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Hello patrons . Welcome to the Final Friday raffle night for 2014.


What a year we have had. Some good ,some bad,some in-between.

For us good guys I think we are in a far better position and are lot more optimistic now than what we were at this time last year.


Bill Shorten download and the labor team are doing a sterling job in difficult circumstances,admittedly helped by the fact that our current PM.

abbott 25 Aug 2014 is nothing more than an idiotic,lying,disgraceful excuse for a Human being who only got into power,because he had the backing of the rich and powerful and the cheering on of a biased incompetent MSM.



Here’s hoping 2015 is just as bad for the Coalition as this year was and they continue to lose ground in the polls.

A Good Luck Gesture (File contains clipping path)



Now The Important Stuff.

The Kitty according to my limited understanding of mathematics now stands at the grand total of


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How lucky that it ended up a nice round figure.


The poll results showed a overwhelming desire for the money to be donated to a Animal Charity.

My suggestion is we Adopt a Animal from the WWF and sponsor it for a year.


If you have some ideas for something else speak up and we will conduct another poll,with the winner being the recipent of the cash.

Thanks to all who took part in this years raffle.

Special thanks must go to CK. WATT for conducting the raffles every Friday Night. He does a terrific job.



BK for his Dawn Patrol Links. I think for a lot of us that is our first port of call for information each Morning.

Thanks BK.


Bushfirebill for his help in running this place and his insightful commentary and Photoshop masterpieces.

Thanks my friend .



The one person who without “THE PUB ” would be a sad imitation of what it has become is of course.


Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into making “The PUB ” what it is. You are truly one of a kind.


To everyone else ,Thanks for your contributions, poems,photos,stories sad and happy. You all make this a great place to come too.

Thanks also to the lurkers for having a look, even if you don’t comment ( But you should 1 day ).I hope you enjoy the place.

The PUB will of course be here over the Christmas period. We never close, a 24/7/365 establishment.

Raffles will continue at some stage early next year.

In the meantime I may run a few Trivia Comps. like we did at Easter. They seemed to be popular.

Once again Thank You to all and as always Have A Good Night.


505 thoughts on “FINAL FRIDAY RAFFLES 2014

  1. Just how dumb does think government think we are? HoJo is now denying he ever set a ‘firm’ date for the budget to return to surplus.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey says the federal budget will be used as a “shock absorber” to protect the economy from the largest fall in the terms of trade since 1959, while insisting he never set a firm date for the economy to return to surplus

    I suppose Joe’s weasel words means he never gave the actual date, like ‘on 31 May 2015 at precisiely 3.16 pm the budget will return to surplus’. Silly us, for thinking ‘in our first year’ was a promise. We just misunderstood again. We are such silly voters, never hearing things properly.

    Either Joe has Alzheimers or he is lying. He and Abbott kept making the ‘return to surplus in our frst year of government’ promise right up until the last election, then, once safely elected they ditched it within hours and began to whine about ‘Labor’s mess’.

    Sadly for Joe, we do have proof of his ‘promise’.

    Joe at the NPC May 2012. Link includes the video. No need to watch the whole thing, the quote is at 20.40.

    Based on the numbers presented last Tuesday night we will achieve a surplus in our first year in office and we will achieve a surplus for every year of our first term.

    Our surpluses will be real. They will not be based on moving payments and revenue around in the same way this Government has in the Budget

    Bonus extra
    You will notice Joe rubbed just under his eye as he said that. Body language experts say that is a sign of lying.

    Reaching for the eyes, rubbing the eyes or touching the skin below the eyes are all abbreviated forms of eye covering. It is a response to the embarrassment caused by the lie and is, in effect, an attempt to “see no evil.”

  2. Tere was a Newspoll out last night, it’s not getting much attention this morning because it was still bad news for the government.
    2PP – no change, 54/46 to the good guys.
    Primary votes – Coaltion 38 (+1) Labor 39 (+2) Greens 12 (-1)
    Abbott – approve 33 (0) disapprove 58 (+1)
    Shorten – approve 37 (-2) disapprove 43 (0)
    Preferred PM – Abbott 37 (+1) Shorten 44 (+1)

  3. I noticed the piece about Gary Humphries in BK’s links this morning.
    The fact that the Canberra Liberals seem determined to veer hard right, in one of the most (if not THE most) progressive jurisdiction in Australia, is just insane.
    BludgerTrack currently shows Labor leading in the Territories 66.1%-33.9%. If one assumes that the situation in Canberra is more favourable for Labor than the NT, you’re almost at the point where the Greens could do the unthinkable and knock Zed Grade Seselja out of the ACT’s second Senate seat. Not that that would be bad, of course, but for the Canberra Liberals it would be catastrophic.

  4. Geebus, hose poor people. I hope this siege ends peacefully.

    On another note, I expect that unless the division and misery seeded by the Abbott gov’t is not relieved, we will see greater and greater levels of social unrest.

  5. Reporting here from Beecroft, Terror Central. Apparently suspected terrorists who had been arrested in the big swoop a few months ago have been re-arrested.

    Took a drive down the street where the arrest took place, but no sign of police. No “crime scene” tape, no cars. Nothing.

    Just heard the news about Martin Plaza, right across the street from Channel 7 studios. Ray Hadley is going apeshit.

    Unbelievably, Chris Kenny rang into his show and revealed he had been in the Lindt Cafe (where the hostages are being held) only 3 or 4 minutes before the police started to arrive, so it sounds like he left the place and almost immediately afterwards the move was made.

    He told Hadley he was racking his brain to try to figure out who the hostage taker was, among the 20 or so people in the cafe.

    Hadley and ABC radio are now reporting that an ISIS flag has been sighted in the window of the cafe.

  6. ABCnews24 has stopped calling it an Isis flag after they corrected themselves, explaining it was not an ISIS flag but a black piece of cloth with “There is no god but allah and muhummad is the messenger of allah’.

    It is not an ISIS flag and it is totally irresponsible for anyone to be reporting that it is. If there is one thing we need in these situations, it is accurate non-beat up reporting.

    At this rate, the police will be dealing with race riots as well as a siege.

  7. Hi folks

    just spotted on Twitter, with a quick follow-up by ABC (in amongst the siege news..)

    Added to this mornings newspoll, and negative Myefo fallout, any walls in the NE vicinity may need protection today…! Unfortunate timing tho, MSM will be turning themselves inside out on terrorism news for the next couple of days so will not have to look for other news distractions..

  8. “Ray Hadley, a presenter at 2GB radio station, is saying the hostage takers want to talk to the prime minister, Tony Abbott, live on air.”

    Good luck with that, Mr Hostage Taker. We’ve all been asking for live interviews with Abbott for years. He doesn’t do live chats, unless it’s Alan Jones. Or Ray, of course. Guess who wants to handle the live interview.

    It sounds like Abbott is desperate for this to be a terrorist attack. It’s more likely some nutter with a gun. Or Joe trying to distract us from his MYEFO.

  9. The The National Security Committee of Cabinet met this moirning for briefings on the siege – Abbott, Truss, Bishop, Brandis, Hockey, Johnston, Morrison and if required, Cormann.

    Does that make you feel reassured? Safe? I thought not.

    The MSM are really hyping up the lies, absolutely salivating over the possiblity of a terrorist event. Hadley claimed police were raiding homes in Lakemba and the mosque there. They were not. The police were at the mosque for an induction day. Thre’s also a whole load of garbage about the flag having ‘Islamic’ writing. It’s not, it’s Arabic.

    ABC24 using the correct ‘Arabic writing’ and now giving reasons why this is not a terrorist attack. Thank goodness for some common sense.

  10. Probably Joe Hockey, figuring it is the only way he will get to talk to Abbott about MYEFO without Credlin butting in to the conversation.

  11. ajcanberra
    Obviously the newish, repressive laws haven’t worked so the government might as well give us back our old freedom.

  12. ajcanberra

    Can they get more repressive?

    Twitter is full of siege porn, tv is full of it. MYEFO cancelled. Abbott to give pc at 12.30. What on earth for?

  13. From my colleague, federal political reporter, Daniel Hurst:

    The treasurer, Joe Hockey, had been due to release the mid-year budget update at 12.30pm but those plans have now changed in light of the Sydney developments. It’s understood the government still wants to release the document today but Hockey’s 12.30pm press conference has been called off.

  14. How’s he going to stuff up this time?

    Prime minister Tony Abbott will address reporters in Canberra at 12.30pm.

  15. Abbott will look concerned, um and arrrgh a lot, say his prayers are with the hostages, muttter a bit about ‘I told you there would be a terrorist attack one day’ and bugger off. He doesn’t know any more than we do about why someone is holding hostages in a chocolate shop in Martin Place. His presser will be a pointless, grand-standing, milk-a-serious-hostage-situation-for-all-the-propaganda-it’s-worth stunt.

  16. I am not watching the Abbott presser. I do not want to be subjected to the NE’s bad handling of this situation.
    My son said Abbott was concern trolling. “We do not know it this politically motived…”


  17. Can we expect an Abbott press conference every time there is some kind of hold up in Australia? I watched his statement and he added nothing that had not been said by the NSW police. I guess the times they are a changing.

  18. I’ve followed ABC News24, Twitter, and The Guardian for over an hour. I still don’t know much more if anything than I did an hour or so back. That’s the trouble with the 24/7 new cycle: how do they fill in the ‘Waiting for Godot’ bits where nothing is happening nor can be found out.

    As far as I can determine there are at least 13 hostages and one gunman. Some reports have got as high as 50 and two, but they seem speculative.

    Perhaps the aim both of the terrorists/gunman and security authorities and even of news people is to build up the drama, thereby adding to their own importance in things. It may be an unfair assumption because there are very critical matters of public safety to consider.

    I just feel that a more detached approach may lead to a more reasoned outcome. Repetition and speculation adds nothing in a siege situation. That said, I hope the situation is resolved safely.

  19. There is no doubt that Abbott has one eye on his own survival but he needs to be incredibly careful. When all is said and done, this is on his watch. On the BBC, they mentioned that he has been accused previously of grandstanding. Of course, on ABC24, some nobody has basically creamed himself at how Abbott has handled. To be expected, of course.

    That all said, all I want is for the hostages to be released unharmed. And I wouldn’t mind it one bit if the police or whoever put a couple of dozen rounds into the perpetrator/s. I have no compunction whatsoever about that.

  20. Some common sense from James Brown.

  21. Another inanity from Queensland

    The Queensland police commissioner has ordered every available police officer on to the streets but there is no indication there is a threat in the state, the Brisbane Times reports:

    Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart has ordered every available police officer onto Queensland streets as the nation reacts to the Sydney siege.

    But Mr Stewart said there was no indication or intelligence that any attack was planned for Queensland.

  22. Apparently Hadley is talking to a hostage . What a grub if true.

    “@tomsteinfort: Ray Hadley says he spoke with hostage, and could hear the gunman in the background barking orders and demanding to go live on air”

  23. Shorter Hockey:

    “We have strengthened the economy so much that I borrowed $8 bill and gave it to the Reserve Bank, spent $1 billion on searching for a lost airliner and a lost war in Iraq, repealed the Carbon Tax which was generating billions in revenue, emasculated the Alternative Energy Industry because I think windfarms are ugly, told the Automotive Manufacturing industry and its support industry to rack off and killed the NBN because there was some asbestos in the pits, so I just paid $11 billion for them.

    Now that all this shit has happened the best thing I can think of is to supply nannies sucking off the government tit as a way to save Australia. Thank youse all. Have a good rest of your miserable lives.”

  24. Can we expect an Abbott press conference every time there is some kind of hold up in Australia?

    Apparently the police were tipped off about a gun in a bag and, when they approached him, the offender scarpered into the restaurant. He could have been on the way to a robbery I suppose, but do armed robbers usually carry around “There is no god but God…” flags?

  25. Apparently, cutting hospital funding by 900 million over four years is not breaking an election promise. The Belgian knucklehead called it a “flow-on effect”. Don’t ask me of what.

  26. The government has cut an extra $3.7bn from budgeted foreign aid spending over three years


    Suck on that, all you foreign leaners!

  27. What a shame this hostage situation didn’t occur last week, just before Newspoll. It could have been worth a bit of a boost in Abbott’s figures. Their ABC has been trying to talk up the way Abbott has handed the situation. Actually he has done nothing except have briefings, meet with his National Security Committeee (the ones who are not out of the country, anyway) and do an entirely predictable presser in which he said nothing much except for a bit of a dog whistle.

  28. Hadley claimed he was talking to a hostage off air and 2GB said the police commissioner had confirmed that.

    That was before they knew the commissioner was going to hold a presser. Scipione said there had been no contact with hostages.

    Will Hadley be sacked this afternoon over this and other lies he has told today? Of course not. His listeners wouldn’t be watching press conferences, just as they would not be looking at reports shooting down Hadley’s claims of police raids at Lakemba. They will keep on believeing every word Hadley says.Hadley will probaly get a pay rise and congratulations from 2GB management for an increase in his ratings.

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