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Hello patrons . Welcome to the Final Friday raffle night for 2014.


What a year we have had. Some good ,some bad,some in-between.

For us good guys I think we are in a far better position and are lot more optimistic now than what we were at this time last year.


Bill Shorten download and the labor team are doing a sterling job in difficult circumstances,admittedly helped by the fact that our current PM.

abbott 25 Aug 2014 is nothing more than an idiotic,lying,disgraceful excuse for a Human being who only got into power,because he had the backing of the rich and powerful and the cheering on of a biased incompetent MSM.



Here’s hoping 2015 is just as bad for the Coalition as this year was and they continue to lose ground in the polls.

A Good Luck Gesture (File contains clipping path)



Now The Important Stuff.

The Kitty according to my limited understanding of mathematics now stands at the grand total of


download (1)


How lucky that it ended up a nice round figure.


The poll results showed a overwhelming desire for the money to be donated to a Animal Charity.

My suggestion is we Adopt a Animal from the WWF and sponsor it for a year.


If you have some ideas for something else speak up and we will conduct another poll,with the winner being the recipent of the cash.

Thanks to all who took part in this years raffle.

Special thanks must go to CK. WATT for conducting the raffles every Friday Night. He does a terrific job.



BK for his Dawn Patrol Links. I think for a lot of us that is our first port of call for information each Morning.

Thanks BK.


Bushfirebill for his help in running this place and his insightful commentary and Photoshop masterpieces.

Thanks my friend .



The one person who without “THE PUB ” would be a sad imitation of what it has become is of course.


Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into making “The PUB ” what it is. You are truly one of a kind.


To everyone else ,Thanks for your contributions, poems,photos,stories sad and happy. You all make this a great place to come too.

Thanks also to the lurkers for having a look, even if you don’t comment ( But you should 1 day ).I hope you enjoy the place.

The PUB will of course be here over the Christmas period. We never close, a 24/7/365 establishment.

Raffles will continue at some stage early next year.

In the meantime I may run a few Trivia Comps. like we did at Easter. They seemed to be popular.

Once again Thank You to all and as always Have A Good Night.


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  1. From the smh article linked by leone at 4;28

    “Mr Abbott is arguing a truth defence”. Anyone else spot a little problem here?

  2. Three: Abbott cannot argue, Abbott does not do truth and Abbott doesn’t do defence.

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