Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

And now for something completely different.

Earlier this week I was wondering whether the sideburn was going to return as an indispensable part of the well-groomed man. (Don’t ask me why I was wondering – moi’s brain is capable of all sorts of quirky thoughts. Besides, I think the sideburn is one aspect of facial hair with a very high degree of difficulty – many men, if I remember the 1970s correctly, just don’t have the follicles.)

Anyway, meine Freunde und Freundinen,


Time to grow something new: to put a new twist on things, to trim, to train, to wax (lyrical or otherwise).

Time to consider the merits – or lack thereof – of the fúzy (yes, it’s all Slovak to moi too).

It is, after all, Movember, so I thought it would be fun to find interesting examples of the moustache throughout history (and any other hairy facial adornments that tickle your fancy or whatever).

I’ll start the twirling with . . .

(Image Credit: Rebels in Tradition)

This, from the World Beard and Moustache Championships:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

And the man who donated his name to the sideburn:

(Image Credit: Oddee)

Over to you, mes amis. The bar is open, the jukebox is on, and no doubt Maestro CK Watt is sharpening his baton in readiness for tonight’s draw.

492 thoughts on “Fúzy Fashionista Friday Raffle

  1. duckie,
    From what I can see, their donations are about even amongst the ALP, Lib, and a smaller amount to the Nationals.

    Though with Abbott spruiking their Wishing Tree, they may have poisoned it.

  2. I don’t think KMart has any hold over Abbott. In fact, the opposite applies. Abbott is using KMart and the Salvos for his own reasons.

    Abbott has been publicising their Wishing Tree Appeal for a few years. Last year’s launch was multi-party with Bill Shorten and Christine Milne joining in. Same this year.
    Here’s last year’s story –

    Abbott probably thinks sending gift tags for a charity will make him look like a good guy and win a few votes It’s a publicity stunt.

  3. We have a storm with lots of bellyaching and some precipitation. Looks like it’ll be a song and dance about bugger all but it has dropped the temperature somewhat so that is something.

  4. The email address thing – the gmail definition is exactly me. That is just what I do – reboot the router then if that doesn’t work I ring No 1 son for help.

  5. I reached a weird milestone today. I reached the PBS safety net threshold for the first time and so two of my prescriptions today were free. Big deal. The safety net freebies stop at the end of December and I go back to paying whatever Abbott has decreed it will be for us pensioners in January. I will, however, be around $24 better off at Christmas when the next round of monthly prescriptions is filled.

  6. So, if one has had a particular email address for a long number of years, with which one has developed a large number of international and professional contacts and it belongs to one of the services that are regarded as ‘less able’, is it incumbent on one to change one’s email address to accommodate fashion even though the support one receives from such a venerable service is perfectly acceptable to more up-to-date requirements?
    *just curious*

  7. In Australia

    Senate votes for wind turbine inquiry – RET in the balance

    Voting for the wind turbine inquiry is the Coalition, Bob Day, David Leyonhjelm, John Madigan, Nick Xenophon and Jacqui Lambie.

    Labor, Greens, Dio Wang, Glenn Lazarus oppose.

    The inquiry goes ahead, with the COCs (Coalition of Commonsense) winning the day.

    In China

  8. I have a yahoo address and a hotmail address as well as my gmail one. Does that mean I have multiple personalities?

  9. Could a future Immigration Minister strip Abbott of his citizenship and boot him out of the country?

    Seriously, I recall from Admin Law that the High Court has a remarkable talent for interpreting legislation to give itself jurisdiction over Government decisions, even if the legislation itself tries to remove that jurisdiction. I suspect the first person to challenge the exercise of these new powers would be able to persuade the Court that it dies have jurisdiction.

  10. ajcanberra
    Abbott does have a couple of criminal charges in his past, although his dad’s money ensured he was let off without any convictions.

    Morrison will be booting people out for a lot less.

  11. Well all the work from yesterday ripped up and realigned facing the correct way,with about 1/4 of the deck now completed.
    Driving dangerous goods around was so much more fun and easier.

  12. joe6pack,

    Just think how much ripping up and realigning the next Labor government will have to do.

    They can start by sacking the entire ABC Board. If that isn’t possible then they can just create A Better Corporation with the same functions and appoint a Board.

  13. Abc Cuts.
    Sydney and Melbourne will be ok by the looks,but tough luck for the rest of Aust.
    I am sure the people every where else in Aus will be fascinated about how warm it is Melbourne, and rainy in Sydney, when they are waiting to hear the local forecasts in their drought stricken areas.
    The Brisbane Line must still be in play.

  14. Someone agrees, joe6pack

    Greens senator Scott Ludlam has spoken on the ABC cuts, particularly the idea that the public broadcaster should just “knuckle down” like the commercial media companies.

    It gives the game away. The fact is from a purely commercial point of view, it is inefficient to cover local sport. It is inefficient to maintain small regional bureaux in places like Wagin or Morewell. It is inefficient to maintain dedicated state based current affairs programs. It’s probably really expensive and inefficient to put investigative reporters into the field. These things from a purely commercial point of view are inefficient and that’s why we have public broadcasters to provide those things because the private sector won’t.

  15. First one to go would be that peroxided old cow Janet Albrechsten.

    Then she and Mesma could go slumming around the mining camps in the forlorn hope that some desperate lonely old miner would spend a couple of bucks on their wrinkly old worn out hides.

  16. I don’t doubt the LNP. coalition will seek to ride this one out. They have to..they must silence the public voice before they go on to implement their more damaging policies. “Hold ground” would be the instructions from Murdoch and the IPA…..; “Hold ground till the enemy tires and then go for the jugular!”
    Rest assured..the worse is yet to come.

  17. The LNP are not happy with where Mark Scott is cutting. Now, about those chaplains …

    $250 million isn’t it?

  18. That Mark Scott is a low bastard!…he should have got the push when dickhead Krudd got in…knew he was a “sleeper” then and I reckon he is still.

  19. Princess Mesothelioma, suffering from jetlag, stays up too late, drinks too much,decides to tweet garbage using emoji characters because she is too pissed to be able to type real words and someone finally takes her phone from her. Somehow that becomes news? Our MSM in action, desperate to polish the least tainted hope for leadership of the country.

    Just imagine the comment if Julia Gillard had done that – not that she would have. There would have been no ‘isn’t Jules so cool and funny’ comment, that’s for sure.

  20. Hypocritical so-and-so

    Alliteration alert! More from Liberal senator Ian Macdonald on the ABC cuts.

    ABC Ultimo is a bloated bastion of broadcasting bureaucrats who have had their snouts in the public trough for far too long. It’s time they took their cuts, rather than shifting the pain onto others. Instead, however, the Board and Management of the ABC are protecting themselves from the cuts and instead inflicting the damage on regional Australia. The location and nature of the cuts is entirely the decision of the ABC management, not the Government.


  21. The right-wing cruds must have strategised the reaction they are getting a longtime ago..it must be part of the expected flak..and they will just let it cool off(with the help of the Murdoshian MSM) before they move on to the next step…But if you connect the dots of Morrison’s passport bastardry, Brandis’ security provisions and the LNP.’s cut, cut , cut…you can get a glimpse just where this is all heading…There is a peak of power / control in all these actions…
    1) Brandis and Asio get to “investigat anyone for anything (stitch-up inevitable)..AFP. arrest.
    2) Morrison dclares “this person” not suitable for citizenship…deport.
    3) LNP. govt’ extends the power of the above..reduces the power of those accused.
    4) Murdoshians propaganda approval for the actions taken.

    Total Control.

    Nothing new…

  22. PvO on Sky Tones’ ABC broken promise denials….“Tony Abbott is making himself look a bit of a goose”. Bit grim for Oaf when even Sky News isn’t doing adulation.

  23. 6Pack

    [Well all the work from yesterday ripped up and realigned facing the correct way,with about 1/4 of the deck now completed.]

    Maybe you should put in a bid to sort the Lakeside Terrace. 😀

  24. The prime minister has defended his pre-election promise of no cuts to the ABC and SBS, saying “this is a government which has fundamentally kept faith with the Australian people”.

    I wonder which fundament he is talking about.

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