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Hello patrons . Welcome to the Final Friday raffle night for 2014.


What a year we have had. Some good ,some bad,some in-between.

For us good guys I think we are in a far better position and are lot more optimistic now than what we were at this time last year.


Bill Shorten download and the labor team are doing a sterling job in difficult circumstances,admittedly helped by the fact that our current PM.

abbott 25 Aug 2014 is nothing more than an idiotic,lying,disgraceful excuse for a Human being who only got into power,because he had the backing of the rich and powerful and the cheering on of a biased incompetent MSM.



Here’s hoping 2015 is just as bad for the Coalition as this year was and they continue to lose ground in the polls.

A Good Luck Gesture (File contains clipping path)



Now The Important Stuff.

The Kitty according to my limited understanding of mathematics now stands at the grand total of


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How lucky that it ended up a nice round figure.


The poll results showed a overwhelming desire for the money to be donated to a Animal Charity.

My suggestion is we Adopt a Animal from the WWF and sponsor it for a year.


If you have some ideas for something else speak up and we will conduct another poll,with the winner being the recipent of the cash.

Thanks to all who took part in this years raffle.

Special thanks must go to CK. WATT for conducting the raffles every Friday Night. He does a terrific job.



BK for his Dawn Patrol Links. I think for a lot of us that is our first port of call for information each Morning.

Thanks BK.


Bushfirebill for his help in running this place and his insightful commentary and Photoshop masterpieces.

Thanks my friend .



The one person who without “THE PUB ” would be a sad imitation of what it has become is of course.


Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into making “The PUB ” what it is. You are truly one of a kind.


To everyone else ,Thanks for your contributions, poems,photos,stories sad and happy. You all make this a great place to come too.

Thanks also to the lurkers for having a look, even if you don’t comment ( But you should 1 day ).I hope you enjoy the place.

The PUB will of course be here over the Christmas period. We never close, a 24/7/365 establishment.

Raffles will continue at some stage early next year.

In the meantime I may run a few Trivia Comps. like we did at Easter. They seemed to be popular.

Once again Thank You to all and as always Have A Good Night.


505 thoughts on “FINAL FRIDAY RAFFLES 2014

  1. Lucky Roy ‏@LuckyRoy6 8s8 seconds ago
    Related? Police operation in Eastgardens carpark. Large area cordoned off, several police cars + security #Lindt

    I was there about fifteen minutes ago. Hopefully an entirely different matter but they weren’t putting up with any crap…

  2. You betcha!

    “It’s the economy, stupid.”

    That famous phrase, uttered by advisor James Carville in 1992 to then presidential hopeful Bill Clinton, has resonated across the globe.

    It doesn’t matter how successful a leader is at foreign policy, infrastructure, social policy or education. If the economy tanks, and voters end up worse off, you’ll soon be an ex-politician.

  3. Even a mathematically challenged granny can see the truth behind HoJo’s ballooning deficit.

    Borrow at least three times the amount Labor was borrowing every week, adding billions to the deficit. (You can work out the maths on that one, an average $1.5 billion a week since September 2013, with a few weeks off over last Christmas minus Labor’s one hundred million a day for a financial year. Throw your findings into Joe’s Budget Hole.)
    Axe the MRRT and add $6.6 billion to the budget Joe Hole
    Give the Reserve Bank $8.8 billion they didn’t want and add that to the hole.
    Axe the carbon price and add $7.4 billion to the hole.
    Slash manufacturing and public service jobs, preside over the highest unemployment numbers since 2002 (when Abbott was employment minister) and watch as income tax revenue drops by $2.5 billion over this financial year and more aftetr that.
    Donate a billion or so to the search for MH370.
    Throw in a few more billion for Abbott’s War.

    All that must be bringing us pretty close to that $50 billion blow-out.

    All this government’s doing, nothing to do with what Labor did in government.

    But it will all be OK because Joe is going to fix the budget by cutting foreign aid. Thank goodness we have the adults in charge.

    Can we have the kids back now? At least they knew how to manage the national piggy bank.

  4. Swan’s cash splash through the worst of the crisis – when our banks were temporarily paralysed – was a textbook response.

    In the end, however, arch nemesis Joe Hockey exploited the debt blow-out and the descent into deficit to paint Wayne as an economic dunderhead.

    But what goes around …

    Treasurer Joe Hockey has unveiled the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO), an update from the May budget – you know, the one that has yet to get through the Senate.

    And despite all the promises of fiscal repair, of ridding the nation of “Labor’s debt and deficit disaster”, things have deteriorated sharply since Tony Abbott and Joe took the wheel.

    Our national output is declining, unemployment is climbing and consumer confidence is shot.

    The tyro Treasurer had all the right intentions when he assumed the role – cutting spending and lifting income to bring the budget back to surplus in three years.

    But the targeted cuts and increased taxes hit the young, the lower paid and weaker sections of society harder than older, wealthier and better-established. At least that’s the way it has been perceived by voters and, when you are in politics, that’s all that counts.

    Could have been written by Bushfire Bill.

  5. Business case? What business case?

    You Victorians dodged a bullet

    Steep increases to existing tolls and the implementation of new ones were a fundamental part of the East West Link road’s business case as the former Victorian government tried to fill a $2.1bn funding black hole.

    All the incarnations of the business case for the controversial $6.8bn toll road were released to the media on Monday morning after being kept under wraps by the former premier, Denis Napthine.

    Just check the spin!

  6. Just what the police need. Serial pest and total dickhead Ralph Cerminara has shown up at the siege to rant about Islam. Cerminara, if you aren’t familiar with the name, is head of the Australian Defence League, a rabidly anti-Muslim organisation.

    Police moved him on. He should have been arrested and charged.

  7. God Almighty! No wonder JG never got any empathy with this level trivialisation. 4 news TV networks (perhaps 5 if I’d looked at SBS) broadcasting the siege/hostage crisis non-stop for over 6 hours and giving us very little that we did not already know in the first half-hour!.

    Apart from the odd indirect witness and the occasional expert commentary, it has mostly been reporters talking to other reporters – exactly the same reason they failed to report anything useful on government over the past four years.

    The primary breaking news this afternoon was the “escape” of four “hostages”. Except that according to online reports I’d seen half an hour earlier, these men were just in the building. They were not being held in the cafe, albeit one of these was a Lindt employee. Escape was through the fire door. It remains to be determined if these people were hostages or merely in the vicinity – notwithstanding that they were at risk.

    I doubt whether any of this story will go anywhere until the police negotiators can reason with the gunman.

  8. I’m sick of bad news, hostage situations, lying treasurers and scare-mongering I need something to make me happy – so –
    An eight month old Bengal cat. Bengal cats are Trouble, but I’d have this kitty in a heartbeat, if I could afford it, and if I didn’t already have more than enough cats –

  9. gorgeousdunny1

    Agree. This is over the top bullshit.
    Wall to wall terrorism rants on every network. It is one bloke with a gun holding hostages. It has happened before many times but none ever got close to this level of response.
    The only difference this time is he held up a flag with some Arabic writing on it. It is NOT The ISIS Flag.
    Our Media are shit.I bet the idiot is hoping he is a Muslim terrorist so he can bring in more laws.

    Or supreme conspiracy theory. How convenient for Abbott and the Hockey and the rest of the Libs that this has happened on the day the the MYEFO was to be released. Taken all the attention away from their bungling of the budget.

  10. A leopard in miniature, Leone. Beautiful! Thank you for that. We do need the respite.

    Looks like I might be wrong to the extent that the runaways were actual hostages. For that, bravo, and glad for them and their families they’re safe. I’d still prefer not to be so concentrated on a stalemate.

    Hope they have Judge Deed on Seven Two tonight.

  11. Apparently the bloke wants a ISIL Flag and wants to speak to” The Idiot”.

    Tone must be going to stroll down and Shirtfront him. You bet he will.

  12. FFS!
    Among the hundreds of people who are gathering in Martin Place to watch the siege are people taking selfies and people drinking, according to tweets from Buzzfeed Oz reporter Mark Di Stefano.

    — Let it Di Stefasnow (@MarkDiStef) December 15, 2014

    The punters are back taking selfies 100m from the Lindt Cafe #sydneysiege

    — Let it Di Stefasnow (@MarkDiStef) December 15, 2014

    A detection dog deployed and is weaving through those gathered to watch #sydneysiege… more booze in the crowd.

  13. The Kouk gets it

    Joe Hockey’s budget update in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (Myefo) statement shows unthinking and inflexible economic policy.

    The treasurer suggests he is allowing the budget’s “shock absorbers” to cushion the economy from the impact of what looks like being the sharpest fall in the terms of trade since at least the 1960s.

    This should mean fiscal policy is adding to economic growth, but Myefo encapsulates a policy agenda entrenched in the deficit reduction obsession, with little regard to the challenges unfolding in the real economy. Those challenges are a slowing growth rate, falling national income and rising unemployment.

  14. There’s more good stuff there

    Hockey would be wise to learn the macroeconomic management lessons of Labor’s former treasurer Wayne Swan.

  15. No comment from me is necessary

    $2.99 SPECIAL

    I love it! If you are a senior you will understand this one, if you deal with seniors, this should help you understand them a little better, and if you are not a senior yet, God willing… someday you will be.

    The 2.99 Special

    We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the ‘seniors’ special’ was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.99.

    ‘Sounds good,’ my wife said, ‘But I don’t want the eggs.’

    ‘Then, I’ll have to charge you $3.49 because you’re ordering a la carte,’ the waitress warned her.

    ‘You mean I’d have to pay for not taking the eggs?’ my wife asked incredulously.

    ‘YES!’ stated the waitress.

    ‘I’ll take the special then,’ my wife said.

    ‘How do you want your eggs?’ the waitress asked.

    ‘Raw and in the shell,’ my wife replied.

    She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.

    DON’T MESS WITH SENIORS! WE’VE been around the block more than once!

  16. This (the hullabaloo in Martn Place and the media reaction to it) is the biggest unicorn I’ve seen for quite a while.

  17. That Morgan – OK, who are these old codgers who still prefer the Coalition? Pensioner turkeys voting for Christmas? Well-off retirees who don’t give a stuff about anyoone else as long as they can still have their annual overseas trip? Old dears with Alzheimers who still think Menzies is in charge?

  18. Just asking – if you were in a hostage situation and the hostage taker had not seen fit to take away your phone, would you call
    (a) your family
    (b) the police
    (c) a TV station
    (d) Ray Hadley.

    Both Channel 9 and Channel 10 (and Hadley, but we won’t pay any attention to him because he tells porkies) are claiming to have been contacted by hostages. That leaves me to conclude that
    (a) the hostage taker is incomptent because he allowed his hostages to keep their phones
    (b) He wants the publicity and has instructed his hostages to contact the media. This, plus the choice of a location just metres away from Channel 7 HQ gives me the idea that this is all about publicity and is the work of a lone attention seeker.

  19. jaeger,

    The government will be throwing money like rice at a wedding in the budget before the election.

    I be thinking there is no way back for them.

  20. leonetwo

    If the guy wanted to try and get people to think that the Caliphate’s zombie jihadi hordes are upon us then Ray Hadley would be the perfect person to use to spread such “news” .

  21. Just read Sally McManus list of culled boards, this government is anti-science, anti-health-prevention and exceedingly anti-old-age-pensioner

    Glad I am not an aboriginal aged pensioner living in remote Australia.

  22. Sounds like the police is doing a great job keeping ghouls (public and 4th estate) away and giving them zero information.

  23. ABC is doing execrable coverage (Canberra TV).

    Why don’t they just give us a timeline an explain what is (not) going on at each stage?

    Drama! Interview people who know people who have seen a picture of the Queen! Talk to alleged hostage experts!

    Dear Dog!

  24. 7.5 is even worse. They have picked the highlights.

    Want to know what a highlight is? Various reporters getting excited about nothing.

  25. “Drama! Interview people who know people who have seen a picture of the Queen! ”

    Rinse and repeat. That washing machine is doing a marvellous job.

  26. I couldn’t give a stuff what Julia Baird’s brother or Peta Credlin’s squeeze thinks.

  27. And weird synthetic music to add to the “mystery”.

    For crying out loud: one bloke is holding a dozen people hostage.

    I’m so pleased that Canadia, New Zelandia and Brittania are voicing their support.

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