scrott’s last announcement as Minister for Monstering Asylum Seekers was to tell us that 100 adults and 94 children have been moved from Christmas Island to Darwin.

    They are now in a bigger detention centre looked after by the minister himself. We are told they are waiting to be housed in the community. That could take years, they are behind a queue of 33,000 waiting for processing. There is no guarantee any of them will be found to be genuine refugees when they are finally processed.

    Scrott never promised these poor sods would stay on the mainland – just keep that in mind. Those found to be refugees – and that could well be a very small minority – will quite possibly be quietly freighted off to Cambodia or some other hell hole. The rest will just be sent back where they came from.

  17. I am not convinced we will have a federal election in 2015, 2016. I suspect a national emergency to stop elections when they realise they can’t win

  18. Talk of suspending elections is far too pessimistic. For one thing, it would probably mean suspending the constitution. Anyway, Liberals love elections. Or trying to rig them. For Liberals, elections are nothing to be feared. Ask Jackie Kelly! In China they have millions of elections every day. And the Chinese voted for an ordinary tennis player in Bennelong. But that was probably because Li Na won Wimbledon. I mean, join the dots ..

  19. BK, sorry to hear of the travails of your son.

    I am not surprised humans can inflict so much pain on others.

    My younger sister was here this week, with christmass presents for me and Mum. She married a control freak who kicked Mum and Dad out of his house. This individual made his 6yo son give evidence against his Mum my sister. So I see her for 5 minutes 2-3 times a year, she never sits down, can’t allow herself to relax to that extent. The control freak built houses for his kids (2 by an earlier wife, 3 by my sister) in a big circle around his house so they can check up on each other and every night he drives around the five houses, checking up on them.

    On Christmass Day I will be happily surrounded by nieces and great nieces and nephews from my oldest sister (even great greats.) I have not met any of the great nieces/nephews from my younger sister’s kids.

    Merry Christmass!

  20. WW1 records – I’m looking through.

    In the last 3 years of the war Monash chose to place the Brittish on his left with an Indian Army Division deployed behind both – more than 70% behind ‘them’.

    He obviously lacked confidence.

  21. Totally changing the subject—I am making 12 ginger–infused creme brulees for the family Christmass get together. That means I will have like 14 egg whites—and I will be heading off to Loxton the next day!

    Meringue aside—anybody have a nice recipe with lots of egg whites, no yolks?

  22. Morrison’s move to the Social Services portfolio signals an all out assault on welfare payments.
    Qualifications for any payment will be tightened, indexation will be frozen and Work for the Dole will be universal.
    The family home will be included in the assets test for the Aged Pension. It will be assessed at current market value, ignoring the fact that when it was purchased the price paid was perhaps 50% of the current value.
    This will force people needing the pension to sell their home and move out of suburbia to cheaper areas and use the proceeds of the sale to survive. Bugger the welfare of the elderly , the Budget is more important!

  23. When Morriscum starts being hairy chested against pensioners—well, who hasn’t got parents or grandparents on the pension in their own home? He will fins SS rather different to Immigration—and monkey is counting on that to neuter one possible challenger.

    Freezing egg whites sounds like a solution, Leone. Be cooking for a small dinner party on Wednesday as well as for the big family lunch Christmass Day.

  24. CTar1

    I read Rommel’s diaries and got a few larfs out of the North Africa campaign. Writing before a number of battles he would write of the difficulty he was having deciding where to put the Italians so as to cause the least damage to his plans. He rated individual Italian soldiers “as brave as any man” but despaired of them when in groups.

    Another larf was when he was caught unaware and abandoned a coastal town/city without much of a fight . However he regrouped very quickly and was set to retake the town in a swift counter attack. He was flabbergasted to find a stack of urgent messages from the Italian high command begging him not to bomb the place. Why ? Turned out it was a resort town and a number of them feared damage to villas they had there..

  25. Pol Animal,

    Just remember to label the container and to record the number of egg whites. Or you might even split across a couple of containers.

  26. PolAnimal
    What an rzhole.

    There is this comfort; the one thing the control freak cannot control is his appointment with a pine box. That is when they get their come-uppence. There is no going gracefully into the night for them.

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