Friday Reflection

I don’t know about you, but I have found this week emotionally draining. So, for a complete change of pace, I thought I would share pictures of some of my favourite parts of Australia.

Please feel free to add your own, as well as your favourite music.

Oh, the bar and kitchen are open.

Now for the pictures.

Rosedale (the NSW one), taken from the balcony of the house where I spent quite a lot of time in my adolescence:

(Image Credit: Real Estate dot com)

Sherbrooke Forest in the Dandenongs:

(Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Sunset, Alyangula, Groote Eylandt:

(Image Credit: Fred and Bev’s Odyssey)

The Blue Mountains (I can’t find the image on the web, so cannot give credit):

The Razorback, Loch Ard Gorge:

(Image Credit: Jacqui Barker)

Bredbo on the Monaro:

(Image Credit: Fisk & Nagle)

Last of all – and my desktop background – The Coorong:

(Image Credit: Surinder Jain)

309 thoughts on “Friday Reflection

  1. ABC 24’s Facebook page has 499 comments on Morrison’s appointment- so far all that I have read except one are negative against Morrison.

  2. Since The Age started putting up documentaries of WW2 personalities I’ve been watching quite a few of them lately on youtube and elsewhere.

    The first was Nazi Collaborators which was really interesting, the title pretty much is what it is. Learned a lot about people like Quisling and what happened in Croatia (although I’ve heard critics say that the series is not entirely accurate).

    The next was Soviet Storm, a quite frankly excellent modern series on the Russian front in the war. A bit one-sided (it was originally made by Russians) but very detailed.

    Now I’m watching Hitler’s Henchmen, which so far is more concerned about talking about how horrible they were, but some interesting facts are in there too. Hopefully in 50 years they’ll do another series called Abbott’s Accomplices.

  3. BarryJ
    All that and more. Morrison has been handed a poisoned chalice. He will have to handle all the nasties you mention as well as bringing in all the things this government cannot avoid if it is ever to get that elusive surplus. The 6 month wait for the dole still hasn’t passed the senate. Getting rid of Howard’s middle class welfare seniors supplement is essential if the government is serious about cutting the welfare bill, and that is going to make a lot of very wealthy rusted-on Coalition voters very, very angry.

    Up until now Morrison’s bastardry has just angered those of us who support humane treatment of asylum seekers, mainly Labor and Greens voters. Now Morrison will get to make everyone angry. His ambition to be PM has been thwarted. Giving him social Services was a masterstroke. I see Peta’s hand in this. Abbott doesn’t have the intelligence to come up with such a Machiavellian plan.

  4. Kirsdarke

    A comprehensive doco is “Russia’s War – Blood Upon the Snow” . Available on YouTube it deals with the lead up as well as the war. 10 episode with about 45 minutes per episode.

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